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Look, sometimes we’ve just got to be honest with ourselves. We’ve all got some pieces of cork in the bottle. And, (while we’re not proud of it), our first time using a corkscrew was kind of, well… a big screw up. The fact of the matter is, we’ve all had a bad run-in with manual corkscrews, and all manner of cork-removal solutions are out there. To that end, we’re going share our reviews of the best electric corkscrew! 

Some of them are pretty wild, involving an array of equipment, gadgets and gizmos designed to free the wine from its bottle. Thankfully, innovation has paved the way to simplicity for wine lovers like us! That’s why we’ve decided to make these reviews of the best electric corkscrew! Electric? You say. Yes, these are automated corkscrew wine bottle openers that don’t require any twisting, yanking, or fear of tipping your precious bottle of wine! 

How Does an Electric Corkscrew Work? 

Amazingly, a lot like a traditional corkscrew. Except, it’s about 10x as fast, much safe, easier and carefree than before. We’ve all struggled tremendously with corkscrews before, so why not make things easier on yourself with a trustworthy and reliable automated approach that can really speed things up on wine night. It might even entertain your guests a bit, too! The ease with which you can open your wine bottle with one of these things is incredible. Most of them remove the wine bottle cork within 3-5 seconds! 

Added features like built in foil cutters, vacuum powered re-sealing, and fully automated fool-proof operation are just a few of the reasons these things should be replacing the old plastic octopus-looking thing in your wine cabinet drawer. You know the one. Besides, there’s probably nothing in the world more awful sounding than a bottle of wine crashing to the floor, or tipping over on to the kitchen island. With a small twist corkscrew, it’s a lot easier to accidentally loose your grip on the bottle and get ahead of yourself. For anyone who’s ever picked up screw-top bottles of wine for convenience sake. We’re speaking to you, too! 

Luckily, these reviews of the best electric corkscrew can show you some really simple to use, convenient alternatives! Which one will make it to your tool bag of wine gear? Dosen’t everyone have one of those? 

Our Reviews of the Best Electric Corkscrew 

These all-in-one electric corkscrews are really something useful! But what’s the most surprising thing about them? They more or less replace the old fashioned manual style corkscrew. And. They cost just about as much and sometimes, even less! Electric corkscrews like these are an inexpensive way to bring some new technology into your wine cabinet. Don’t your guests deserve their tipple just a little quicker than usual? And… maybe without the small pieces of broken cork. 

Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener 

Secura electric corkscrew with foil cutter

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This model is a sleek designed, stainless steel electric wine bottle opener with black plastic accents. It has a really modern look to it, which is great if your barware/wine gear fits the bill, too. Included is a handy, easy to use round foil cutter for tackling the bottle’s packaging before opening. It’s quite simple enough to operate.

There’s two buttons that make for unbelievable simple use. Simply line up the screw hook with the top of the foil-removed cork stopper, and press the button to bore into the cork. Next, use the other button to pull the cork from the bottle. Voila! It has a blue LED accent, which may or may not clash with your barware but really, is that the first thing on your mind? This is easily one of the best value electric wine bottle openers. Unlike other models this opener is battery operated, so it’s cordless but you will have to stock the required batteries. 

What we love about it: Great starter gadget, with a low budget price and simple to use. 

Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set 

electric wine opener set with pourer, bottle stopper and charger

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This piece is a little more comprehensive, especially with add-ons. This set includes a wall charger for cordless use, as well as a wine bottle stopper, foil cutter, aerator and included rechargeable batteries, this is the perfect wine opener set for beginners! As a housewarming gift, someone moving out on their own, or a neighbor! This set makes for an ideal gift since it comes with everything you need to enjoy wine, short of the glass and the bottle! The included aerator is huge, since it allows you to enjoy red wine the way it was meant to be! And if somehow you don’t manage to finish the bottle, the stopper makes a great addition. 

The opener itself is entirely similar to the previous model we covered, only in matte black. Between the style and extras, this is one of the best electric corkscrews out there. What’s better, is that it comes with an affordable mid-range price tag! 

What we love about it: This corkscrew includes just about everything you need! 

Cuisinart CWO-50 Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener 

Cuisinart electric corkscrew with charger base

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This electric corkscrew is a two in one! What? You may ask. That’s right, it’s a two-in-one electric corkscrew, and vacuum sealer! It will keep your wine fresh, and open it for you as well. This thing is totally cordless, and has a base similar to that of an electric razor or toothbrush. In other words, it’s practically fool-proof in every aspect.

Operation is simple, there are two buttons. There’s a silicone grip, making this thing perfect for handling when there’s wine on the line! The last thing you need is a puddle of grape juice and a broken bottle. This thing has Cuisinart written all over it. Besides literally, its brushed stainless steel, premium grade silicone handle and brilliant looking holder/charging pedestal are high-class looking pieces of tech. You’ll be proud to show this off to your guests, and even more excited to put it to use! There’s even a little slot in the base for holding the foil cutter. 

What we love about it: Premium through and through, this electric wine bottle opener looks and feels as professional as they get.  

CircleJoy Electric Wine Bottle Opener

circlejoy electric corkscrew, wine preservers, foil cutter and spout

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This 4 piece set has everything you need to get started. It also makes a great all inclusive set for the wine lover who has it all! Great for picnics, or entertaining guests on the back deck this is an electric wine bottle opener set that does it all. All of the components are a classy matte black with a bit of design. A practically designed foil cutter, aerator spout, stoppers and opener are included in this set. The wine bottle opener itself is cordless, and rechargeable via a standard USB charger much like your phone. 

What makes this set so special? It’s all there! Everything you need is kept together and ready when you are for a one of a kind wine night. The foil cutter is manual, but designed so that all you need to do is perform a simple twist to free otherwise frustrating packaging. The spout makes pouting wine easier than ever, too. This model operates reliably, and with the same button configuration as others in this review. The price of this unit is unbelievably affordable, coming in lower than average.  

What we love about it: A classy looking all-in-one set with high quality components. 

Redmond Electric Wine Opener, 6-in-1

Redmond electric corkscrew spout charging base stainless steel

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It’s exceedingly likely that this is the best looking, or maybe even only, electric corkscrew you’ve set your eyes on! If entertaining is the name of your game, consider the Redmond wine bottle opener for your bar set! It sits rather impressive on a stainless steel/plastic base, as well as its sleek looking components.

Guests will immediately be drawn in, so you can show off the ease of use with this reliable piece of wine gear. A spout, two wine bottle stoppers and foil cutter, as well as its intriguing shaped recharging base station. An ultra-modern blue LED light makes this thing look totally space age in all the right ways, making it an easy entry into our most recommended electric corkscrews. Because sometimes, it really is about the looks. 

Which of these was your favorite piece of gear? We’re bombarded with so many accessories, tools, and pieces that it has become absolutely overwhelming to shop for wine lovers. Simply finding a gadget like this can sometimes feel like getting your certification in engineering.

And, by the time you’ve waded through all of the possible configurations. You feel like giving up. Thankfully, and hopefully so, these reviews of the best electric corkscrew have given you some sense of clairvoyance. If so, be sure to tag us in your Instagram post when you eventually chose one (@aspiringwinos)! Thanks so much for stopping by, happy… de-corking? 

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