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Shaken, or stirred? These fabulous and eye catching bar accessories do both! If you’re building your home bar, or looking for essential home bar pieces, a good mixer might just be first on your list. The best cocktail mixers match your design sense, fit the exact role you need and have a professional look and feel! From the classy and classic, to the loud and proud.

These cocktail shakers can help define your home bar, and give it the exact look and feel you’re going for. We’ll help you find the perfect piece to match your set, and serve up some legendary cocktails your guests will be raving about! 

What Kind of Cocktail Shaker Should I Buy? 

It depends on how fancy you want to get with it. 

A lot of bar equipment falls somewhere in between practical and showy. Cocktail shakers are a great example of form and function in barware. You can find shakers with a built in strainer and jigger, otherwise you’re having to supply each piece separately. 

First and foremost, quality is the most important factor in a cocktail shaker. You need to find one that’s made completely with approved food safe materials, and you really do get what you pay for. Generally speaking, even the top-shelf shakers don’t punch about the 50$ mark. so you’re looking at a small price to pay for a piece that’s going to last the life of your bar set. 

There are shakers for just about every type of drink. That being said, your standard stainless steel shaker will do you well for all of your cocktail recipes! If you’re just starting out, plain may just be the best way to go. Most stainless steel shakers even feature a slightly marred, or ribbed outer design to support your grip. 

The Best Cocktail Shakers for a Home Bar 

Best Recipe Cocktail Shaker: Oggi 15 Recipe Dial-A-Drink Cocktail Shaker 

Dial-a-drink cocktail mixer shaker with recipes

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This piece is totally copper plated, which gives it some amazing table appeal! It’s sure to catch some gazes, but what’s more impressive is the key feature of this shaker. You can save yourself from flipping through a recipe book, the unique dial-a-drink system provides you with exactly the proportions you need! 

Mix with confidence, this shaker can show you precisely what you need to measure out, and how much for each of the 15 classic cocktails listed on the upper rim. This would make a great home bar gift for the blossoming armchair mixologist, and seasoned pro alike. 

Best All-in-One Cocktail Shaker Set: Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand 

all in one cocktail set with recipes mixer bottle opener

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Just breaking out into the cocktail scene? If those rum and cokes are really getting old, try switching things up with a quick and easy way to start making some impressive and tasty drinks!

This set comes with 8 pieces in total, including a small recipe book and classic wooden stand. It helps you get started with mixology the quick and easy way! This might just be the best bartender kit for beginners, and for good reason too. 

You’ll be well equipped with a polished stainless steel shaker. It’s easy to use and clean, making it the perfect way to get started with making cocktails. It’s three piece construction with a removable lid makes it incredibly easy to use. Its shape makes it simple to shake and hold, so you don’t need to be a seasoned pro to avoid sending the top half of this shaker, and all of its contents, flying! 

The Most Glamorous Cocktail Shaker: Kate Spade Park Circle Cocktail Shaker 

Spade Park glass cocktail shaker gold luxury product

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From Kate Spade New York, this incredibly extra shaker is about as eye catching and decorative as they come! That’s not to say it can’t stand up to your favorite cocktail recipes, though. This ribbed shaker is a 3 piece crystal and stainless steel design. It makes for a great feature piece, especially if you’re going for a more upscale home bar look and feel. This is easily one of the best cocktail mixers if you’re going for looks!

The upper stainless steel portion of this shaker is made with a glistening gold-tone finish. For a classic feeling, yet visually stunning cocktail shaker it doesn’t get much better than this! Thankfully, the piece is totally functional, and is an easy cocktail shaker to use. Do be careful as the bottom portion is made from glass, so you’ll want to keep things dry while shaking! Pick up this shaker for the perfect home bar housewarming gift, or to treat yourself. 

The Best Plastic Cocktail Shaker: 3 Piece Plastic Cocktail Shaker

The best plastic cocktail shaker with measurements and jigger

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Enjoy your home bar set without any fear of breaking anything! This plastic cocktail shaker is excellent for beginners! It comes in three pieces, even including a built-in strainer in the spout. It’s made completely from odorless, non toxic plastic. It has a slight non-slip texture to really make for a foolproof cocktail making experience. 

Where this thing really shines, is in just how useful the plastic design is to be more forgiving. Stainless steel shakers, while virtually unbreakable, still have one fatal flaw. Without using a small bar towel, you’re definitely risking some really cold fingers.

For most people that might seem like a small inconvenience. But for those with conditions like arthritis, or psoriasis, it can be agonizing. The jigger is also completely plastic, making this a totally safe, and extremely durable piece of bar equipment! 

Our Favorite Rainbow Cocktail Shaker Set: 7Pc Professional Rainbow Cocktail Bar Tool Set

7 piece rainbow colored cocktail shaker set mixer with stand

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One great way to add some character to your home bar set is to go loud! This iridescent rainbow colored cocktail shaker is perfect for all occasions. You can be sure it hits all of the right notes when it comes to making professional cocktails, even at home! It’s manufactured from  premium grade, 304 stainless steel which ensures it’s completely food safe and incredibly durable. 

For throwing an entertaining and lively cocktail party, this is the best cocktail mixer you can find! This vivacious and entertaining cocktail mixer is a great gift idea for your bartender and mixology obsessed friends out there!

The matte finish is truly impressive, and somehow makes your drinks just that much sweeter! Enjoy it with some of your best friends to complete the experience. 

The Best Mid Century Modern Cocktail Shaker

the best cocktail mixer mid century modern design

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The overlapping etched diamond design of this beautiful, turquoise blue cocktail mixer is as impressive as it is practical. Make it a part of your home bar to celebrate the best of mid century design sense. To complete the look, pair it up with some coupe cocktail glasses and the ultimate 50’s or 60’s party theme. 

This makes our recommendation for the best cocktail mixers thanks to its design, and style. It’s easy to hold while shaking, so you don’t have to fret too much about it slipping! Is this one of the best cocktail mixers for my setup? Its sleek classic design brings it close to one of my favorites, that’s for sure!

If it does though, this 21oz stainless steel shaker will stand up to a little punishment. An etched gold top completes the look, giving it a distinguished and classy look and feel.  

The Best Minimalist Cocktail Mixer: Barvivo Cocktail Shaker Set

Barvivo denmark stainless steel classic cocktail shaker

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Sleek, simple and easy. That’s how Barvivo designed their cocktail mixer, to act as an attractive yet understated piece to add, or start your home bar set with. This piece is incredibly versatile, great for martinis and margaritas alike! The smooth brushed stainless steel look is absolutely timeless, incredibly durable and reliable.

We recommend this piece as one of the best cocktail mixers because of its professional-grade leakproof construction. It’s a great Cobbler shaker all around, and makes for a classic you’ll be able to reach for every week! 

Mixology Bartender Kit with Cocktail Shaker

Bartender mixology cocktail shaker gift set

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In opulent polished copper, this incredible mixology set has everything you need to make incredible drinks. It might just be the most attractive looking set of barware I’ve ever laid eyes one. And I’ve seen a good few. It comes with all of the essentials.

These include, a stranger, stirring spoon, two jiggers, spirit spouts, a copper plated corkscrew, masher and ice tongs. Oh, did we mention the incredibly impressive cocktail shaker? This thing is deluxe! It’s a great cocktail shaker bar set for just about anyone! Either as a housewarming gift, or wedding gift this high quality stainless steel set will fit the bill! We love it for the entertaining  value this set provides. It looks impressive with just about any style of cocktail, or mini bar. 

These are some of the best cocktail mixers we’ve come across! What’s the best style out there for your place? Hopefully we managed to include a range diverse enough to fit your bar at home. Thanks for checking out these reviews! Once you’ve found the perfect set, make sure to tag us on Instagram (@aspiringwinos) to share your new set! 

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