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Making cocktails is one of the best joys of spirits. Enjoying all of the flavors and incredible combinations that each type of drink can unlock. We love how every cocktail recipe tells a story, from its times, the people and places it’s known for. Craft your own stories while sipping on some classic cocktails. If you’re just getting into cocktails, these drinks are easier to make than ever before. This is our Bartesian cocktail machine review of what can easily be described as ‘The Keurig of cocktails’! 

Easy to use, this machine brings your world-class cocktails without all of the hassle. If you’re looking for the best way to make cocktails for beginners, the Bartesian machine is a great at-home bartender for every type of drinker. First we’ll answer some questions, and provide some context for those of you who are new to the world of cocktails. We don’t judge here at Aspiring Winos, so if you’re looking to graduate from the simple Jack and Coke, you’ve come to the right place! 

How to Get Started Making Cocktails

Traditionally, getting into cocktails meant making lots of purchases. You’d have to get yourself set up with sometimes expensive barware, tools and glassware as well. After that, you’d need the right ingredients and spirits on hand to make the cocktails you want. 

Depending on what kind of cocktails you’d want to make, you’d have to be sure that you have everything in stock. This could mean stocking fruit, juices, flavors, sodas and particular spirits for making a drink the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. While they payoff is really rewarding, it takes some time, money and patience to get your cocktail making skills up to scratch. 

Nowadays though, there’s a much more efficient way for you to enjoy more drinks, in a fraction of the time and almost not hassle. The solution we’re going to be reviewing here makes life a whole lot easier for cocktail lovers! Scroll down for our Bartesian cocktail machine review to learn more about this innovative drink maker! 

Are Cocktails Hard to Make? 

Generally speaking, making cocktails takes some basic know-how, and practice! There’s lots of tips out there that can point you in the right direction. But, what will serve you best is your ability to read and follow concise recipe instructions! There’s countless recipes out there, but the IBA, (International Bartender’s Association), has all of the official classic cocktails for you to explore. 

There’s a lot of different kinds of barware, ingredients and liquor you have to keep on hand to make more than just a few cocktails. The larger the variety of drinks you can enjoy, the more well-rounded your cocktail bona-fides will ultimately grow to become! That’s why we’re going to be looking at an efficient all-in-one solution that cuts out the guesswork. 

The Easiest Way to Make Cocktails 

In our pursuit to bring the passion of enjoying drinks to a larger group of people, the Bartesian Cocktail Machine seemed like a natural fit. The cocktail lifestyle is one muddled in lots of bits and pieces, particularly ingredients and a knowledge thereof. You can skip all of the mixology, meticulous purchases and practice with one simple and easy to use tool. We love the Bartesian cocktail machine for all of the cocktails it can make with little to no hassle at all! 

This all in one machine really is the easiest way to make cocktails. And, it offers quite a few at the press of a button. Totally automated and self-contained, all you need is the right spirits on hand, and you can enjoy the perfectly measured version of some of the most enjoyable world class cocktails out there! Enjoy your evening without all of the mess and measuring. 

Cocktails at the Push of a Button 

Bartesian cocktail making machine home bar

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To kick things off, we’re huge fans of the Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine. So full disclosure, this review comes from an emphatic recommendation for this machine. We love cocktail making, and everything that goes into the craft. But, we also understand that there’s times when you want delicious cocktails, without all of the pomp and circumstance. 

The Bartesian is a totally foolproof solution for making cocktails you’ll absolutely love. All you need to supply is the liquor, and this machine does the rest! It mixes your spirits with pre-portioned pods filled with the concentrates, flavors and other ingredients you need to make cocktails. You can even mix things up by experimenting with other brands, and varieties of the spirits you love! We love the variety this machine brings, without the need for a cabinet full of bitters, flavors, mixes and tools. 

The Best Cocktail and Margarita Machine: Simplicity in Design 

The Bartesian is a stand up, intelligent cocktail and margarita making machine. It’s a countertop appliance, but it sits atop your home bar easily. We love the appearance of this cocktail maker. It’s visually simplistic, and elegant with a clean and functional design. It will fit seamlessly beside your barware and spirits, while complimenting the style of almost any bar or cocktail setup. 

Four glass bottles supply the necessary spirits and sodas to the machine, which make it fit nicely like a piece of decanter on your mini bar. What’s even better is just how simply this thing works. Just by inserting a drink pod, you’re only a button press away from a fresh, delicious cocktail. Bartesian has a proprietary series of drink pods. Each of them contains all of the necessary ingredients for a classic cocktail. The Bartesian Cocktail and Margarita machine is simplistic in its very design, which is why we give it our enthusiastic recommendation. We’ll explore some more of the features and upsides to this fantastic machine in depth. 

Everything you Need to Make Cocktails at Home

One of the first things you’ll notice about this machine is how visually simple it looks. This is a huge plus for us, as visual clutter is a huge problem in the world of cocktails. It’s easy to overload a home bar with tons of bottles, ingredients and tools. 

The Bartiesian cocktail machine eliminates all of that, making for the perfect minimalist drink making station. This machine doesn’t skimp on quality, either. All of the cocktails it can prepare are professionally certified by mixologists, and approved for their taste and quality. You can be sure you’re getting cocktails at the push of a button, exactly the way they’re meant to be prepared and enjoyed.  

This drink maker utilizes some impressive technology to deliver precisely mixed cocktails every time! The premixed pods that are available each have a unique barcode. These tell the machine exactly what it needs to prepare the perfect drink, delivering it to you in seconds with no mess, and no fuss. It can probably make a few more drinks than you would have thought, and it’s quick, too! These premixed capsules aren’t filled with just any ingredients, either. Each is individually dated for freshness, so you can be sure you’re enjoying a natural and fresh cocktail. 

Need a new set of cocktail glasses to enjoy your incredible drinks? Check out our favorite cocktail glasses, here!

Bartesian Cocktail Machine Features 

Four bottles hold spirits and mixes necessary for making your cocktails. These are incredibly easy to refill, durable, and well designed. These are premium grade components that are easy to clean. What’s truly impressive about this machine is how it delivers your cocktails. This maintains the best possible taste for your drinks by ensuring that there’s no crossover flavors being transferred between drinks. How does it work? An automated cleaning cycle takes place as soon as your drink is finished being made. It keeps each drink as clean and balanced as it was intended. 

For a more thorough manual cleaning, the rest of the components are completely dishwasher safe. This is a key part of the Bartesian’s design, making it that much more simple to use and maintain. 

Bartesian’s Fresh Cocktail Capsules 

Lastly, this Bartesian cocktail machine review wouldn’t be complete without telling what we love about their drink capsules. That’s right, it’s not just your coffee maker that can turn small pods into wondrous beverages! There’s a variety of cocktail flavors that are perfect for any occasion, and taste! This is one of the aspects of the Bartesian that makes it perfect for entertaining. \

Everyone can enjoy something different, without all of the hassle. With just 5 different spirits on hand, you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails. From margaritas, to a Rum Breeze, Whiskey Sour or even a Cosmopolitan, this thing can really do it all! Customize your cocktails by using exactly the brand of liquor you’d like, to make it truly your own. Each capsule provides the machine with everything it needs to make your favorite drink. And, they’re all dated for freshness. In one step, you can have a lovely cocktail whenever you want. 

Thanks for checking out our Bartesian cocktail machine review!

The Bartesian is the ideal way for you to achieve that cocktail lounge feel in your home! It comes highly recommended from us for its ease of use, and ability to introduce you to lots of cocktails with minimal fuss. For an easy night in, this cocktail machine is one of the easiest recommendations we can make! To share pictures of your Bartesian machine in action, tag us on Instagram (@aspiringwinos)! 

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