Travel Journal Ideas: Start Decorating and Documenting!

Vacations are always a magical time with unforgettable moments along the way. Here are some travel journal ideas to help document your travels along the way. When you return home you can share all the captivating things you did, or have a keepsake to look back on later on in life.

I had a friend who suggested starting a travel journal for years. I never quite understood the idea behind them until one day they shared their diary with me. Inside was a book that resembled a photo album but instead, it had ticket stubs, favorite moments out of their day, pictures, and more.

Document Your Travels

Flipping through the pages of their travel journal was almost like experiencing the vacation right along with them. Next to the candy wrapper was how it tasted. Next to the flattened out bottle cap they talked about how the Coca Cola tasted different as it was made with real sugar. (Way better, you’ need to try it!)

I learned so much, but also it gave me the itch to want to go and follow in their footsteps and travel to the same locations. It was like a glimpse into how they spent their days. It was a magical experience that gave me ideas for my own travel journal.

Travel Journal Ideas

Family Journal

Create a travel journal that each family member can be a part of. Take pictures, let each member write in the journal and so on. We all see things from different views, so it is fun to see how each person describes certain events and activities we take part in.

World Checklist

If you have a heart for travel, maybe use your journal as a guide to staying on track of where you have been and what states or countries you have left you still want to see.

Bucket List

Maybe you want to dive into ice cold water, or go on a boat and watch dolphins swim next to you. Create a travel journal to stay on track of all the items you are hoping to check off your bucket list.

Essentials Needed


You will find that you can buy journals of all shapes and sizes. Some journals will have pockets so you can easily store items you find along the way. Maybe a bag full of sand, shells, or even ticket stubs.

Or you can buy journals that have prompts built in so all you have to do is answer the questions they ask.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to a journal. I tape on little keepsakes and help break up the page. You can find thousands of colors and designs. The tape easily tears so no cutting with scissors is required.

Watercolor Pens

If you find that you are artistic, you might love watercolor pens. It allows you to paint wherever you are. Maybe you want to paint the scene of ducks on a pond, or flowers in a vase. Grab your pens and sketch it right in your journal as you sip on your tea.


Did you know the HP Sprocket mobile printer can fit right into your purse or even your pocket? It is so small and compact and perfect for syncing to your phone to print off pictures you captured along the way.

Glue Sticks

Great to have on hand for gluing your stubs, pictures, and more onto the pages of your travel diary.

Zipper Bag

Buy a compact zippered bag or sturdy case to carry all your supplies. You don’t have to have a lot of supplies, but having a bag to hold it all makes it really easy to pack and take with you.

Get Inspired by Travel Journals

One way I look to get inspired is I search the internet. Whether I log into Pinterest or search through Google, I find images of other people’s journals. I see how they sketch and draw out their pages.

I get curious as to what they write on their pages, learn how they describe their trip, and more.

It is a wonderful and free way to get inspired directly and see how others are making their pages in the diary come to life. Then I find it is easy for me to pick the pen up and begin writing or tape down my first picture and write a caption.

Other Ways to Journal Your Travels

Maybe you want to go even deeper than a paper travel journal. Well, you are in luck. We live in a digital age and there are many outlets to documenting your travels and trips. Here are our favorite digital travel journal ideas.


Create an Instagram where you share pictures of your trip along the way. From favorite locations, historical markers, the food you enjoy and more. Write whatever you want and use this as a guide to overlook your vacation at a glance.

Create A Blog

A blog is an incredible way to take journaling even further. It is a blank canvas to share your true experience with the world. If you want others to know the expense it takes, where to stop in and visit if they are in the area, and more, a blog is a great starter.


Consider making videos of your vacation and loading them to YouTube. Or save all the videos you made and make a movie. Either way, video is a perfect way to really capture how your days were while vacationing, what it looked like and so on. Plus if you gain some following on YouTube it can always open up doors to make a supplemental income to help you afford to travel more.

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I hope this helps guide you in traveling and journaling along the way. I wish I would have started my journal earlier, so I could really capture even more memories that have now begun to fade away.

What are your favorite travel journal ideas?

Travel journal ideas to document your travels | Tips on what to include in a travel journal | How to store travel memories | Travel writing prompts #travel #journal #vacation #memories

Travel journal ideas to document your travels | Tips on what to include in a travel journal | How to store travel memories | Travel writing prompts #travel #journal #vacation #memories


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