About Eva

Swedish wine writer Eva Weckström resides on one of the scenic islands that makes up the city of Stockholm. She has a long background in the restaurant business followed by 5 very educational and successful years importing wine. As a wine writer she reviewed wine and beverage in the renowned Swedish magazine Livets Goda as well as on the two largest sites in the country- DinVinguide.se and DryckesListan.se. She travels extensively in the name of wine and food, mainly in Europe, and carries a torch for Champagne, German riesling, nebbiolo and (west bank)Bordeaux. Today she focuses on her blog Mind the Wine and in hosting numerous wine tastings, consulting restaurants and teaching fellow Swedes more about the world of wine in her online course "Vinskola Online”. This course will also be offered in English during spring 2020 and onward. Look out! To Eva, it is paramount to keep her educational language simple, the respect for winemakers, wines, readers and students high, and her knowledge and passion transparent. As of 2020 she is excited to share that very passion alongside her travel experiences and broad wine knowledge on aspiringwinos.com. Check out more Mind the Wine.