Tasty Sangria Recipes Without Sugar

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If you’re looking to cut down on the sweetness this summer (or maybe are on a reduce sugar diet) we rounded up the best and most delicious sangria recipes that are made without sugar.

I have a wonderful memory of sitting on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, while my friend sipped on a sangria and we took in the sights. It’s a wonderfully large pedestrian boulevard in the heart of the city. While that trip to Spain stands out for so many reasons, the image of that sangria is forever captured in my mind.


It was 1/3 sugar. Literally. The whole bottom third of the glass was crystal white sludge, liquified slightly by the red wine.

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In my 20s, I could have consumed that, but not these days! It is hard to find sugar free sangria recipes, but we’ve pulled together a handful. These recipes rely on natural fruit juices, or merely the flavor that seeps from the fruit, to take plain wine and turn it into the beverage we know and love – sangria.

Mix up a pitcher of one of these sangria recipes without sugar, so you can sip all afternoon long without worrying about a sugar crash or an impeding massive hangover.

Sangria Recipes Without Sugar

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