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We take wine and cheese for granted. But what about a women’s real best friend? These are the best wine and chocolate pairings. Journey into this over romanticized guide to the sweet and bubbly, the rich and savory. Chocolate is a delicacy, perfected for centuries and beloved by many. Sound familiar? Wine and chocolate were born pairings, let’s dive into the most scrumptious partners in taste. 

The Best Wine and Chocolate Pairings in the World! 

No doubt you’re expecting an exhausting list of fancy labels paired with artisan hipster cocoa and that’s not what we’re about here. This is a wine and chocolate guide for the people! For the kitchen parties, the Netflix binges, and… yeah for the break-up’s too. Grab your shopping basket and strut right into a great night in. The best wine and chocolate pairings are not as bourgeois as you think, it’s all about what tastes good. 

White Chocolate & Champagne 

White Chocolate

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There’s really not much to this equation, and we’re all about keeping it simple. Your favorite Chardonnay (unoaked), and a nice bar of white chocolate. This is a grocery store no brainer, and you don’t need to venture anywhere near a Whole Foods to create an award winning and Instagram-worthy match. White chocolate imparts a similar taste experience to that of a nice white wine. 

A refreshing yet succulent dose of what some might consider palate-cleansing in both regards. Chardonnay doesn’t leave much left on the tongue for a wine, and white chocolate is not as mouth coating as its cocoa alternatives. With wine especially, pairing to compare is king. Take this no-brainer of a match up for a spin and let us know what you think! 

Dark Chocolate & Port 

Dark Chocolate and Port

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  • Sweet, Salty Whatever you Like! 
  • A Nice Port or Shiraz 
  • A Straight to TV Rom-Com 

This combo is a real troublemaker. Pace yourself, the sweet smooth finish of a nice glass of port and a bite of dark chocolate can take you down a deep rabbit hole from which weaker connoisseurs have never returned. This is the go to for a 3rd date night, or a night in with your cat. Either way this is something you’ve got to experience for yourself! 

Containing the most amount of cocoa, dark chocolate is complimented wonderfully by a sweet and sensational port. Alternatively, Shiraz comes to bat with its comparable tasting notes, evocative of chocolate and fruit. Always go for your favorites. This isn’t just a ploy for an easy breezy recommendation, believe me. You should always get adventurous, but if you like one label over the other then you’d rather end up with a pairing that suits your tastes in particular. Putting a twist on what you know and love with a new pairing is a great, but comfortable way to explore new options!   

Milk Chocolate & Merlot 

Milk Chocolate and Merlot

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Milk chocolate is the ultimate crowd pleaser. One bite and you’ll know why it’s everyone’s favorite go-to. Merlot is a safe but well-loved red to its own right. Put the two together? The rest is history. Merlot is not too tannin, and not too acidic. Milk chocolate is not too bitter, and not too sweet. This combo is sure to melt in your mouth, and it’s a great way to kick off that dessert themed charcuterie board you pinned on Pinte… or maybe that’s just me. If you came into this list looking to play it safe, know you’re in good company, but you’re definitely not missing out on a good time.  

Salt & Nut Chocolates w/ Cabernet Sauvignon 

Salt and Nut Chocolate

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Sea salt chocolates are a particular favorite of mine, and not something terribly difficult to come across. Most grocery stores have a fairly decent selection of chocolate, if you’re brave enough the venture down the candy aisle. Just about everywhere has everyone’s favorite red, the beloved Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet S is strong but friendly, making it a very approachable wine for newbies. Sea Salt chocolates are expressive on the palate, but much loved. You do the math on this one.

 As you may know I don’t always do labels here. I like to leave things open ended, that is to say if you already enjoy a particular one, buy it! Don’t get me wrong, you should always challenge yourself and explore new horizons. But there’s no shame in sticking to what you know. We don’t budget-shame here. Besides, screw tops are easier to open anyways! 

Toblerone & Pinot Noir

Toblerone & Pinot Noir

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It’s a favorite of many, the almond, honey nougat and milk chocolate delights are a familiar staple. So much so in my opinion that it deserves its own pairing! Toblerone is a delightful mild and sweet chocolate treat. Pinot noir is a widely loved but complex member of the wine family. Yielding a wide variety of different blends, it has a long history based on its versatility and rewarding bounty as a grape and as a blending ingredient. \

Sweet and fruity notes play very well off of the subtle ingredients in Toblerone chocolate bars. Cherry notes mingle with almond pieces, creating something close to an amaretto on the palate. You’ll love this sweet and complex, yet approachable winner. Since it comes segmented, it makes it perfect for a porch spread tasting with a few bottles of Pinot Noir! 

Chocolate and wine are the perfect combo! This has the potential to provide you with a cost-effective night in, or wine tasting that doesn’t break the bank to deliver! Thanks as always for checking our pairing suggestions. Let us know how they fared, or what brand of chocolate and the type of wine you picked up!  

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The Best Wine and Chocolate Pairings | Sweet Wines and Chocolate | Wine and Chocolate | What Wine Goes with Chocolate | What Wine Goes with Dark Chocolate | What Chocolate Goes with Merlot | #wineandchocolate #chocolate #wine #foodpairings

The Best Wine and Chocolate Pairings | Sweet Wines and Chocolate | Wine and Chocolate | What Wine Goes with Chocolate | What Wine Goes with Dark Chocolate | What Chocolate Goes with Merlot | #wineandchocolate #chocolate #wine #foodpairings

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