Where to go Wine Tasting in Fresno

Fresno California has some of the most prestigious wineries and vineyards in all of California perfect for wine tasting. The next time you’re in the Fresno area, you will want to check out some of California’s finest wines at these locations.  Each winery has a unique story to go with the history and making of these great wines.

Wine Tasting in Fresno

Wines are worth trying because there are so many different kinds. If you’re an aspiring wino, you certainly want to have a few wine tastings under your belt. The best way to do this is to know where to go wine tasting in Fresno. Come along for the ride, it’s going to be a fun one.

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Windmill at sunset at Englemann cellars in Fresno, CA

Engelmann Cellars

Located in the countryside of Fresno, Engelmann cellars has a beautiful winery and vineyard perfect for any venue.  They hold several family friendly events throughout the year that brings the community together, while promoting their wines. They are very proud of their quality Californian wines that they sell at a great price.   

Engelmann cellars has a rich family history dating back to 1900, for growing grapes in the Fresno area, it’s no wonder their wine is so good.  Their wines are made in small batches, ensuring quality throughout the many stages of wine-making. They have a climate-controlled aging room with American, French, and Hungarian barrels that leave different notes ranging from cinnamon, vanilla, and smoked, creating a unique taste for each glass of wine.    

The tasting room itself is inside the barrel room, where you can sample their delicious medal-winning wines, at the same time appreciate the process the wine took to make it into the glass your holding.  

LoMac Winery

If you prefer the sweeter wine to the more bitter dryer wine this winery is up your alley.  While they do have many traditional semi-sweet wines they do have many sweet wines that even non-wine drinkers would enjoy.  

LoMac Winery offers free wine tastings several times a year that adds even more enjoyment to your visit.  They have a very knowledgeable staff that will help you find a wine you are sure to love. There are probably some major reasons why this winery has straight up 5 stars all across Google.

Grab a group of friends and head to LoMac Winery. You simply cannot be disappointed because this place is truly that amazing.

Barrel tasting room at LoMac Winery in Fresno, CA

Cribari Vineyards Inc.

The Cribari family, for five generations has been making and selling wine in bulk in the Fresno area since 1904.  During the prohibition period the Cribari family had to get creative in order to follow the law and still make a living.  They produced sacramental wine for communion in Churches, wines for cooking, as well as salted wines that had medicinal purposes.    

Today, Cribari Vineyards produces many varieties of great tasting wines in bulk including,  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel, Sherry, Burgundy, Chardonnay, Marsala and Port.  Even though they have grown so much, they have stayed true to the quality and integrity of the Cribari name.    

Ficklin Vineyards in Fresno, CA for wine tasting. Horizontal bottles from the 1988 vintage

Ficklin Vineyards

In 1946, Walter Ficklin made the decision to yield Portugese grapes in the San Joaquin Valley, which had a lasting impact on the direction of his winery. He found that Portugese grapes were ideal in producing a premium Port wine.  His son David Ficklin built the winery himself, while his other son planted the crops that would bring their first harvest.

Ficklin Vineyards is a family-owned winery for over 70 years, famous in California for their critically-acclaimed Port wines.  They have kept the winery small, so they can control the conditions, creating consistently delicious wines that many have fallen in love with.  

The wine have aged anywhere from 10 years all the way to 30 years, with their barreled aged Tawny Ports.  They offer complimentary wine tastings on a number of their famous Port wines, while having a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and also a tour of the winery is available.  

Fresno State Winery - A fun place to support students and go wine tasting in Fresno

Fresno State Winery

Fresno State Winery is truly special, as it’s the nation’s first and largest commercial winery on a college campus in the United States. Under the guidance of an expert wine-maker students have  learned to make premium wines that have won many awards and medals over the last decade. This winery offers great discounts on their wines and tastings as well. Given their ties to the industry, this is a good choice of where to go wine tasting in Fresno, which will lead you to even more awesome wineries. 

Just the name of this wine tasting company screams yum. To have all those awards and medals, you know that this winery is going to be fabulous. Go ahead and give this Fresno State Winery a try.

Ziveli winery - a great place to go wine tasting in Fresno

Ziveli Winery

Situated next to the San Joaquin River, Ziveli Winery has many wines named after the family’s connection to the river.  The word Ziveli is the Croatian word for cheers, an appropriate name for a winery that’s main focus is for your enjoyment.  Every experience at this winery promises to be a good time with great wine to accompany you. The atmosphere of the tasting room and the staff add to the applause of this special establishment.    

I think it’s so cool that this wine venue has a family name. Whether you’re new to wine tasting or just want a little sample, Ziveli Winery is the place to go to try ALL the wines that you can handle.

Ferns planted in Moravia Winery bottles, with mandala style labels

Moravia Wines

While opening its doors back in 2012, the winery in just two years began winning awards in wine competitions across the state of California. The name Moravia comes from the emigrant ship that brought the Hammond’s families ancestors to the United States.  Moravia Wines holds their tastings in an old World War 2 era farm and equipment barn, adding to the character of the building.  

This is another wine establishment that has a ton of five stars. When you’re choosing a winery to visit, you want them to have great customer service. Without a doubt, Moravia wines is the place to go when you want to focus on tasting fine wines!

Which is your favorite of our recommendations for where to go wine tasting in Fresno? I’d love to hear all about it.

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Where to go wine tasting in Fresno to find delicious wine and a great experience. Wine tasting near me in California | Different places to taste wine in Fresno, CA. Winery visiting tips and winery visits to plan in Cali. #winetasting #winery Where to go wine tasting in Fresno to find delicious wine and a great experience. Wine tasting near me in California | Different places to taste wine in Fresno, CA. Winery visiting tips and winery visits to plan in Cali. #winetasting #winery

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