Father’s day is coming which means its time to start planning how to show dad just how much you care about him! One way (and always an appreciated one) is by having a delicious cocktail ready for dad to sip on while putting his feet up. Dad’s work hard a deserve the world! Check out our amazing list of Father’s Day Cocktail ideas below!

The Ultimate List of Father’s Day Cocktail Ideas

Figuring out what cocktail dad would want can be tricky, is he a bourbon guy? Maybe Whiskey, vodka, or gin! Once you figure out what type he prefers you can narrow down which one to make. Maybe he just enjoys the classics like a Dry Martini or a Whiskey Sour. However if you feel he may want to try something new this list also has plenty of those. From spins on classics to totally new ideas that we are certain you would never have thought of (But may just be a new favorite after). Not to mention some delicious coffee infused cocktails Dad would love to wake up too! Have some fun this Father’s Day! So go on, getting looking at our list of Father’s Day Cocktail ideas!

Father's Day Cocktail Recipe Ideas

Father's Day is fast approuching which means its time to start planning your cocktail menu to help dad relax all day long! From classic cocktails to totally unique ones! You will easily find the perfect drink to serve dad.

What an awesome list! Hopefully you found a handful of amazing drinks to serve up to dad! Want a few more ideas? Check out these fun Jello Shot recipes we are sure Dad would love or even this delicious Boozy Milkshake which is inspired by Star Wars! Before you get started ensure you have everything needed! Here’s a quick check list for you:

  • Muddler
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Glasses (Wine, Martini, Whiskey glass, etc)
  • Lots of Ice
  • Straws or Umbrella’s
  • Garnishes
  • Lastly, Alcohol & Juices required.

Once you’ve checked all those off you are set! Happy Father’s Day!

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