Why You Need a Travel Journal

Do you have a heart for traveling? If yes, you might consider a travel journal. Let me share the reasons why you need a travel journal.

Some people have the heart to be free and travel around the world. If that defines you then maybe it is time you start a travel journal! A travel journal is also a great thing to do with your family to help remember your vacations together as you grow older.

Reasons Why You Need A Travel Journal Today


One of the biggest reasons I recommend starting a travel journal is merely for memories. In the moment you might think you’ll never forget that moment in your life. But as time passes and life happens, your memories could begin to fade.

Your travel journal is a fantastic way to focus on what you were feeling at the moment. Maybe you shared a glass of your favorite wine and describe the sunset. Or you talk about how the air was salty as you stood by the ocean and heard the waves crash up against the rocks.

Tips For Future Travels

If you plan on going back to a place, you can talk about places you ate at, and what your favorite dish was, attractions, prices on items you purchased.

In a way you can create a guide to help you remember things you did, maybe items you still want to go and see as you learn while you are there and so on.

I know sometimes you have a huge list of items you want to get done and didn’t have enough time to tackle the list. Having a tips page will help you remember the next time you decide to visit.

Another thing to note in the tips section is things you can share with friends and family if they plan to go. Like you need to buy tickets in advance as this show sells out. Or make sure to arrive 30 minutes early so you don’t stand in line.


Travel journaling is a form of expression. This isn’t a book you are going to sell, but a way to capture all the fine details of your trip. Your journal is like a story for just you to read. You might even say journaling is a way to relax the mind and allows you to fully express your emotions and feelings how you like.


Some love to create an itinerary for their trip. Jotting down where they are staying, departure times for flights, touring companies used, etc. Then you can easily reference your journal to find the appropriate phone number, address, etc.

Emergency Contacts

On a page, in your journal, it is always great to write down emergency contact information. This is great if you lose your luggage or need to reach out to someone your journal will have all the important numbers in hand.

If you are like most of us, I rarely remember phone numbers anymore. I just say or type the person’s name into my phone. But, what if you lost your phone when you are traveling. You can easily refer to the page to find the appropriate number to phone your family or friends.

Acts Like A Photo Album To Look Back On

Just like the old school photo albums, you are creating a journal full of memories. From your favorite spots, meals, activities you did to the things you want to do next time. You can add in photos, labels from drinks or snacks you ate, tickets and receipts, etc.

In a way, it is like a collage but in a book form. Jot down moments you experienced, how you felt, and so on. This will be such a nice gift to look back on later in life.

When To Write in Your Travel Journal

I recommend writing in your travel journal as you are experiencing it. That is the best way to really captivate every simple detail that you might later forget. Whether you sit down on a bench in the park for a break, reach for your journal and catch up on what you have been up to.

Or maybe you want to work on your journal at the end the day. It is totally up to you on when and how often you work on your journal. You don’t want it to interfere with your trip, but be a relaxing and fun opportunity for the future.

Best Travel Journal Tips

Buy A Small Journal

One thing I always recommend is buying a small to medium size journal. You will be packing this and taking it with you, so if it is heavy or bulky it could get frustrating to lug around.

Quality Pens

Whether you use pens, markers, etc. make sure they are quality. Find pens online that don’t leak and bleed through pages, or invest in pens that have nice ink and won’t stop working halfway through writing a sentence.

Decorate Pages Later

You can jot down things you are thinking, and experiencing at the moment. But for taping in tickets, wrappers, etc, you can always do that when you get home. Just leave a spot on the page where you want to add it in.

Then I bring a sealable gallon bag with me and stuff any papers I want to later attach to my page. That way it is all in one spot so when I go to decorate the pages later, all my items are in one spot, and I don’t have to worry about losing it in the suitcase.

Whether you are single or a family, there are so many reasons why a travel journal is a must-have item. If you have a heart of travel, document each trip you take. Just think later down the line family you may never meet, could look back on your journals and live through the pages you create in your journal!

So what are you waiting for, start a travel journal today and capture every moment for a lifetime!

What to Write in A Travel Journal

There are oh so many things you can write in a travel journal, but even better is this list of things to put in your travel journal, from dried flowers to wine labels, there are items from your trip you can employ to bring back all the wonderful memories, smells, textures and sights. 

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Do you need a travel journal?

Get started writing a travel journal with these easy tips. How to start a travel journal today! This is why you should create a travel journal and how you can start a travel journal without feeling overwhelmed. Capture all of your memories in one small book, to spark joy in the future. #traveling #traveljournal #journaltips

Do I need a travel journal before my next trip? Will it make my vacation better? How to start a travel journal today! This is why you should create a travel journal and how you can start a travel journal without feeling overwhelmed. Capture all of your memories in one small book, to spark joy in the future. #traveling #traveljournal #journaltips

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