How to Pick a Signature Drink for Your Wedding

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You have already picked out the most beautiful wedding dress, your flowers have been meticulously picked, and your color scheme is one that will make heads turn. You have found the perfect dish for your reception meal and you are getting closer to that very special date. But, what about when your guests make a toast to your everlasting love? Do you have a signature drink for your wedding that boasts flavor and adds meaning behind the toast?

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How to Pick a Custom Cocktail or Signature Drink for Your Wedding

Although having a custom cocktail or signature drink isn’t necessary, it adds a little more significance to your special day. And, your day should be special in every way. Here’s how to pick a custom cocktail or signature drink for your wedding day:

Consider The Alcohol Content

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a drink for your wedding is how much alcohol content is in the drink. This is especially important if you don’t plan on having an open bar. We all have that one family member that goes from zero to 100 in the drop of a hat (maybe I shouldn’t invite my drunken neighbor).

It is also important to consider the alcohol content for those who may not drink or are unable to drink large amounts of alcohol. You may consider alternative beverages for those individuals such as sparkling grape juice, punch, or spritzers.

Drinks that are fairly low in alcohol content include wines, champagnes, and beer cocktails.

How Expensive are the Ingredients?

You might really have loved that sunset Long Island you had on the beach in Hawaii, but keep in mind a long Island has seven different alcohols in it. The more ingredients you have, the more expensive it can get. If you are on a budget, you may want to stick with inexpensive cocktails like:

Of course, you can always just give your guests the cheap stuff and then splurge on the wedding party ( We won’t tell them your secret).

How Long Can it Sit Before the Toast?

When you go into Hacienda and order a Margarita on the rocks or a Strawberry Daiquiri, you don’t want melted ice and slushless Daiquiris. And, your guests don’t want that at your wedding either. If you aren’t having someone cater for your drinks, you are going to want to pick something that can be poured quickly during your first toast.

Things with ice, slushed cocktails, and signature drinks that need to be kept fairly cold may not work with your time frame. A cold drink may be could for about 5-minutes, but a bottle of Champagne at the table on ice could be good for an hour. Consider how long the cocktail will be sitting at the table before your first toast to determine which drink will be best for your wedding.

Does it Contain Allergens?

Let’s face it; someone is sure to have an allergy, and if you choose a drink that your great grandma’s cousin can’t drink, you will never hear the end of it. So you want to check the ingredients to ensure they don’t contain allergens like almond syrup (dammit mai tais, I can’t drink you anymore).

One of my friends is allergic to peaches, so if you are in doubt about what you can or can’t put in your drinks, send out an allergy questionnaire when you send your invitations. Keep in mind that people can be allergic to the weirdest things.

Use Your Color Scheme to Pick a Signature Drink for Your Wedding

Not that any bridezilla wouldn’t catch this, but just in case, we have to tell you that a bright orange cocktail is not going to look good with your pink tablecloths. Neither will a red one for that matter. Remember to keep your color scheme in mind when choosing a custom cocktail or signature drink for your wedding.

When in doubt, go with a white or clear colored cocktail. You never want to look back at those pictures and think, “God that cocktail clashes with my beautiful decorations.” Sweet Wines and Champagnes work really well with any kind of color scheme.

Pick a Drink with a Story

Another great way to pick a signature drink for your wedding toast is to choose a drink that has a story behind it. Pick the drink you both had on your first date or a cocktail that you drink every Sunday. Maybe you want to go a little scandalous and choose a cocktail with a drunken night behind it.

Choosing a cocktail with a story behind it brings your story to life for everyone there. Not only is a special moment between you two love birds, but others can share in your memories and delight.

Consider the Taste

Just because you like dry white wine doesn’t mean your mother-in-law will, or your best friend, or your great uncle. Wines are great, but many wines have an acquired taste, and if you aren’t sure everyone will like it, you may want to consider a more popular variety.

Typically, people enjoy fruity cocktails, sweet wines, and Champagne. Cocktails and wines mixed with juice, soda, or punch are also a big hit with guests. So, when you choose a drink, be sure to choose something that will be delectable to everyone’s palate.

Another thing to consider when thinking about taste is how well the drink will go with dinner or cake. Some wines pair very well with meats whereas some pair better with desserts. The same goes for other cocktails. So remember to think about whether or not your cocktail will work well with dinner and dessert.

Remember, everyone is going to be drinking your custom cocktail or signature drink during the toast, so choose wisely. When in doubt, go with Champagne.

What drink have you picked out for your wedding day toast? Share it in the comments below for other brides and grooms.

How to Pick a Custom Cocktail or Signature Drink for Your Wedding | Wedding Drinks | Wedding Toast Recipes | Custom Cocktails for Your Wedding | Pick a Signature Drink for Your Wedding | #signaturedrink #customcocktail #weddingcocktail #wedding #toast 

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