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We have all had some great beer battered fish and beer brats before, but there are hundreds of incredible recipes that use beer. If you haven’t discovered the amazing benefits of using beer in your cooking, there is no better time to start than now! Check out these Savory Recipes that Use Beer and spice up your cooking, today!

Savory Recipes that Use Beer

Why You Should Use Beer in Recipes

If you are wondering why beer is any different then let’s say a broth or spice, keep on reading. Beer adds rich flavor to basic dishes. It adds a rich, earthy flavor to soups and stews, a sweet or nutty taste to desserts, and can spice up just about any recipe.

Many recipes specifically call for beer, but even if they call for wine, you can use a brew as well. You will find that when you switch wine for beer, the dishes come out with a malty or toasty flavor.

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Different Beers Equal Different Flavors

Keep in mind that if you don’t like a beer to drink, you probably won’t like it in your food either. With that being said, different beers pair better with different foods. This is because different beers give different flavors. Beer for cooking can be divided into two main groups: Ales and Lagers.

Ale Beers: Ale is the original beer. It is brewed in a way that gives you fruity, earthy flavors. These beers pair well with meats, stews, and shellfish.

Lager Beers: Lager is brewed in more of a modern way. So, it will be lighter and drier. These beers pair well in Asian dishes, grilled sausage and other pork, and root vegetables.

Savory Recipes that Use Beer

When making these recipes, make sure you are using the right type of beer that pairs well with each type of food. If you aren’t sure, download the beer and food pairing guide. Here’s are favorite recipes that use beer!

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Savory Recipes that Use Beer

 Savory Recipes that Use Beer

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