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Galavanting across the globe going on hundred years’ old family cellar tours and wine tasting sounds like something reserved for only the wealthiest winos. Thankfully, there’s a ton of affordable wine destinations for you to enjoy! We’ll take you to a number of places you probably haven’t considered, but they should definitely be on your radar! 

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Check out These Five Totally Affordable Wine Destinations

Grab your passport and pack up for a wine tasting adventure you won’t soon forget! Pack your tasting journal and some instagram-worthy outfits for some tours, tastings and people that will make for some incredible memories. Oh, and did we mention the food? A lot of these places have some must-try in house delis, al a carte menus and charcuterie on premises! For the wine lovers less traveled, these are some wineries to add to your list. 

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#1 Affordable Wine Destination: Franschhoek, South Africa

Franschhoek off the Cape in South Africa aptly named for its history of French settlers, among them agriculturalists and winemakers. This ‘French Corner’ is home to a number of wineries that put South Africa on any wine enthusiasts travel map! If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable wine destination that’s well within your budget, Franschhoek is a wonderful choice.

Haute Cabriere

Haute Cabriere

With roots running back to 1964, this winery is home to an excellent selection of elegant, yet easy-drinking labels. This family-run winery produces bottles made to specific French tradition, with the character of South African vines. Still and sparkling wines are both celebrated here. One of which, a Demi-sec Rose, is named after the founder of the winery, a refugee French Huguenot named Pierre Jourdan. If you’re a history buff, this is the winery for you! 

The Tasting Tour: The Cellar Tour and Tasting runs for about 95 Rand, or approx. $5.39 USD. This signature experience is run by the cellar master himself, and encapsulates the history and tradition of this winery.  

Where to Stay: Maison Chablis Guest House.Check into the gorgeous Georgian-inspired Maison Chablis Guest House for a truly French feel. You’ll be surrounded by the rich French Huguenot character that makes Franschhoek such a special place. 

This bed and breakfast is centrally located, with access to dining and museums right in the heart of town. You can catch a short cab ride, or check out the local Wine Tram for a journey just down the R45 to Haute Cabriere winery and tasting room. Accommodations can run for approximately $1990 Rand for two adults, or $122 USD per night. 

La Bri Estates 

La Bri Estates 

La Bri Wine Estates celebrates the tradition of their vineyard, while championing a renaissance in winemaking technology. For just over a decade they’ve utilized a state of the art gravity-fed process for a superior product that they say improves their signature wines. With a strong commitment to fresh wines made from hand picked fruits, this is one cellar you’ll want to see for yourself. 

The Wine Picnic: Enveloped by the impressive Franschhoek mountains, the gardens of La Bri Estates makes the ideal spot to enjoy a wine picnic! This budget-friendly wine tasting is a great way to experience one of the most gorgeous regions in South Africa. Food price will vary, but my personal choice, the Sauvage La Bri 2013, would run 350 Rand, or close to $20 USD. 

Where to Stay: Set on a vineyard itself, the Auberge Clermont is an idyllic and peaceful French-style guest house. Immediately South of La Bri, it’s only a short distance away, yet secluded from town centre. Auberge Clermont makes for luxurious, and affordable lodging in Franschhoek. For two in a deluxe room, rates are 2750 Rand per night, or approx $153 USD.     

#2 Affordable Wine Destination: Douro Valley, Portugal 

This river valley is where port wine lovers can have a truly immersive wine tasting experience. Visit the geographically spectacular valley, with dramatic hillsides giving way to mountains and river bends that make for something truly serene. The best part? Douro Valley is a cheap and affordable wine destination you should add to your list right now! 

Quinta de la Rosa Winery and Vineyard 

Quinta de la Rosa Winery and Vineyard 

Just outside of the village of Pinhao, this vineyard is a real riverside gem. The Douro river makes a prominent feature of the beauty of this locale. Villas, individual rooms as well as the original Quinta guest house welcome visitors to stay for a while, and enjoy the region. A pool, gorgeous overlook of the river valley and some incredible wine and food pairings make this affordable wine destination a top contender for your next trip. 

Wine Tasting: You’ll be in for a tour of Quinta de la Rosas’ Winery, including an up-close and personal look at how the winemaking process works. A wine tasting accompanies this tour, showing off their best white wines and of course, ports. How much for a tour of this incredible facility? The value in this hour long experience can not be stressed enough, at only 16 Euros, or roughly $17.50 USD, this is a really modestly priced wine lover’s experience right in the heart of Portoguese wine country! 

Where to Stay: Could this place get any better? You’ll be asking yourself. Why yes, it can! Quinta de la Rosas’ winery and vineyard provides visitors with plenty of lodging options right on premises. One of their cheaper rooms comes in at about $160 USD. Without a doubt, it’s one of the more expensive hotel stays in our list, but that’s what you’re paying for an on premises stay. What does that include? Waking up in a winery, of course! Also, there’s an incredible pool overlooking the vineyard and river.  

#3 Affordable Wine Destination: Mendoza, Argentina

Food lovers will love the diversity and deep cultural connection Argentinian food has to its land and people. This city is located smack-dab in the heart of Argentina’s wine country. Accommodation options are plentiful, and the food is a deserving pairing to the region’s sought after red wines. Good hospitality and friendly faces are a speciality of Mendoza, where you’ll find more than a few affordable wine tasting experiences! 

Bodega Los Toneles 

Bodega Los Toneles 

Bodega Los Toneles wants to deliver a dining and wine tasting experience that’s a cut above the rest. Featuring the best in Mendoza local meat cuts, al a carte dishes and of course, their famous Malbec. Upon arriving you’ll be greeted to a truly impressive winery located in the heart of Mendoza. Known as Bodegas in this region, these wineries encapsulate the soul of Mendoza’s culinary scene. 

Wine Tasting & Dinner: Foodies, you’re in for a treat. USD will go far in Mendoza, giving you an affordable night out with aged Argentinian beef, and perfectly matched red wines at this well-known, upbeat grill at Los Toneles. 

Where to Stay: You’ll find mid range accomodations at the nearby Hotel Portobelo Mendoza. These are more than reasonable for the price range of about $85 USD per night. You’ll be a short distance from Bodega Los Toneles, making this the perfect stay for visiting Mendoza on the cheap. 

Matias Riccitelli 

Matias Riccitelli 


Riccitelli winery is the perfect mashup of a pop culture enthusiast and lover of good Malbec. If you want something a little off beat, but still very affordable, Matias Riccitelli’s winery and vineyard is the place you need to be. Handmade wine and an unforgettable, personal and passionate approach to wine is exactly why you need to be here. Affordable wine destination with lots of character and a staff you’ve just got to meet? Sign me up! 

Winery Visits: Visits to this winery are available by booking through a contact you can find on their website above. They have a patio for wine tasting, and you’re not going to want to miss out on their handmade attention to detail in just about everything. Come and meet the faces and hands that made this Argentinian delight for you to enjoy! 

Where to Stay: El Fresno in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza provides the perfect opportunity for cheap and affordable lodging near Matias Riccitelli winery. You’ll be welcome to reasonable accommodations for around $78 USD a night, with access to dining, shopping and the many wineries Mendoza has to offer only a short cab ride away. 

#4 Affordable Wine Destination: Valle De Guadalupe 

This is Mexico’s wine growing region where culture and fine winemaking techniques meet a warm and fun sense of hospitality. Visit the many architecturally magnificent wineries and vineyards in this area. You’ll most certainly make some friends along the way, too! I’m recommending Valle De Guadalupe for groups of wine lovers and enthusiasts. Why? The live events, outdoor activities and catering options are best suited to small and large groups of visitors. Come and see this Baja gem for yourself! 

Decantos Vinicola 

Decantos Vinicola 

This is a very modern winemaking facility that’s more than worthy of a stop on your affordable wine destination journey! Champions of gravity winemaking, this is a very trendy and interesting facility. It offers a different kind of wine experience, perhaps one we’ll start seeing more often. Situated on a hill, this winery is a great example of the architecture you’ll get to see in Valle de Guadalupe. 

Wine Tours + Tastings: You can have the pleasure of touring their facility, and or tasting based on your group’s preference. This is an all immersive experience, bringing you right into the heart of the winemaking process topped off with a guided tasting of their product. For about 750 MN, or about $30 USD you’ll be able to experience a tour and tasting with the winemaker himself. 

Where to Stay: Just one of many options, the Terra del Valle Bed & Breakfast makes for an affordable and pleasant stay in Vale De Guadalupe. A short distance from Decantos Vinicola, this guesthouse provides stunning views and a breathtaking outdoor terrace and common area. Book for around $150 USD depending on the season. 

#5 Affordable Wine Destination: La Rioja, Spain 

For wine lovers with a strong sense of wanderlust, book a trip over to La Rioja for a truly unforgettable experience. The views of this place are astounding, as are the people and places that make Spain’s foremost winemaking region shine. This Northern Iberian community gives you sweeping and dramatic mountains, hillsides and a seemingly endless sea of vineyards. The icing on the cake? 

Traditional Spanish architecture, and terra cotta roofs to make you feel like you’re in a film. Here, tradition meets postmodern design, with dramatic and eye catching architecture in just about everything. Living art installations beckon wine lovers of all strides. And all for an affordable price? Count me in! 

Vivanco Wine Museum & Vineyard 

Vivanco Wine Museum & Vineyard 

Dedicated to all things viticulture in La Rioja, Vivanco celebrates the long standing tradition of winemaking in this community. They offer numerous activities, courses and tours to give you an immersive and personalized wine experience you’ll take with you for a lifetime. A dining experience isn’t out of the question, either. A panoramic restaurant overlooks the vineyard, where you’ll see La Rioja wine making culture with your own eyes. You’ll be inspired by the scale of this winery, indicative of many of the Bodegas that dot the landscape. 

Wine Tasting and Museum Tour:  A little over $50 USD grants you a tour as well as a tasting that includes two different wines. This is a great way to experience wine culture in a new light, while also reaping the benefits of any good wine tour. 

Where to Stay: Hotel Los Calaos http://www.hotelbriones.com/ will give you a gorgeous modern room flush with amenities for around $100 USD a night. 17th century architecture gives way to modern inspired decor and design that will make your trip memorable. 

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These incredible, yet affordable wine destinations are just a few places for you to experience wine culture on the cheap. Where else have you book wine journeys or tours? Let us know! 

Other Places to Visit

Even if you don’t have the money now, there is no harm in looking at other wine destinations. Save up for some of these bigger destinations!

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5 Totally Affordable Wine Destinations | Wine Travel on a Budget | Affordable Wine Travel | Best Wine Destinations on a Budget | Budget-Friendly Wine Destinations | #wine #winetravel #wineonabudget #budget #travel

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