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Travel Journal Prompts

Beat writer’s block with these travel journal prompts. This is a guide to help you stay on track of getting your travel journal filled with memories, stories, and more! If you are not big into writing these travel journal prompts might be a huge asset.

Starting a travel journal can be exciting. But when it comes to filling your pages, you might draw a blank. Let me help get you started and set you up for success, so soon you will have a journal full of information, stories, and memories.

Creative Travel Journal Prompts To Consider

Travel Prompts Before You Take Your Trip

  1. Packing list.
  2. Pre-trip to do list.
  3. Budget tracker/goal setter.
  4. Travel information: flight times, maps for driving by car/public transport.
  5. Contact information so you have it all handy in case you lose your phone.
  6. Itinerary for each day of your trip if you enjoy staying on task.

Travel Prompts For During Your Trip

  1. What you first notice once you arrive at your destination.
  2. What your room is like: view, amenities, etc.
  3. Favorite meal.
  4. Places you want to visit but might not have time for during this trip.
  5. Mementos you have collected along the way, like ticket stubs, wrappers from snacks, postcards, etc.
  6. Why you chose to visit the location you’re in.
  7. Talk about any “firsts” you experiences. Maybe first time on a beach, or first time visiting a castle, or zip lining, etc.
  8. A daily list of what you purchased and how much it cost.
  9. Favorite thing you did that day.
  10. Anything you want to ensure you do on your vacation to mark off a bucket list.
  11. Write about bad experiences so that if you end up going again, you can remember not to repeat it.
  12. Write down how you felt when visiting landmarks, historical sites, museums.
  13. If you meet someone along the way, journal your experience.
  14. Create notes if you forgot to bring something with you on the vacation. This is a great reference for later.
  15. If you find new things from locals you want to remember like tips, jot them down for reference later.

Travel Prompts For Once You Arrive Home From Trip

  1. What you wish you knew before you went on your trip.
  2. Favorite moment of the whole trip.
  3. What you will miss the most once home.
  4. Would you want to go back to this location?
  5. What you would have done differently if you could.
  6. Did you experience any culture shock during your vacation?
  7. Souvenirs or things you brought home from your trip.
  8. List the top five moments of your entire experience.
  9. How much money total did you spend on your trip from travel to a hotel stay, to dining out?
  10. Why did you want to travel to that location in the first place, and did it live up to your expectations.
  11. Self reflect on how the trip changed you.
  12. Talk about the food and drinks you experienced along your trip.
  13. Has this made you want to travel more, if so to where?
  14. Write about the culture from clothes, food, and even how stores and more were set up. Is it different from where you live?
  15. Create a travel guide from all you captured to share with others who want to travel.

What Is A Travel Diary?

A travel diary or journal is a way to document your journey. From the train or plane rides to favorite meals and wines you sip on. This is just a creative way to really secure those memories in your mind.

How Do You Keep A Travel Journal

Document as you go

When you are in the moment make sure to take breaks during your day to really document your journey. Write about the best gelato you have ever tried, or talk about the person you met in the market. While those memories are fresh in your mind, write them down.

Small Journal

Invest in a small to a medium journal that you can easily bring with you. That way it is right in your reach to write when you feel the urge to. Don’t leave your journal at home, or you could forget memorable moments.

Do You Add Photos To A Travel Journal?

The beauty of a travel journal is you can use it for whatever you want. Add in pictures of the family, or food you ate, then write little commentaries next to it. Or sketch your favorite moments of the trip.

The travel journal is meant for you to write and draw whatever your heart tells you to. There is no wrong or right way to use a travel journal.

At the end of the day, this is a really creative and fun way to capture moments. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a journal is worth a whole lot more.

When I first started travel diaries, I was unsure what to write. As time passes and you become more confident in writing it will become second nature. And always remember the journal is for you to look at, not the entire world. So if it isn’t perfect, no one has to know!

Don’t wait any longer, invest in a journal today and start planning out your next trip. Work towards the funds and then once you are ready to get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime!

Where do you want to go first for your travel journal?

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How to get started writing a travel journal Easy Travel Journal Prompts | Creative ways to start a travel journal | What to write in a travel journal | What I should include in my travel journal to document my memories and trips | Vacation memory saving tips | #journaling #travel #vacation

Travel Journal Writing Prompts Easy Travel Journal Prompts | Creative ways to start a travel journal | What to write in a travel journal | What I should include in my travel journal to document my memories and trips | Vacation memory saving tips | #journaling #travel #vacation

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