5 Wineries You Can Day Trip From London, England 

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London is a treasure trove of history, adventure and culture! It’s one of the cities that tops many people’s travel bucket lists, and for good reason. A seemingly endless supply of museums, shopping, dining and tourist spots dot the landscape. So closely there’s almost an unlimited supply of activities to do, and things to see. In the spirit of everything British, we’re going to look at 5 wineries you can day trip from London! 

London is also a great destination for wine lovers like us! For centuries, purveyors of wine have met with merchants to buy, trade and sell some of the greatest vintages to ever be produced. If there’s a wine you want, you’ll find it in London! 

But what else of the English wine scene? There is of course a vast array of wineries that produce an all-British wine, too! These wineries combine the classic elegance, and breathtaking beauty of the English countryside, and mix in a little French influence for good measure. Here you’ll see the beating heart of British wine country, in the surrounding areas near London. Since there are so many to see, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 5 wineries you can day trip from London, England. Get your itinerary out, and let’s explore together! 

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Chapel Down Winery

Kent, Southeast of London

Chapel Down produces a variety of labels that celebrate their passion for producing fine English wines. Alongside beer and cider, as well as some spirits they’ve made quite the name for themselves. Chapel Down has their very own tour of their premises. You can take a stroll through their gorgeous vineyards, timeless and atmospheric winery as well as The Swan restaurant. Tours are incredibly affordable, and even included a professionally guided tasting of their very own wines! Enjoy the life and atmosphere of this timeless English winery, and all of the stories to hear, and memories you’ll make. 

Denbies Wine Estate

Dorking, South of London

Just off of the A24 lies a bed & breakfast, and winery that’s straight out of a book. Denbies Wine Estate is an English countryside dream, perfectly within driving distance of London. Whether you’re a local or tourist, you’ll find serenity and gorgeous views in droves. Onsite there’s a one of a kind, magnificent wedding venue.

The B&B itself is absolutely wonderful, embodying a classic British cottage look that will absolutely steal your heart away. You can find lunch in the Gallery restaurant, and enjoy your evening in The Vineyard Restaurant. Look forward to their indoor and outdoor tours of the wine estate, featuring a vineyard train tour. Now this isn’t any ordinary train. A classic Land Rover will pull you along in a series of trolleys that just complete the English wine country feel. This is a breathtaking and opulent tour that’s more than worth the drive down! 

Tillingham Winery 

Rye, Southeast of London 

Tillingham is an enchanting and welcoming winery with a ton of character. This lively winery invites you to come and taste their product, stay at their B&B and take some lovely bottles of wine home with you. Hardly an hour and 45 minutes from London, this winery has some unforgettable views, and incredibly friendly faces. The facilities are somewhat unique to the rest of the English wine scene, as well as ours quite frankly. They’re a relaxing yet strikingly modern style that exudes from the B&B, hop barn and winery itself. One word to describe it thoroughly, would be ‘refreshing’. Come and enjoy the short trip down to this getaway, and don’t forget to go for a tasting! This is a totally one-of-a-kind experience, which is why it tops of list of the must-see 5 wineries you can day trip from London, England. 

Ridgeview Winery

South Downs, South of London 

In Ditchling Common off the A22, there’s a lovely wine estate you’ve just got to see for yourself. This large-scale winery has a lot to offer, especially for those with a deep interest in the production of English wines. Rideview prides themselves on producing a top-notch product by letting the wine speak for itself. Both in production methodology, and presentation they live by their craft.

Crafting one of the finest sparkling wines, their specialized, and exclusive underground cellar is truly remarkable. Come and taste this wine for yourself, just a short drive South from London. Visitors have the chance to experience their wine garden. Here you can sample their wine tasting flights, grown and produced entirely on site! You’ll learn about the production method of each bottle as you enjoy your tasting. 

Camel Valley

Cornwall, West of London 

The furthest hike on our list of wineries, this adventure to Cornwall is like a road trip and winery visit all in one! If you leave ealy enough, you’ll have plenty of time left to enjoy the majesty of this family run institution. Many Londoners already know of Cornwall as a vacation retreat, flush with camping and B&B’s overlooking the English countryside on one end, and the English Channel on the other.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this world-class winery is the stunning views it gives to the surrounding countryside. The rolling English farmland, and blanketed patchwork hills are a breathtaking sight for tourists and locals alike. Guided tours will give you these luscious views, knowledge about the current growing season and the journey from vine to bottle. The tour also includes a sit-down tasting on their terrace, where you can choose your own glasses. Their exclusive B&B’s are a sight to behold all their own. After making the day trip to this winery, consider booking a stay in nearby Cornwall, or their exclusive premises. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out these 5 wineries you can day trip from London, England. With their once in a lifetime views, welcoming and historic atmospheres and delectable wines you’ll feel a sense of wanderlust, and relaxation. There’s much to see, experience and learn about the English winemaking culture, wineries and vineyards. Meet some new people, and try some truly incredible wines.    

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