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Wine aerators provide connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers alike with the ability to enjoy wine’s fresh, unfettered taste. The best aerators for wine can bring wine back to its fresh original state within seconds from being poured out of the bottle.

Gasses build up in sealed bottles of wine over time which can drastically alter the taste of the wine if not properly aerated. Red wines in particular are susceptible to this effect, thankfully aerators help solve this problem. 

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The Best Aerators for Wine 

When you’re looking at wine aerators, make sure you find out which features are best for you. Some aerators for wine also provide dispensing functions straight from the bottles, while others act as a secondary decanter. 

It isn’t impossible that you’ve heard a lot about these handy little accessories but haven’t learned exactly what they can do for your wine drinking experience. A wine aerator helps your favorite wines ‘breathe’ as they leave the bottle and enter your glass. 

A lot of that depends on how you’re drinking your wine, and that varies from person to person! Aerating is important to enjoying most red wines to their fullest. To that end, I’ll be reviewing a handful of different products to try and figure out which is the best aerator for wine. For these reviews I’ll be evaluating the functionality, style and value each wine aerator provides! 

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Why Should you use a Wine Aerator? 

Experiencing the full range of flavor notes and a fuller bouquet can be achieved through the proper use of a wine aerator. Younger red wines are the best candidates for aeration, otherwise they require a fair amount of time to ‘breathe’ after being opened for the first time. A wine aerator simultaneously cuts out ‘breathing’ time and enhances the delicate notes of red wines so you can enjoy a full profile with each glass.  

Torteco Wine Aerator 

The best aerators for wine electric

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This is a portable wine aerator that also provides a handy dispensing option as well! If you’re looking for something that can serve your wine up as quick as it aerates, consider something like this. This is an electric wine aerator that charges via usb. An airtight rubber seal means it can also act as a wine stopper, keeping your bottle air tight in between glasses. 

Connecting to a straw inside the bottle and after being attached to the top, this small unit pours and aerates wine at the same time. The aeration effect it provides helps lower tannins and soften the taste of your wine to bring it back to its fresh state. There are few downsides to this product, it even comes in a somewhat lower price range. 


  • One-touch dispensing and aerating 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Fully electric pump 


  • May not fit all bottlenecks 

Zazzol Wine Aerator 

glass wine accessory aerator

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This is the first analog wine aerator we’ll be looking at. It’s roughly hand-sized and almost completely made of glass. A small no-drip stand keeps in handy in between pouring glasses of wine, and it’s extremely simple to use. Simply pour wine through the top end of this small device to instantly aerate your wine. While the wine travels through a small conical series of openings it’s enveloped with air before it reaches the glass. 

The best wine aerator by many people’s standard is the one you’ll actually use. This aerator provides no real dispensing features, so you’ll be stuck holding the aerator with one hand and the wine bottle with the other. This might not be feasible or ideal for everyone, so make sure you take that into consideration! For its efficient and stylish design, this small aerator comes with a small price tag, making it a great value option. 


  • Small aerator with a small pricetag 
  • Instant wine aeration 
  • Hassle-free operation 


  • Made primarily of glass, thus very fragile 
  • Requires two-handed pouring over the glass 

Aervana Essential Wine Aerator and Pourer 

Essential best wine aerators bottle top

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This is another dual purpose wine aerator that can make for a fairly simple dispenser. The first thing that’s evident about this aerator is it’s unmistakable high-class design. A stainless steel spout and Parisian wine bar look make it a great centerpiece to your next wine tasting party. Functionally, it operates at the touch of a button providing consistent wine aeration and dispensing. 

Simple to use, it takes an airtight seal to any sized wine bottle. This is the best aerator for wine entertaining. One button press allows your guests to dispense fully aerated wien within seconds. This wine aerator makes a great practical conversation piece! It has a mid ranged price tag, which is suitable considering the high level of product quality. 


  • One touch aerating 
  • Two in one wine tap and aerator 
  • Fits any sized bottle 


  • Only ideal for when the bottle rests on flat-surfaces (i.e. not good for camping or pic-nics!) 
  • Does not preserve opened wine   

Glass Wine Decanter 

Glass wine decanter for aeration

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This is a rather unique aerator, acting as a classic wide-base decanter after aerating the wine. Wine is poured straight from the bottle through a dual-layer mesh filter followed by a 365 degree spout that exposes the wine to air as it cascades into the body of the decanter. 

The design is attractive and functional, modeled after the classic glass wine decanter look. The spout is completely stainless steel, modernizing the look and providing a barrier against particles in the air as well as an easy pouring method. The one downside to this device is the sacrifice of a more sophisticated aerator. Besides the initial pour, the wine is aerated only briefly while being distributed down the sides of the decanter. That being said, the wine will have time to breathe while waiting to be poured. 


  • Dual purpose decanter and wine aerator 
  • Attractive design 
  • Low pricetag 


  • Not as sophisticated as other aerators in its price range 
  • Two-step aerating and then serving 

Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer 

Rabbit wine aerator

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An aerator by Rabbit, a company well-known for their bottle openers, this device is small and effective at aerating your favorite red wines. At first glance it is functional and simple to use, save for a couple of design flaws. The small black ring that affixes to the wine bottle can become dislodged from the device, resulting in it getting lost. Sadly, the design is also prone to leakage during pouring. If however this aerator does do the trick for you, you’re in luck! 

Personally, I don’t like aerators or pourers that rely on an insert type of design for holding the piece in place. Sometimes they feel as if they can fall out of place at any moment. It’s worth thinking about how, as well as how often, you’ll be using an aerator. You might want one that is universal for any bottle type, or one with more features but more focused design. It all depends on you wine drinking habits.   


  • Small and portable 
  • Decent value aerator 


  • Has the potential to leak 
  • Relies on a finicky attachment method

Why Should you buy a Wine Aerator?

Aerators provide you with the opportunity to cut out the waiting time that usually comes with opening a fresh bottle of wine to achieve the optimal balance between oxygen and the complex yet familiar tastes that make up your favorite wines. 

That being said, searching for the right wine aerator is a tough task, wading between electric and manual, different price ranges and features all promising to provide the best aeration for your bottle of wine. 

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What is the Best Aerator for Wine? 

As convenient as they are, wine gadgets can quickly become one of the most confusing accessories to find for the wine lover at heart. At the end of the day, your goal is to protect your wine and enjoy it at its peak of quality. So what is the best aerator for wine? It’s a tough question to crack, a lot of it depends on what you’re looking for in a good aerator.  

For me, the Aervana Essential carries the best balance between value, style and functionality. It’s incredibly simple to use, and for me the best aerator for wine. If you’re looking for a wine aerator that can double as a fantastic centerpiece to your next wine tasting, this one definitely does the trick.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my reviews to find the best wine aerator! This is one wine gadget that comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, so finding the right one isn’t always the easiest task. What kind of aerators have you used? Do you enjoy red wines more after they’ve been aerated?   

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