Is there ever a bad time to drink rum? It’s been one of my go-to drinks for as long as I can remember. Is it because I’ve always wanted to be a pirate? Probably. Sometimes you need something with a little more pizazz than your typical rum and coke and I can’t say I blame you there! When I get in the mood to be a little more than a swashbuckler, these rum cocktail recipes take out all the guesswork!

Yummy Rum Cocktails To Make This Week

Looking for something to drink during Shark Week? This drink is easy to make and it looks like the ocean with blood in the water!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Shark Bite for Shark Week

Shark Bite Drink

Mom Foodie

This cocktail features my personal favorite – Malibu rum. It’s oozing with summer vibes thanks to the pineapple, too.

Delicious Pineapple Rum Cocktail that's easy and refreshing to make any time of year. Drinks for by the pool, or to feel fancy in the middle of the winter!

Pineapple Rum Cocktail

Aspiring Winos

This cocktail makes you feel like you’re sitting on a warm beach, no matter what time of year! The color is gorgeous and the Don Q. rum in this recipe is dangerously smooth, so try not to overindulge!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Cranberry Orange Rum Spritzer

Cranberry Orange Rum Spritzer

The Shirley Journey

Okay, so. This rum cocktail has caramel in it and that’s all you really need to know. Am I right or am I right?

Rum Cocktail Idea - Bananas Foster Colada
Bananas Foster Colada

Who Needs a Cape

I possibly don’t have the most refined tastes out there. So when I first heard of this recipe, I was like “Who wants FLOWERS in their liquor?!” I did a little research and I’m definitely sold on this delicious drink!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Mojito Elderflower Cocktail

Mojito Elderflower Cocktail

Slow The Cook Down

If you have a pulse, then you love slushies! I could live on this drink if I didn’t have adulty things to do on a daily basis. Excuse me while I wipe my chin…

Rum Cocktail Idea - Pineapple Rum Slush

Pineapple Rum Slush

Amandas Cookin

As good as the creative cocktails can be, sometimes you need something simple and old fashioned. This Mai Tai recipe is a classic and they also give you a homemade grenadine recipe!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Easy Mai Tai

Easy Mai Tai

Sidewalk Shoes

This mojito recipe is pretty awesome! You make the drink right in your glass, so no need to clean up a huge mess! And who would have thought that blackberries and lime go so well together? *drool*

Rum Cocktail Idea - Blackberry Mojito

Blackberry Mojito

My Kitchen Love

This drink is more of a party punch than a cocktail, but nobody’s stopping you from drinking it in a smaller setting! I think the cinnamon makes this drink great for chilly nights!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Sparkling Pomegranate Rum Punch

The Suburban Soapbox

Not only does this drink look really cool, it has ginger beer! I really love the colors of this drink, and the name fits accordingly!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Dark and Stormy Cocktail

Dark and Stormy Cocktail

Mighty Mrs.

I’m a HUGE fan of cherry anything. When I worked at a grocery store in my 20’s, I would hide bags of them in the cooler when they were on sale and eat the entire bag once I got home. This recipe has an added bonus cocktail for you!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Vanilla Spiced Rum Soaked Cherries

Vanilla Spiced Rum Soaked Cherries

Frugal Foodie Mama

If you were to ask me what summer tasted like, I would name this drink – hands down. Much like Old Gregg’s Place, it has all things that are good!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Cherry Limeade Mojito Floats

Cherry Limeade Mojito Floats

Frugal Foodie Mama

You can never go wrong with strawberry flavored anything in my opinion. Never once have I been disappointed by that flavor option. It goes for this delicious version of a mojito too!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito

Sidewalk Shoes

Am I the only one that knows anything red or orange tastes amazing every time? Seriously, this cocktail is mouth-watering. I’d have a problem not drinking too much of this at once!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Ruby Reef Rum Punch

Ruby Reef Rum Punch

Organized Island

Hold up with this cocktail! Until I got older I had never thought of using tea for a cocktail mix! (Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t count, right? Right.) This drink will have you going back for seconds, thirds, fourths…

Rum Cocktail Idea - Spiked Iced Tea Cocktails

Spiked Iced Tea Cocktails

Veggies Save The Day

Lime is one of those flavors that mixes well with pretty much any liquor. This cocktail is delicious as-is, but you can make it even yummier with a little ice cream!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Fresh Lime Batido Cocktail

Lime Batido Cocktail

Snappy Gourmet

This easy recipe tells you how to make enough for a group of people, so you’re not busy playing bartender during your entire party! There’s also a virgin recipe included – for those who don’t drink or are too young!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Jamaican Berry Breeze Cocktail

Jamaican Berry Breeze Cocktail

Mom Foodie

This cocktail has the perfect amount of sweet! Anything with pineapple has my seal of approval.

Rum Cocktail Idea - Malibu Bay Breeze

Malibu Bay Breeze

Become Betty

You can’t go wrong with a little wine, rum, and a tropical splash. Using tangerine juice will make this cocktail more sweet – and more tart if you use orange juice!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Tropical Rum Splash

Tropical Rum Splash

Having Fun Saving

I love finding a cocktail that tastes complicated, but in reality is easy to make! This drink covers that criteria, plus it’s bubbly!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Central Coast Cocktail Recipe

Central Coast Cocktail

Ann’s Entitled Life

A famous drink in Cuba, this cocktail recipe is easy to throw together, and has another of my favorite fruits! This recipe calls for white rum, but use whichever you prefer!

Rum Cocktail Idea - Fresh Pineapple Mojito

Fresh Pineapple Mojito

Veggies Save the Day

Needless to say, rum is an extremely versatile drink! Did you find anything new in this list you’re going to try at your next party, or maybe a quiet afternoon on your front porch? Tell me what your favorite rum cocktail is in the comments!

Ready to wow your guests with some rum cocktails? These rum cocktail ideas will give you lots of inspiration to host the perfect backyard BBQ, grill out or party. The colors are amazing and the flavors will wow you. #bbq #rum #cocktail #mixeddrinks Ready to wow your guests with some rum cocktails? These rum cocktail ideas will give you lots of inspiration to host the perfect backyard BBQ, grill out or party. The colors are amazing and the flavors will wow you. #bbq #rum #cocktail #mixeddrinks

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