Indulge in the Sweet Sensation of Caramel Cocktails

Caramel, often thought as a dessert add on or a sticky delight when mixed into your favorite ice-cream or baked treat. It’s gooey, creamy, and oh so sugary! Perfect for basically any dessert treat and can easily be made as well. But what about cocktails? You may be surprised to learn how many cocktails use flavored Carmel liquors or just use caramel as an added treat inside the cocktail. We don’t just mean placed on top, we mean really mixed into the cocktail to add a sweet sensation one can only describe as perfection. Check out our complete list of amazing caramel cocktails below.

Delicious Caramel Cocktails

Caramel is a fun add on to any cocktail. We’ve done our best to include every type out there for a sweet cocktail treat that anyone with a strong sweet tooth will LOVE! Even if you aren’t big on sweet cocktails we’ve thrown in some that aren’t overly sweet that everyone can enjoy. Hot drinks, cold drinks, milkshakes, mimosas, and even some straight up whiskey and Carmel combos! This list has EVERYTHING on it. Hey, we’ve even included a fun jello shot! Everyone needs a good jello shot recipe if they plan to host some company and serve up drinks. Plan a fun caramel themed party and serve up a few different options and have everyone vote for their favorite!

Caramel Cocktails

More Great Cocktails To Try

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