What is a Caesar Vs a Bloody Mary

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What is a Caesar Vs a Bloody Mary? 

We’re going to answer the question on everybody’s mind definitely: “what is a Caesar vs a Bloody Mary? If you’re an American, you’ve most likely tried, or at least heard of a Bloody Mary. Canadians on the other hand, are probably much more acquainted with the Caesar. Both are vodka cocktails beloved by many. But what are they? And why do they cause so much cultural confusion? Whether you’re nursing a hangover, looking for a good brunch cocktail, or itching to try something new, both of these cocktails have a lot to bring to the table. We’re going to delve deep into this very pressing, very contentious issue that’s on everybody’s minds, right? 

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Caesar Vs a Bloody Mary

So, Just What is a Caesar Vs a Bloody Mary? 

I mean that’s what we’re here to do! Clue fellow Aspiring Winos into the world of wine, cocktails and boozy delights with all of the savvy to make you a real connoisseur. If you’re here to settle the argument, bury the hatchet and get to the bottom of this debate than you’ve come to the right place. Knowing where things stand could save your from an embarrassing drink order, a one-up party trick or a pickup line? I mean we won’t judge, but we’re certainly not going there. It’s about time we cracked this one open, so… just what is a Caesar vs a Bloody Mary? And of course, which one is better? *This article is absolutely, 100% not biased towards either inferior Bloody Marys or delicious Caesars. 

Vodka & Tomato Juice: A History

To answer that question in its entirety, and to really do it justice we’re going to figure out just what each one of these cocktails really are. Historians at heart, wine lovers can tell you all about their favorite grape varietal, what it’s done for the art of winemaking and how it’s affected the landscape of wines available today. Taking our cue from our love of the grape, we’re hoping to blow open the age old question surrounding these two savory vodka-based concoctions. This one isn’t just as simple as discerning between to-may-toe and to-ma-to. There’s real stakes here, get your cocktail knowledge on point! 

The Bloody Mary

Let’s start with the admittedly more ubiquitous tomato juice cocktail, the Bloody Mary. Well known throughout pop-culture, drink menus and recognizable presentation the Bloody Mary is enjoyed by many. This drink is officially designated as an IBA (International Bartenders Association) cocktail. That carries with it an official method of preparation, ingredients and presentation. The history of this beverage is of much debate, as well as the name that many people believe to be derived from a historical figure, others from a mispronunciation. One way or the other, it has undeniably earned its place among menus the world over.  

The ingredients are simple. Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and celery salt & pepper for garnish. It’s a lovely concoction of ingredients that make for a delightfully savory and enjoyable drink, usually served over ice and with a stalk of celery which soaks up and compliments the mixture nicely. Always served in a highball glass, this cocktail is very easily recognizable on a restaurant tabletop or bar. 

The Caesar 

Well you see, it’s actually called a Bloody Caesar. As a matter of fact, this objectively and also inexplicably tastier take on the original isn’t an official cocktail as per IBA listings. It’s actually a variation on the original, internationally recognized Bloody Mary. That being said, and for those of you who don’t know it’s basically Canada’s official cocktail. Right up there with maple syrup, Celine Dion and Tim Hortons the Caesar, er… Bloody Caesar is of very little prominence south of the Great White North. It’s a cultural touchstone for Canadians, a delicious and savory hangover cure with one key ingredient that sets it apart. Clam broth. Alright wait, don’t click away and don’t right off this patriotic beverage! 

To many it doesn’t sound like the most appealing inclusion but just about every grocery store worth its salt in Canada stocks the proverbial nectar of the gods (and available, I guess… under other brand names), Clamato. It’s a pre-mixed jug of tomato and clam juice, with some spices to help you make the perfect cocktail. With a glass of this stuff, some ice and rim salts you can make the best cocktail in the world. Or at least we think so! 

Clam Juice?

Yes, and Canada’s official cocktail would be nothing without it! As a matter of fact, 350 million of these clam juice infused cocktails are consumed annually in Canada! That’s like 10 cocktails per capita every year! Amazing, isn’t it? So how did this ingredient make it into this drink in the first place? Well, like many things in this world it was stumbled upon by a number of folks. One in particular was a Calgary, Alberta (FYI you should totally visit Alberta) restaurateur who shared the marvelous drink with his patrons in the late 60’s. Mott’s, then owned by Seagram’s beverage company marketed its concoction which would come to be known as Clamato to the Canadian masses making the Caesar an instant classic. 

It’s versatility as a drink is a byproduct of its short list of ingredients and prominence as a daytime and afternoon cocktail. Many also cite it as their favorite ‘hair of the dog’, morning after hangover cure. The potion, as it were, combines the boozy healing effects of veggie juice, salt and alcohol which will get anyone back on their feet again in no time. The truth is, you’ll be happy ordering either of these two great cocktails. They’re cousins, really. Is there room enough for both of these in this world? Yes, there is. The reason for that is because they’re both great for the experimental amateur home bartender to try out new ingredients. Countless variations on both of these cocktails exist, their reputation as an all-around crowd pleaser and second to none. 

Whether you’re in the Caesar or Bloody Mary camp, raise a celery stick to the most beloved vegetable juice cocktail in the world! Thanks for checking out our comparison, another day another case solved! Let us know, which one is your favorite? Have you ever tried a variation and where would you say serves up the best Caesars or Bloody Marys in town? 

Caesar Vs a Bloody Mary

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