Martini Recipes You Need To Try

There’s nothing like a delicious Martini to hit the spot after a long day! You may be surprised how many different ways you can make a Martini besides the classic dry one we usually see on drink menus. Chocolate, fruity, expresso, and even some herb infused ones like mint! We’ve gather over 40 different types of must try Martini’s! Who knew there was so many different kinds? Check out our amazing list of Martini Recipes below and get shaking!

Plan an Epic Party With These Martini Recipes

If you want to really impress company the next time you are hosting check out this list and make a handful of them! Do a taste test and have everyone vote for their favorite. They will be truly be impressed by the extra effort you put in. So grab your favorite Martini glasses and get making some epic Martini’s!

Martini Recipes

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