Best Corkscrew for Wine

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Finding the best corkscrew for wine bottles isn’t the easiest task for the up and coming wine drinker. If you’re just getting started as a wine beginner, we’ve collected some of the best models of corkscrews out there, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Relax, and enjoy your wine the way it was meant to be without having to overcomplicate things. It’s easy to get in over your head, especially when it comes to wine accessories. Our goal? To help you find the best, most stylish and reliable wine tools you need to enjoy your glass! Check out these corkscrew reviews below! 

What’s the Best Way to Open a Wine Bottle? 

Hands-down, the best and easiest way to open a wine bottle is using a corkscrew. They come in lots of shapes and sizes, styles and designs. However, they all generally serve the same purpose. Corks, and the foil capsules that surround them are meant to keep wine fresh during transportation, and storage. You need a foil cutter to remove the surrounding capsule, and a corkscrew to dislodge the cork from the bottle. If anyone’s ever seen a champagne bottle being opened, it looks a little easier than it really is. 

First of all, champagne is carbonated during its production process. This acts as a propellant, and with minimum elbow grease, just about anyone can send the cork off a bottle of bubbly flying! Most wine however, is totally still. That is to say, it takes slightly more effort and grace to remove their corks. We’re going to show you what you need to get the job done, below! 

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What do You Use to Open a Bottle Of Wine? 

Wine is a pretty simple hobby for people to enter. That being said, they aren’t the easiest drink to open! To open a bottle of wine, you need a trusty corkscrew, and typically a foil cutter. With just two simple tools, you’re well on your way to pouring a glass of wine! Corkscrews come in many distinct styles. You can find the traditional screw with a handle, innovative rabbit-style corkscrews, winged openers, single lever corkscrews and of course electric wine bottle openers. All of these, while utilizing their own type of mechanism, use a metal screw to remove the cork. 

Using a corkscrew is the cleanest and easiest way to remove a wine bottle cork. It helps prevent small, broken off pieces of cork from contaminating your bottle. It also minimizes the likelihood of the wine bottle neck breaking. Or, the cork itself breaking and becoming stuck. 

For many of us, the little bits and bobs that go into our wine drinking experience are an event all their own. 

And there really is something to that. The type of wine tools, glassware and environment you prefer is what makes your wine drinking experience unique! We love to celebrate each other’s differences when it comes to our shared passion. To that end, we’re going to help you find the best corkscrew for wine! 

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The Best Corkscrew for Wine: Reviewed! 

Check out the latest models of corkscrews available, and see what we have to say about it! 

The Best Wood Handle Corkscrew (Chef Craft Sommelier Corkscrew) 

When we went over the different styles of corkscrews out there, the first we mentioned was this classic model. If you’re someone who wants to keep things traditional, this classy wood handle corkscrew gets the job done! It’s totally straightforward to use. For the best affordable corkscrew you can find, there’s no reason to overlook this tried and true style of barware!

And, it makes for an excellent piece of classic barware to open wine bottles with. Simply twist this corkscrew into the top of the cork, and then pull until the cork is free! Since it’s so small and easy to stow, we’d call this the best travel corkscrew, too! (That is, as long as it stays in your checked luggage.)

The Easiest to Use Corkscrew (Rabbit Wine Opener w/ Foil Cutter) 

The rabbit wine corkscrew is a modern day classic when it comes to wine tools! The Rabbit wine opener has a reputation for a reason! This is an incredibly reliable tool that opens wine bottles in mere seconds. It also comes with an easy to use, and well-designed foil cutter that we’d go ahead and call ‘indispensable’! At first glance, you can see exactly where the name of this tool comes from. It looks a lot like a hare mid-jump, and it’s just about as fast as one, too! 

You’ll find a replacement metal screw, wine bottle opener and foil cutter in this package. This thing isn’t just a great gift idea for wine lovers. It’s also perfect for beginner wine enthusiasts, too! If you’re just getting into wine, a kit like this is essential. It’s got everything you need, with great quality for a really low price tag! This ‘lever corkscrew’, works by removing the cork by means of a horizontal lever that drives, and then retracts the screw mechanism. It’s very simple to use, and removes the cork with little effort.

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The Best Lever Corkscrew (Miliari Professional Wine Opener) 

This wine bottle opener is perfect if you’re looking for a sleek replacement for your old corkscrew. These vertical models are a little more recent innovation that you’ll see all over the place. They operate similarly to the horizontal lever design, except the lever functions vertically. We love the Miliari design, it provides ease of use and style all in one.

The stainless steel components are a matte black, and silver. It gives your barware set a distinguished and modern look and feel! Besides the opener itself, this top shelf box also includes a replacement steel corkscrew, and foil cutter! The small black plastic foil cutter is the classic black ‘U-shaped’ ordeal, it gets the job done and it’s simple to use as well. 

The Miliari corkscrew is perfect for preventing some common issues with wine bottle openers. Some openers, especially the old fashioned kind, can sometimes imbed the cork further into the while the steel screw engages. Vertical models like these make it easier to smoothly grab ahold of and remove the cork! 

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The Best Looking Corkscrew for Wine (L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Lever Corkscrew) 

This is another vertical corkscrew model, but it makes our list alongside our previous pick for a few different reasons. The first of which is its unbelievable style! This is the best looking corkscrew for wine by far, with a polished stainless steel look, and premium wood handle for added appeal. Being a vertical lever corkscrew, this thing has a few advantages over other wine bottle openers. 

Other corkscrews rely on a grip around just the very top of the bottle. This can sometimes lead to balance issues, where it feels the bottle might fall out from under the corkscrew before it’s engaged. Vertical corkscrews solve that problem by increasing the surface area the opener grips on the bottle. Since the vertical wine bottle opener grabs the bottle from 2/3rds of the neck, it never feels like it might slip out from under you. Small manual corkscrews can sometimes create this problem. If you do want to go with a simpler option, I’d say the best waiters’ corkscrew is the OXO Steel Double Lever model!

These feel smooth and easy to use, by simply gripping the bottle and pulling the lever up and down, you’ll have yourself an open bottle of wine!

Best Winged Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup 

The last model we’re going to look at is another more rudimentary design that’s great for opening wine! Keeping things simple, this wing opener gets its name from its unique mechanism. After using the key shaped knob on top to engage the cork by twisting, you compress both of the wings to rever the screw, pulling out the cork. There’s two aspects to corkscrews like these you’ve got to keep in mind. Keeping a handle on the bottle is incredibly important, as well as ensuring that you’re not pushing the cork inwards. 

Keeping that in mind, what you’re in for is a more affordable, simple to use and reliable wine bottle opener. There’s less ‘moving parts’ involved with this type of opener, and some people like to keep things simple when it comes to hobbies like wine. Since you can apply a precise amount of of pressure, this is easily the best corkscrew for synthetic corks as well! This set by HiCoup is an updated version of the popular model design. It features grips on the wings itself, as well as an additional wine bottle stopper! We love this set that comes with a low price tag, for a reliable and useful wine bottle opener. 

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best corkscrews for wine! These models provide you with different options when it comes to safety and functionality. Best of all, there’s something for everyone’s taste in style. Making your wine kit, bar or setup is something that’s all your own. Send us some pictures of your favorite wine tools! Tag us on Instagram (@aspiringwinos), and let us know how it went.    

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