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Love cocktails but not all of the prep that goes with it? Who can blame you, buying a bottle of Triple Sec here, or a tool there just to try something new isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Now, we’re not knocking the bar accessory fanatics out there but something’s got to give, right? These are the best drink mixers for cocktails and mocktails to help those new to the cocktail scene find what they like. Or, just enjoy sipping on a cocktail without all of the work! 

Reviewing the Best Drink Mixers for Cocktails and Mocktails 

Cocktails made with premade mixers can be just as good as the real thing! (And don’t let anyone tell you differently!) There’s a lot of ways to mix a drink, and this just happens to be the easiest.  

Whether you’re looking for a quick-fix, or you love the cocktail taste without any of the alcohol, these drink mixers are the perfect way to step into the world of high-end cocktails! 

The Best Vegan, Keto and Gluten-Free Cocktails 

The mixers featured in our reviews below each account for a variety of different dietary restrictions. That means as long as the alcohol you’re using is free of any allergens then you’re free to enjoy delicious cocktails without worry! 

Honestly, going into these mixer reviews I didn’t know what to expect. Part of me thought the only way to get a pre-mixed drink was with a sugar-loaded syrup. What I found though, is that there’s a plethora of options out there for cocktail lovers to get an authentic taste without added sugars or preservatives. 

Check out the details for some of these mixers to find which ones are best suited to you and your dietary restrictions. (There’s even Keto, gluten-free and Kosher cocktail mixers, too!) 

Enjoy Your Favorite Cocktails Anywhere! 

Whether you’re looking at bottled, canned or powdered cocktail mixers they’re all perfect for making cocktails on the go! Throw them in the cooler, camper or bike bag for a quick and easy cocktail fix wherever you are. 

Seriously, did you ever think you’d get to enjoy an Old Fashioned or even a Margarita anywhere without a sink and a bunch of tools? For the hikers, bikers, campers and beach-goers, pre-made drink mixers are the answer to your boozy prayers. 

Guilt-Free Keto Pre-Made Cocktail Mixer 

Craftmix Cocktail Mixer Variety Pack 

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How do you get all of the flavor without any of the calories? Ask the folks at Craftmix! These incredibly delicious pre-made cocktail mixers are available in a powdered form. All of the convenience, without any pesky sugar or additives. 

These have really decent value, especially if you don’t plan on slamming them back. For something you can enjoy sipping under the sun, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. They’re tailored for portability, and drinkers with dietary restrictions. They’re GMO-free, vegan and even keto! 

The flavors include Blood Orange Mai Tai, Mango Margarita, Mint Mojito, Passionfruit Paloma and Strawberry Mule. They’re inventive takes on the originals with all of the flavor along with something new to mix things up! 


  • 5 fresh, fruity flavors 
  • Individual flavors available in a 12-pack of sachets 
  • Naturally flavored 

Handcrafted Pre-Made Bottled Mixers 

Simple Time Real Ingredient Cocktail Mixers

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Simple Times produces a line of handcrafted pre-mixed cocktail mixers that are perfect for any occasion. The best part is, they’re made from US-sourced whole ingredients that are designed to make the best cocktails even down to the Ph and sweetness level. 

These cocktail mixers are made for a 3:1 ratio of mix to alcohol. They’re not a concentrate or syrup, so they’re ready to go as soon as you open the bottle. Available in 8oz bottles that come 4 to a pack, you can enjoy flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Mule, Pineapple Mule, Blueberry Basil Lemonade. 

These mixers give you that ‘farm to glass’, fresh-pressed juice taste that’s nearly like you made it yourself. You’ll get about 2-3 cocktails out of each bottle, (depending on what ratio you use). 


  • No colorings or preservatives 
  • Handmade with whole ingredients 
  • Bottles come with graduated measurements for easy cocktail pours

The Best Cocktail Mixer for a Party

Monin Ready-To-Use Cocktail Mixer 

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Monin’s range of delicious flavors give you the ability to make dazzling Cosmos, succulent Margaritas and sweet Mai Tai’s simply by adding one of these to a 1.5oz shot of your favorite liquor as recommended by each flavor. After that, you’re just a shake and a strain away from a beautifully convenient cocktail! 

Each bottle comes with 10 servings if you follow the ratio precisely, giving you pretty decent value overall. This package consists of a 3-pack including their Dragon Fruit Cosmo, Margarita, and Mai Tai. While expertly crafted, these flavors are a lot more ‘down to Earth’ than some of the other brands featured here. 


  • 3 Classic cocktail flavors 
  • 10 servings of cocktails per bottle 
  • Kosher, gluten-free and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners 

The Best Cocktail Mixers for Whiskey 

Cocktail Crate Premium Drink Mixer Pack 

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This is a cocktail mixer that advertises itself to the serious connoisseurs out there, and we couldn’t agree more! Cocktail Crate makes a line of pre-made mixers that go perfectly with whiskey. 

These also make a fantastic gift set, coming in a 3-pack of flavors including their Classic Ginger Mule, Classic Old Fashioned and Classic Whiskey Sour. 

Their mixers consist of the perfect balance of sweetness, citrus zest and flavor that gives way to your favorite whiskey instead of shutting it out. We love these for serving up traditional old fashioned and whiskey sours! 


  • 3 x 12oz bottles per pack
  • Made specifically for use with your favorite whiskey 
  • Traditional cocktail flavors 

Best Cocktail Mixer in a Can

Neon Zebra Non Alcoholic Cocktail Mixer in a Can

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If you’re looking for something less traditional and a little more lighthearted, these canned mixers by Neon Zebra are a great place to start! (Especially if you’re drinking with a friend!) 

Each of their 7.5oz cans makes two drinks, each of which you fill with 3oz of your own favorite spirits. That means no more leftover cans which always seems to happen when you’re mixing up mixed drinks. 

We don’t just love these cans of pre-made mixer for their convenience factor, though. They bring a fresh, fruity taste combined with the perfect amount of ‘sweet’ for some cocktails that are just too good to drink alone. Give these a try this summer for the mixer that can go in the cooler with the beer and wine coolers! 


  • Easy to share: each can makes 2 drinks 
  • Tangy, sweet and fruity flavors for summer 
  • Made without artificial flavors 

Honorable Mention: Bartesian Classic Cocktail Capsule Collection 

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It’s worth mentioning that the Batesian cocktail machine, (which we’ve reviewed in detail), utilizes pre-made cocktail mixers to make your drink prep experience a whole lot easier. 

This is like a Keurig, but for cocktails. (And it doesn’t look half bad on your counter, either!) You can use it to prepare a wide variety of cocktails with the press of a button. The machine even houses your favorite alcohol in a glass dispenser so it’s always ready when you are! 

This 6-pack features your choice of their classic flavors that are perfectly balanced for your favorite alcohol. (It also makes a great gift for someone who’s got one of these machines at home!) 


  • For use with the Bartesian cocktail machine 
  • Featuring classic cocktail flavors 
  • Cocktails on-demand at the press of a button 

Conclusions: The Best Drink Mixers for Cocktails and Mocktails 

Each of these ready made cocktail mixers serve a similar purpose: giving you the drinks you love without all of the hassle. With these, you don’t have to settle for flavorless mixed drinks, or giving up on the complexity and depth of flavor you get from a real cocktail. 

For me, the Simple Time cocktail mixers really do the trick. I love their approach using fresh-pressed juice and locally sourced ingredients that come together to create a cocktail that’s truly ‘fresh’ tasting. 

If you’re going to be serving multiple guests, I highly recommend the Monin Ready-To-Use cocktail mixers. You get more drinks out of them, and they’re perfect for appealing to most people’s taste with their really approachable flavors. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best drink mixers for cocktails and mocktails!  

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