Jello Shots Perfect For Gender Reveal Parties

Jjello shots aren’t often associated with gender reveal parties that doesn’t mean you cant mix it up and make some! What exactly is a gender reveal? Well its a party thrown together to announce the gender of a baby! We figured why not put a blog together that has jello shots that you can serve up at those gender reveals! We have them sorted below into both colored ones, pink ones, and blue ones! Keep scrolling and find the perfect jello shots for gender reveal parties.

Pink of Blue! Gender Reveal Shots

If you plan to make jello shots for your gender reveal make sure you have some color combo ones! Pink and blue ones to represent the mystery of what baby will be! Followed by some fun pink themed ones and blue themed ones. Make a game out of it, everyone grab the colored shot they think the babies gender will be! Once it’s time to announce it have everyone cheers and reveal!

Jello Shots for Gender Reveal

Pink Jello Shots

If you want to have some pink shots and some blue we have some great ideas! This next section will focus on pink colored jello shots! Keep scrolling for our blue selection.

Blue Jello Shots

This section has a fantastic selection of blue themed jello shots to represent little boys at your gender reveal.

More Jello Shots To Check Out

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