Unique and Delicious Pudding Jello Shots

We are sure you’ve had some Jello shots in your life. Often at parties, usually vodka, rum, or tequila is used in them with classic cherry, lime, orange, or lemon jello. However, did you know there’s jello shots out there made with PUDDING?! It’s basically a creamy, boozy, must try dessert that guests will absolutely love to have. Bailey’s, rum, and creamy liquors are more often found in these. They are a fun party dessert to serve to guests late in the evening. It’s surprising how much of a boozy flavor these little guys can pack. Check out our full collection of Pudding Jello Shots below.

Mouthwatering Pudding Jello Shots

What makes pudding jello shots so fun is they remind us almost as mini cakes. You can dress them up and make them super fancy for whatever event you may be throwing. We made sure to include some festive ones for Christmas and Halloween! Think candy, basically any pudding shot can have some cookies or candy added to make it extra fun. The possibilities are endless. Most of these recipes you can even mix up which pudding mix you make them with. So make sure you have some fun and make them your own by making a few different types.

Pudding Jello Shots

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