10 Podcasts About Wine to Check Out

There are podcasts about almost every topic you can imagine these days. How interesting or helpful they are really depends on so many aspects. These aspects include things like the topic of the podcast and episodes, the hosts, the interviewees if they have them on the show, and more. In case you didn’t know, there are actually podcasts about wine! Now that you know that, you may be wondering where to find these podcasts and about which ones are actually good. Here are 10 podcasts about wine that you should check out.

1. The Wine Enthusiast Podcast

On the Wine Enthusiast Podcast, they talk about wine, beer, and spirits. It is an intriguing podcast, while also being relatable to listen to and allowing you to absorb information about wine. The Wine Enthusiast editors report and record behind-the-scenes wine stories. They explore trends that help the listeners understand more about the industry, by providing educational information and talking to the people who actually create the wine and spirits.

The podcast has a nice flow to it, it’s almost as if you are watching a show on wines and spirits. It may even feel as if you are watching a show on HGTV as you listen to an episode, as it had that kind of flow and education level. If you want to learn more about wine and spirits, how they’re created, what kind of trends they are going through, and more, then this is the podcast to listen to.

2. Weekly Wine Show

The Weekly Wine Show talks about specific kinds of wines in some of its episodes. There are episodes on ways to love wine, wine in the news, and then some on the specific kinds, such as Puglia and San Marzano wine. The conversational style that Tony and Betty Nato have in this podcast has an upbeat and intriguing flow.

In the most recent wine in the news episode, they talk about how geography affects your taste in wine and much more. What they discuss in the episodes helps their listeners to actually enjoy their wine more and helps them find the wine that fits their tastes and preferences. They are dedicated to “elevating your enjoyment of wine.” Their episodes release on Fridays.

3. The Vincast

The Intrepid Wino, James Scarcebrook, hosts the Vincast podcast. He uses his podcast to discuss wine, wine culture, and wine people. He talks to people in various areas of the wine industry. His purpose is to gain some insight on their experiences, philosophies, practices, and personalities as these apply to wine and what the people themselves do.

The soft tones of the music and slower paced conversational style that he uses in his podcast is quite relaxing. It would be a great podcast to listen to while you are sipping your wine on a leisurely afternoon. Not only that, but you can learn some amazing things about wine while you do so.

4. Two Guys Talking Wine

Two Guys Talking Wine is one of the more fun and comical wine podcasts. It is hosted by Andre Proulx and Michael Pinkus. They are wine writers who focus around the Ontario wine scene. Their episodes post on Tuesdays.

Just by listening to Andre and Michael talk on the podcast, you can tell that they are all about having fun and sharing their opinions. They have opinionated and fueled conversation, as well as occasional interviews of people in the wine industry, which certainly fits their podcast description. If you’re looking for something more on the fun side, then this podcast is where it’s at.

5. Tasting Room Radio

The Tasting Room Radio is hosted Tom Leykis. The show is for people with a taste for the finer things in life, especially fine wines, spirits, and craft beers. He also covers content on first-rate dining and premium cigars as well.

One of the things that he likes to do with his podcast is giving his listeners something to think about with his unconventional approaches on various topics of wine, spirits, and craft beers. If you’re looking for something that will help you think or simply give you something more to think about, you want to check this podcast out. Tom and his interviewees will give you just that.

6. Vino Unplugged

Vineyard Paul focuses on Australia’s wine and stories about the wine. One of the things they are proud of is how they don’t use big words, so it is understandable for almost anyone, even for people who may not understand many less popular wine-related words. Even though it is easy to understand and digest, it is still informative.

This podcast is fun to listen to as well and you get to learn more about why those in the wine industry make wine, where they got started, and some of how it works. Their stories are truly inspirational, whether you are just someone who loves wine or are an entrepreneur. Everyone can find something to like about the Vino Unplugged podcast. It doesn’t hurt that you get to listen to someone who has an Australian accent.

7. Wine Two Five Podcast

There’s just something about the title of this podcast, the Wine Two Five. It reminds you of 9-5 and your job, which may or may not be a reason you drink wine in the first place. Wine gives you a release from the stresses of your job and something to look forward to doing once you get home from work.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s not after five o’clock yet! Steph and Val are endorsers of having wine with your lunch. They think any time of day is acceptable for wine drinking. They do a mix of education and entertainment, the style of which is fun, encouraging, and lighthearted. Learn more about wine while being entertained at the same time by listening to the Wine Two Five podcast.

8. Chris Tries to Review Wine

Chris Barlow is an ameteur internet wine expert, so while he tries to review wine, he might fail more often than he succeeds. It’s all in good fun though! You may just lose your head, but enjoy doing it at the same time.

Chris Tries to Review Wine podcast has a goofy personality and it enriches your listening experience. Chris’s voice is kind of goofy and nerdy, which just makes it more fun as he describes the tastes of various wines. Sometimes he even combines the wine tastings with different kinds of snacks.

9. Another Bottle Down

Another Bottle Down is a more professional podcast that works to be courteous and educational about wine. It is a podcast that will help inspire and uplift you with the kinds of people Mark, the host, has on the show. One of the more recent episode talks about gender equality in the wine industry.

He also talks about hot topics in the wine industry, tasting different wines, and trends that people in the wine industry are taking advantage of. There is a big focus on quality and education with this wine podcast. It’s something that could really open your eyes.

10. Vinepair

The Vinepair is a company that helps their audience access what they need to in order to learn about wines, beers, and other drinks. Their podcast is laid back, but interesting. Listening to it is like listening to an audiobook with how detailed they are and how they give you the setting and background to the stories they share.

The thing about this podcast is that they don’t only talk about wine, they talk about spirits and beers. Their episode about bourbon, for example, provides a great primer. You will walk away with more knowledge about various drinks and how they are made if you listen to this podcast on the regular.

With all these choices, you are not short on listening material. It all depends on your purpose! Are you looking for something that is more entertaining than educational, then you might choose Two Guys Talking Wine. If you’re looking for something more professional and polished, then you might choose Another Bottle Down. Whatever you choose, you’ll walk away with an abundance of knowledge or entertainment material about wine.

Looking to learn more about wine? Here are ten different #podcasts about #wine to check out. From wine tasting tips to studying to be a #sommelier, they'll keep you plugged in to the world of wine. Podcasts for winos.

Looking to learn more about wine? Here are ten different #podcasts about #wine to check out. From wine tasting tips to studying to be a #sommelier, they'll keep you plugged in to the world f wine.

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