20 Delicious Pre-made Mocktails For Dry January

If you’re thinking about trying out a dry January but don’t want to feel like you’re missing out this post is for you. There’s something to be said about the convenience of cracking open a can of your favorite pre-mixed cocktail and sipping to relax or with friends. All these pre-made mocktails fill that void while still being delicious so you won’t feel like you’re missing out during dry January.

What’s more, I tried to find cocktails that also weren’t loaded with too much sugar. That’s always my pet peeve with mocktails, especially ones made for pregnant folks. It seems like they just replace all the alcohol with juice! While that can be delicious at times, it definitely doesn’t do your body many favors. Kind of purpose-defeating, if you ask me.

Want to be a mixologist instead? Try these Classy Dry January Mocktails!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Mocktails for Dry January

I tried to track down all the popular cocktails here for your pre-mixed mocktail enjoyment! Although we’re aiming this list at folks trying out dry January you can enjoy these mocktails all year long. Perfect for anytime you want some hangover free fun.

KUL MOCKS Craft Mocktails

I love that this one comes in a party box of ready to drink pre-mixed mocktails. There’s three delicious flavors: blackberry “mock-jito” (mojito), “mock” (Moscow) mule, and strawberry “mock-arita” (margarita). With real cane sugar and only 45 calories a drink they’ll also help offset some of those Christmas cookies.

Note: They’re carbonated, similar to a Whiteclaw, so you might want to pass if you’re looking for a still drink.

IMPROV Booze-Free Lime Margarita

I know January isn’t exactly margarita season but if you’re planning a winter getaway and don’t want to break your dry January this is a must for your packing list. And besides – who says you can’t enjoy a “summer” drink in the middle of winter anyway?

This brand has other flavor options too include Cucumber G&T, Grapefruit Paloma, Kentucky Mule, and Tropical Mai Tai.

Mocktail Club Manhattan Berry

What I like about these cans is you can drink them as-is or add a splash of soda (or alcohol if someone in your group is drinking) to give it a more cocktail feel.

I really like the Manhattan inspired flavor here, especially since it doesn’t taste like a fake cocktail but rather its own drink. If you prefer a different flavor, though, the company also offers other flavor options too.

Mocktails Variety Pack

I’m a big fan of these combo packs because you can sample multiple flavors and serve them at a dry January party. Unlike most of the other options on this list these mocktails come in glass bottles, not cans, and are ready to serve out of the bottle or in a glass.

I appreciate that this comes with a good mix of classic cocktail flavors including cosmopolitan, sangria, Moscow mule, and margarita.

Fauxmosa Alcohol-Free Mimosa

Can’t have brunch without mimosas, so what is a girl (or guy) to do come dry January? Never fear, alcohol-free mimosas are here to save the morning. They come in four different flavors (orange, cranberry, grapefruit, and pineapple) and won’t get you started on a morning of day drinking and future bad decisions or afternoon naps.

While these do taste great they are also full of sugar, but so are real mimosas so you’ll just have to live with it.

For Bitter For Worse Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

I’m easily swayed but a punny name but even more so when the brand actually has fantastic reviews and comes highly recommended. What I love about these craft mocktails is they do something different: rather than trying to recreate a classic flavor without the alcohol they’re something entirely new.

While it might not be the best choice if you don’t like exotic flavors, overall these are one of the best options for “fancy” mocktails that taste great.

Even better, they’re produced sustainably, are organic, have natural ingredients, come from a woman-owned business, and no refined sugar, and only 39 calories. Truly a guilt-free option!

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Le Spritz Combo

These drinks are inspired by Mediterranean apéritif culture, which is drinks like the negroni, peach Bellini, Manhattan, etc. AKA a mix of Campari and vermouth to “wake up the palate”. They’re part of the meal’s appetizer, hence the name.

It’s also a tough flavor to recreate in a mocktail so I was impressed to find this set of craft non-alcoholic options. Instead of mimicking the exact flavors of your favorite cocktails they have their own unique blend that still serves the same purpose as a classic apéritif drink. Yummy!

FREE AF APERO SPRITZ with Afterglow™

Yes, that brand name means exactly what you think it means. Free AF is designed for people who want to enjoy alcohol free beverages any time of the year and are perfect for those trying it out for a dry January.

Not only do they come in a bunch of delicious cocktail inspired flavors (and even offer a tasting pack, which we recommend checking out) they use a patented botanical extract that mimics the warm glowy feeling you get when drinking alcohol. Most people find it works, but without the red flush that’s common in Asian populations. Sounds like a winner if you ask me!

Mockly Love Bite Booze-Free Cocktail

This is another brand that offers a number of unique flavor options to suit your mocktail tastes. What’s great about this brand is these non-alcoholic cocktails are prefect sippers meaning you can get that feeling of drinking without any of the alcohol.

While you get a sweeter flavor with these than the other mocktails on this list they also come with more sugar and calories, so sip carefully if that’s one of your motivations for dry January this year.

Mingle Mocktails Variety Pack

Another great mocktails brand, Mingle offers a great lineup of flavors that almost everyone can enjoy. They’re lightly carbonated and low calorie, but still have sugar in them so you get that tasty-sweet cocktail experience.

I appreciate that these cans are also nicely designed so you won’t stand out too badly for drinking a mocktail but still get to sip something fun. If you find them enjoyable you can also get these in bigger 750ml bottles too.

KUL MOCKS Moscow Mule

These aren’t my favorite, but that’s mostly because I don’t like any pre-mixed Moscow mule and because they contain Stevia – an ingredient I find tastes terrible.

That being said, other folks swear by them – especially if they’re looking for something that does a decent job of mimicking the taste of alcoholic pre-mixed mule drinks.

If you like stevia there’s also two other flavors from this brand: a blackberry mojito and strawberry margarita.

Luna Bay Zero Percent Tea Mocktail

Luna Bay is a unique mocktail choice in that it’s made by infusing Yerba Mate tea (the same used for kombucha) with other classic cocktail flavors and ingredients. This gives you a tasty depth of flavor without too many “fake” ingredients.

Apparently the caffeine in the Yerba Mate tea is burned off during processing so you don’t need to worry about struggling to sleep after a few drinks. In fact, there’s actually 200mg of magnesium added to each can – which can help you unwind and sleep better.

De Soi Très Rosé By Katy Perry

Another non-alcoholic apértif (see the Ghia drink above for more info on what that’s about if you missed it), De Soi is endorsed by the California girl herself: Katy Perry.

The jury is out on people liking these: some say they’re too sweet and others find it delicious. Personally, I like sweet drinks, so that’s a plus for me. Since most of the ingredients are natural you also benefit from a variety of vitamins and extracts that don’t just replace alcohol but actually make you feel better after drinking.

DRY Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Botanical Bubbly

If you like a dry, botanical tasting cocktail (especially gin) these are for you. There’s simple ingredients, light tasting flavors, and that not-to-sweet dry taste that is often missing from most overly sweet mocktails.

Not only are these great on their own but also good bases for other mixed mocktails – for example, you could add lemon/lime, ice, fresh or frozen fruit, etc.

Wild Bill’s Mojito Soda

Wild Bill’s brand already does a bunch of soda flavors right so it’s only natural their mojito soda mocktail is tasty too. In fact, this is one of the few mocktails out there that does a fantastic job of matching the cocktail taste of mojito – including the minty finish.

I’d also recommend any of Wild Bill’s soda for alternative-sipping during dry January (or anytime) – they have so many delicious flavors that are made with natural ingredients.

Nitro Alcohol Free Cocktails

Nitro is the UK’s officially cocktail brand for dry January so it was a must include on this list! Not only do these come in delicious reproductions of your favorite cocktail varieties, they also do something cool with their “nitro” feature.

When you open the can the nitro widget releases bubbles into the can (kind of like Guinness beer) which gives the alcohol free cocktail a texture closer to a recently shaken mixed drink. While that means they’re not fully still drinks, they are much less carbonated than most of the others on this list.

Surely Non Alcoholic Wine

OK, it’s not a cocktail per se, but Surely brand non alcoholic wine is a great addition to your dry January drink lineup. I love that you can get multiple varieties – perfect for all your celebrations this month!

It’s important to note that all these wines are sparkling so if you’re looking for a still wine you’re better off with a more traditional non-alcoholic wine option.

Remember: non-alcoholic wine is actually dealcoholized, but can contain some traces of alcohol (less that 0.5% ABV) in each serving.

Belvoir Organic Elderflower Rose Lemonade

This bottle will need to be poured into a glass but still makes for a super easy drink option when you’re avoiding alcohol but still want a “grown up” drink. Belvoir Farm uses real elderflowers and rose extract to make this delicate and light sparkling lemonade.

While its still a little sweet (there’s organic sugar and natural sugars from the juice) this drink doesn’t overpower like other lemonades or juice-based mocktails.


As a fan of all three of these drinks I’m delighted to see mocktail companies focusing on creating a solid substation for the alcohol-heavy classics we all know and love.

While the taste is closer than most when it comes to measuring up to the original, you may still feel like something is missing with these non-alcoholic drinks.

Still, the fact that they’re designed to be jazzed up in a glass and poured over ice will at least make you feel like you’re sipping a cocktail and not a can of soda.

Damrak Virgin Zero Proof Cocktail Kit

While it’s not fully pre-mixed, this non alcoholic cocktail kit comes with everything you need to make more custom cocktails for your dry January enjoyment.

This is just one example of non-alcoholic “alcohol” that can be used to make drinks but what makes it stand out is how it tastes when blended it with one of the three flavorful mixers.

Besides these non alcoholic pre-made mocktails for dry January you can also sip on your favorite soda. One of my favorites to keep on hand when I want something “fancy” and flavorful is San Pellegrino; they’re a little more bougie than regular soda and taste great.

I also didn’t include the Barteisan on this list, but it is important to note all of the cocktail pods for it can be made as a mocktail too!

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