Looking for the ultimate kid friendly drink to serve up this Fourth of July? How about this Delicious Patriotic Float for Kids! Super simple to make but packed full of delicious flavors every kid will love! The best part? It only requires two ingredients! Check out how to create yours below!

Delicious Patriotic Float For Kids - completed drink with white cloth with red and blue stars beside it.

Creating your Delicious Patriotic Floats for Kids

To create these delicious floats for kids you just need sprite (or 7up) and the limited edition Great Value Patriotic Sorbet sold at Walmart! Grab some fun clear glasses so the kids can enjoy the colors and some super fun straws to use and you have yourself the perfect Fourth of July drink to serve at your backyard BBQ.

On a hot 4th of July weekend this is exactly what kids need to cool off.

Delicious Patriotic Float For Kids - close up of clear jar style glass with sprite and red, white, and blue sorbet in it.

Patriotic Ice Cream Float Alternatives

As we mentioned above you can easily use 7 up if you prefer in this drink. If you are having trouble tracking down the patriotic sorbet we have listed you can also use any blue, red, and white versions available. Buy three different ones and put the in this drink! Raspberry or mixed berry can work as red, blueberry or blackberry for blue, and white you can use coconut. These are just examples there’s so many flavors out there!

If your kids like this drink you can easily swap out the ice cream so it fits with any holiday. Think tiger stripe sorbet for Halloween, red and pink for Valentine’s Day, etc.

Tip: If you can’t find ice cream or sorbet, Firecracker popsicles will also taste delicious in this mocktail!

Canada Day Patriotic Sorbet Mocktail

If you’re looking for a fun Canada Day drink you can also tun this into a Canada Day kid-friendly ice cream float too. You won’t be able to find the red, white, and blue sorbet in Canada and there’s no red and white alternative, but you can make your own.

To make this drink for Canada Day, just swap the sorbet with red and white sorbet or ice cream. If you can’t find that, red and white popsicles will also work.

How to Make This Drink Less Sweet

If you’re a parent you may not want kids running around with a bunch of sugar in their system, even it is the 4th of July. Here’s some tips to reduce the sugar in this recipe:

  • Switch sugary Sprite for the diet or zero calorie version
  • Sugar is needed to keep sorbet’s texture, but you can make a healthier version with less processed ingredients at home
  • Alternatively, skip the sorbet and replace it with red, white, and blue chunks of no sugar added 100% fruit popsicles instead
Completed float with fun American style straws sticking out.

Delicious Patriotic Float For Kids Recipe

Close up of Delicious Patriotic Float For Kids.


Ingredients required - Red, white, and blue sorbet, bottle of sprite, and fun straws.


  1. Add 2 scoops of patriotic sorbet into a glass.
  2. Top off with Sprite.
Above view of ice cream scoop in Patriotic sorbet.
  1. Top off with some fun straws!
Completed drink with fun straws sticking out.
  1. Cheers!
Delicious Patriotic Float For Kids
Patriotic Float For Kids

Patriotic Float For Kids

The perfect Fourth of July drink for kids is here! With only two ingredients this one is easy to throw together and oh so delicious!


  • Sprite
  • Patriotic Sorbet


  1. Add 2 scoops of patriotic sorbet into a glass.
  2. Top off with Sprite.
  3. Top off with some fun straws!
  4. Cheers!

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