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When you think of Paris, you think of wine, romance, dining, and hot French men (or, maybe that’s just me). And, Paris has all of those things and so much more, but what if you know nothing in French? Well, good for you, Paris is a touristy destination, so there are plenty of places you can go and hear your own language.

However, here are a few phrases you might want to learn before you go:


  • Bonjour (Hello)
  • Merci (Thank you)
  • Au revoir (Good Bye)
  • Je ne parle pas français (I don’t speak French)
  • Parle Vous Englais (Do you speak English
  • Où sont les toilettes, s’il vous plaît ? (Where is the toilet) Don’t laugh you may need this one!
  • Du vin (Some wine) Of course, you always need wine!


Of course you can always look up any phrases you like on Google and get them translated into French. You can even listen to hour the words are supposed to sound. Attempting to speak the language of the country shows respect and appreciation for the culture even if you are going wine tasting at English speaking facilities.

Where to Go Wine Tasting in Paris in English

Being in another country and not knowing the language can make this magical experience hell on Earth. So, I have put together some places that you can go wine tasting in Paris where they speak English.

Les Caves du Louvre

Built in the former caves of the Louvre Les Caves du Louvre gives you a unique wine tasting experience. While you sip your wine, you are taken through several different rooms dedicated to the making of this French wine such as: terroir, scent, labels, and bottling. In the scent room you get to play a game where you have to identify the scents. If you have a Paris Pass, you can taste three different wines for free. Or, you can get your English guided tour and three wine tastings for $32.

Wine Touch

From all the rave reviews, Phillipee is the man to see at Wine Touch. In France, wine tasting prices differ based on how much you want in your glass (interesting). This winery, also has a different way of giving you a wine tasting. Basically, you get a prepaid card and you swipe the card each time you want to try a different wine. With more than 250 bottles of wine, you may have never seen so many varieties of wine in your life!


Le Vin Qui Parle

I don’t even have the words for how profound the name of this winery is. In English it is called The wine that speaks! Not only does it have a name that speaks truly of wine, but they have a fantastic selection of wines and spirits as well as great customer service. You can get a wine tasting of five glasses of wine for 42 Euros which is about $46 USD. If you want to get a free tasting, visit Le Vin Qui Parle every other Saturday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

Caves Legrand

If you love food as much as you love your wine, then you are going to love Caves Legrand. Keep in mind that Tuesday is the day to visit. Held in the Salon Lucien Legrand every Tuesday is Tasting Tuesday. You will get the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the wine grower by being able to talk with the wine makers themselves. You will learn about their work, the vineyards, and the history. You can also visit their events page to find other wine tasting opportunities.

Paris Divin

Whenever you visit Paris Divin, you are able to get one free wine tasting without taking the tour. However, we would suggest taking the tour where you not only get to taste more wine, but you get a tray of cheese and bread. The tour also allows you to learn about the different wine regions, and how different wines taste. With so many to choose from, an expert will happily pick out wines for you to taste based on what you like.

Rio Del Vin

Located close to the Georges Pompidou Center, Rio Del Vin is a quaint restaurant-bar with a great selection of quality French wines. Most wines are organic, but they also offer beers and cocktails. All their food is prepared when you order it, so it’s fresh and delicious. There are four different wine tasting experiences you can enjoy: Initiation to tasting, Food and wine pairing, Rare grape varieties, and Discovery of world wines. Prices range from 29 Euros to 59 Euros. See below:


Initiation to Tasting: For 29 Euros, you can taste up to three different wines while in the company of an expert sommelier.


Food and Wine Pairing: For 39 Euros, you can experience some rare wines paired with food. The tasting will consist of white wine and cheese; red wine and cold cuts; and sweet wine and chocolates.


Rare Grape Varieties: During this wine tasting experience, you will enjoy two hours of sipping four rare wines accompanied by regional appetizers. Your Sommelier will also talk to you about rare grape varieties.


Discovery of World Wines: In the hands of a qualified Sommelier, you will spend two hours learning and tasting wines from around the world.


You will need to book your wine tasting online.

Soif d’Ailleurs

The interesting thing about visiting Soif d’ Ailleurs is that this shop sells wine from every where in the world except wine from France. You can purchase great wines from all over at extraordinary prices. However, this isn’t just an ordinary shop. Unlike other shops where you will only get an explanation of the wine before you buy, Soif d’ Ailleurs offers private and corporate tastings. Call ahead to find out when you can do a tasting.

If you want to visit some another cool place, check out the FREE Wine Fountain in Italy


Have you been wine tasting in Paris? We would love to hear about your stories, your favorite wines, and your experiences in the comments below!

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