Dive into the World of Hard Seltzer with These Amazing Recipes

Hard seltzer is an alcoholic beverage that has gained significant popularity in recent years. It is essentially a carbonated water-based drink with alcohol and flavorings. Hard Seltzers are often listed as a low calorie and low sugar option for cocktails. This is a huge part is why they are becoming so popular. We are sure you’ve heard of the very popular brand “White Claw” these bad boys have really brought the world of Hard Seltzers back to the main stage! When it comes to these fizzy drinks you will often find them mixed with spirits, fruit juice, and even some herbs! The best part of these drinks is they can be made with basically anything! We’ve put together a fantastic list of some Hard Seltzer recipes to get you started into the world of seltzer that will have you changing your cocktail game for now on.

Easy to Make Hard Seltzers

You can go to basically any store, including amazon and you will find hard seltzers in canned or 2L forms. These are typically fruit based and always branded as low calorie. Essentially you are buy a fizzy fruit water after all. If you are feeling lazy and ant a quick cocktail just grab some canned hard seltzer and mix your favorite alcohol in it, typically this is vodka but you can honestly use whatever! We love a good watermelon/lemonade hard seltzer with vodka! Of course if you are looking for more unique and fun ideas we’ve listed a ton of fun hard seltzer ideas below!

Hard Seltzer Recipe

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