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Ever find yourself lacing your boots and wonder, “Now just what are the best wines to take horseback riding?” Well worry not pardner! We’ve rounded up the best wines this side of the Rio Grande. Well… they’re from just about everywhere. Horseback riding isn’t just a scenic and romantic way to experience wine country, you can do some wine tasting on horseback as well! That’s right! Saddle up, and get ready for some of our fresh favorites to take down the dusty trail, vineyard, or just about anywhere your horse may take you! 

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These are the Best Wines to Take Horseback Riding 

So you’re horseback riding with your friends the other day, and you just can’t shake it. Something’s missing. We know, everyone needs that special something to top off a day and make it just right. For us that’s a nice bottle of wine, themed to the specific occasion of course! Horseback riding is hot, dusty work and is most certainly deserving of a glass (or two) of wine with your favorite riders. We’ll stay away from the snooty and chemistry lessons here folks, for us it’s all about one thing. Good wine, great times. I sourced these wines from online and in store vendors, feel free to look for something comparable if you can’t find these bottles in particular. Keep it simple and gallop to these top picks, these are the best wines to take horseback riding. 

Cloud Break Chardonnay Wine

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  • Cloud Break Wines 
  • Produced in California 
  • Oaked Chardonnay

This marvelous and succulent Chardonnay comes to us from California. It provides a full bodied, fruity array of notes that will have you prancing! This will be your best friend at the end of a long trail, with sweet and tantalizing notes of vanilla, butter and fruit it will be like liquid desert. If you can manage it, chilled over your journey would be the best way to enjoy this white. Don’t bother being fussy, it’s all in the company and atmosphere. Kick back after you hitch the horses and have a couple of glasses of this incredibly drinkable delicacy. 

 Vuela Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo Wine

  • Familia Bastida 
  • Ribera Del Duero, Spain 
  • Oaked Tempranillo 

Our Spanish cousin hails from the Ribera Del Duero wine growing region. It’s got a long lineage, originating in Northern Spain. (Something for you to talk about when you reach the end of your trail). Tempranillo is a gorgeous and delectable red, it makes for a great pairing with a picnic charcuterie spread. This bottle is a great way to explore the wild side of the horse trails, this variety packs a ton of different tasting notes that will have you chatting all the way up the trail and back. Very sippable, and perfect for riding under the beating sun this bottle will satisfy any horseback rider’s cravings for a satisfying wine worth their effort. Grab one bottle for the trip, and one for the destination. This wine provides a savory mouthful and full bodied character that would be great for breaking some bread over. 

Juwel Riesling Wine

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When you’re talking about riding under a bright sunny sky, swatting mosquitoes and inevitably stumbling through your 5-minute riding lesson… You’re going to want to reach for something refreshing. Rieslings provide a crisp, fresh taste to aide you in recovering from the ever present rays of a beckoning sun. Relish in your vacation and live it to the fullest by topping off a glass of this fruity, juicy delight. Notes of pine and the unmistakable mineral character of a good Reisling compliment the natural scenery beautifully. JE’s Juwel is clean on the palate, giving you a remarkably simple yet highly enjoyable and familiar glass to cap off the day’s activities. You can’t go wrong with the great outdoors and a crisp Reis.  

Ninth Island Sparkling 

Versatile and effervescent are two traits that helps this bottle make it onto our list. A Frizzante by any other name, this sparkling joy will be the talk of the trail. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes make this bubbly by Ninth Island a must-try for the avid or beginner horseback rider. Does it really matter how experienced you are? Not in the slightest. This wine is a great starter for any post-ride meal. It’s profile makes it incredibly well suited to go with anything from pork, chicken and even fish. Not to mention its acidic, citrusy notes are more than welcome on a hot summer’s day. Chill this bottle for maximum enjoyment, and pop the cork for an unforgettably refreshing and zesty twist on a can’t miss bubbly. 

2009 Napa Valley Petite Sirah 

  • Napa Valley, CA  
  • French Oak Sirah 
  • Flying Horse Winery 

A rich blackberry tone as wild as the trail is long. A strong stir of pepper, and a savory sweet finish. I didn’t pick this one just because there’s a horse on the bottle. It’s got a lot to offer, and it also provides the longingly familiar palate-filling taste of a good Sirah. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be more appropriate. This crowd-pleasing Sirah is has as much variety as a scenic riding trail, packed with notes that will easily fill a journal page. This award winning Napa Valley wonder is a must have for your saddle bag. Maybe one for the backpack, another for the… you get the idea. A great conversation starter, and an even better riding partner. This bottle has it all, give it a try on your next horseback riding trip.   

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Thanks for taking the chance to check out our best wines to take horseback riding! These selections will be a great addition to your saddlebags. Strap up, and hit the trail with these unforgettable bottles. Tell us which ones you enjoyed. If you’ve already taken a horseback riding tasting we’d love to hear what your sampled. 

Best Wines to Take Horseback Riding | Wine and Horseback Riding | Can I drink Wine While Horseback Riding | Drinking and Riding a Horse | What Wines to Take Horseback Riding | #wine #horsebackriding #wineandhorses #fun

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