Best Wine Movies For Ladies Night While Sipping Wine

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I get giddy just thinking about having a wine night will all the ladies in my life! Why, do I get so excited? Because there is nothing more powerful than women sticking together, letting go of our worries and having a blast together. If you don’t make a habit of wine nights, you should really consider starting because those memories will last a lifetime. Here are the best Movies For Ladies Night that will make you laugh, cry, and drink more wine. 

Best Movies For Ladies Night You Must See!

These movies are terrific for bringing women together! Sit back, kick up your feet, and break out the bubbly because it is going to be a blast!

13 Going On 30

This feel-good movie takes you back to being a teenager. Remember, how you dreamed of being an adult and thinking all your problems would be solved just by becoming a grown-up? Plus, you thought it would be pretty exciting to grow boobs, just like Jenna in the movie. Now that you are adult, there are probably days when you wish you were a kid again! 🙂

I don’t think there is a more relatable movie when it comes to growing up. Plan to have tons of laughs and there will even be some romance along the way. The moral of this movie is to enjoy what you have right in front of you. Sit back and enjoy this flick with your lady friends because it won’t disappoint.

Made of Honor

For starters, this movie has Patrick Dempsy so all of you can drool over how hot he is! His character, Tom,  figures out that he is in love with his best friend, Hannah, right before she decides to walk down the aisle for another man.

What choice does Tom have but to try to break up Hannah and her new man? This movie will make you laugh and root for Tom to get his woman! They have terrific on-screen chemistry, and their relationship is believable.

Will Tom end up with Hannah? You are going to have to watch to find out. But be sure to include a few bottles of wine, candy, and pizza for your watch party.

The Fault in Our Stars

Oh my, this movie is a real tear-jerker! I am saying that you are going to ugly cry when you watch it, but it’s worth every single second. A 16-year old girl named Hazel has cancer and ends up meeting a boy named Augustus. He is in remission, and they go on a journey together literally and emotionally.

I won’t give you any spoilers, but I will say this movie has an ending you don’t see coming. Young love, a few laughs, and heartwarming film that you won’t soon forget. You should set out some boxes of tissues before the movie because there will be leaking eyes and noses with this one. Oh and don’t forget a few bottles of wine! (That’s the most important part!)

Pitch Perfect

Any of the three Pitch Perfect movies are sure to be a huge hit among your friends. The videos are based on the hilarious journey of an acapella group. While I love all three movies, I am partial to Pitch Perfect 2. At the very beginning, you are sucked in when they start singing, and there is a costume malfunction that causes Fat Amy to show her goods to the entire crowd. One of the funniest movie moments ever!

I recommend turning your movie and wine ladies night into a sleepover! Then you can binge-watch all the videos in one night. Make a gorgeous cheese board with fabulous jelly, crackers, and fruit. I can almost hear the laughs now!

I realize that most of you have probably already seen The Notebook, but it is a movie that you can watch over and over again! It honestly never gets old. And if you have never seen it, then you should really watch it…soon!

Noah and Allie are a couple that goes through many trials and tribulations. There is a steamy love scene, romance like nothing you have seen before, and a beautiful ending. Hanging with your friends is even more fun when you break out this terrific movie. Put on your jammies, fill your glasses, and have some snacks.


Don’t watch this movie with your friends if they are uptight. This film is 2 hours of raunchiness that is so funny you will practically spit out your drink from laughing so hard! When your best friend becomes engaged, it isn’t always rainbows and sunshine! Sometimes your friend turns into a bridezilla, and you have to be there to figure it all out.

One thing is for sure; you will be laughing out loud while watching this unpredictable movie. Sip on a few glasses of wine, and dig into some chips and dip for an unforgettable night! After it is over, you will realize you should have more get-togethers like this one.

Sleepless In Seattle is one of the Best Movies for Ladies’ Night

A classic movie that gives you all the feel-good romance you could need! Do you think love really happens like this in real life or just the movies? Either way, you are rooting for the two lovebirds to find each other and live happily ever after!

Serve some Reisling or Chardonnay, finger foods, and some warm dips! Even though this film is a bit predictable, it is charming and playful. This is a fun movie to put your lounge clothes on and rock a side ponytail when watching!

Dirty Dancing

You really will have the time of your life watching this chick flick! Great music, deep storyline, and tons of dancing! What isn’t to love about Patrick Swayze dancing around with Jennifer Grey. I remember being a little girl and watching this moving and thinking how much I would love to grow up and be a dancer like them.

I am a huge fan of putting out a giant cheese board for parties and get-togethers. A ladies night is the perfect excuse to throw together a huge board. If you are in the market for some extra-large cheese boards, take a look here for some inspiration. Add cheese, fruit, crackers, and whatever sounds good. I promise it is all going to get gobbled up.

Fifty Shades of Grey

I couldn’t give you a list of movies for a ladies night and not include Fifty Shades of Grey. This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. It is going to get extremely steamy, and it is perfect for watching with all your gal pals! Leave the men at home and watch this entertaining flick.

Enjoy a few glasses of Rose or White Wine and let yourself get a little tipsy! When you get a bunch of ladies together and watch this naughty movie! I promise it will be a night of giggles and tons of girl talk.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is practically a household name because of the movie Legally Blonde! It is hilarious and the best way to spend a wine night with the girls! Watch Elle try to win the object of her affection back only to realize there is something (or someone) better for her along the way.

You have to serve popcorn and candy with this one! Enjoy feeling like a kid again for the night and let your worries stay home. Relax and unwind with lots of tasty wine and you will be all set.

There you have it! The Best Movies For Ladies Night and sipping wine. So drink up, get tipsy, relax, and watch some movies! Try to make it a monthly get together and watch all of them. You won’t be disappointed!

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