Spooky Halloween cocktails are delightfully creepy and an excellent way to get the party started! Fill your cup with these uniquely scary drinks, and you are bound to have a great time no matter what you are doing. Plus, if you are the host or hostess of the party, your guests are going to go wild!

Scroll to the bottom to find non-alcoholic Halloween mocktails.

We’ve also got a whole menu of slimy and creepy Halloween Jello shots to check out.

We’ve got you covered for all the holidays, like these green cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day that don’t involve beer.

Tasty And Spooky Halloween Cocktails You Must Try

Don’t be afraid, these drinks only look scary! They taste amazing!

Cave of Wonders Bubbling Cocktail

Double bubble toil and trouble. This Aladdin inspired cocktail will wow your guests with a touch of dry ice. Don’t worry, it’s actually easy to source! Made with Pineapple infused vodka, cherry liqueur, grenadine, and a splash of lemon-lime soda, this is the ultimate wonder. With dry ice for effect, you will be the life of the party. 

Maleficent Raven Cocktail | Halloween Cocktails | Black Cocktails | Cocktail from Maleficent | #maleficent #cocktail #raven #blackcocktail

Maleficent Raven Cocktail

This dark and broody cocktail contains Jagermeister, spiced rum and a secret ingredient – silver shimmer – to give it that special touch.

Sweet Witch’s Blood Cocktail

Bring on the bourbon and the blood in this frightening cocktail. Amp up the colors with blood orange liquor and pomegranate juice, then top off with sparkling green blood dripping down the side, for a sweet and creepy treat.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - The Crypt Keeper Cocktail

The Crypt Keeper Cocktail

Who Needs a Cape

This spooky cocktail only takes 3 ingredients and is super easy to make. Plus, how can you not have a blast with a drink like this in your hand. Rim your glass with Halloween sprinkles and enjoy the sweetness every sip of the way.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Phantom Potion

Phantom Potion

Snacks and Sips

This bright green drink is made from vodka, Triple Sec and Kool-Aid! It adds life to any party, and if you have a couple, you are sure to get nice and drunk. Add a creepy spider to make it even more frightening.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Toxic Spawn Martini

Toxic Spawn Martini

Mom Foodie

It has Kinky Green Liquor, so if you drink it you will probably feel a little kinky yourself! This cocktail is so easy to make and looks fabulous in a martini glass.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

Ann’s Entitled Life

This drink has Candy Corn Vodka, a large marshmallow, marshmallow creme, a candy eye, and food coloring. What can be any more delicious than that! I mean it has a marshmallow after all.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Bloody Colada Recipe

Bloody Colada Recipe

Tammilee Tips

Only 3 ingredients to make this Spooky Halloween cocktail! And let me tell you, it is for sure spooky. Perfect for your next Halloween themed party.

Demon Juice Cocktail

Demon Juice Cocktail

Crayons and Cravings

Sour apple is the star of the show in this tangy cocktail. The color just screams Halloween! You are sure to have a good time drinking this one.

Slippery Zombie Brains

Slippery Zombie Brains

Mom Foodie

Okay, so these aren’t exactly a cocktail and should be served in a shot glass. But, they are super creepy and will make you the life of the party. Oh, and they taste phenomenal!

Morticia Adams Cocktail

The Morticia Addams Cocktail

She Keeps a Lovely Room

This drink is elegant, creepy and just what you could imagine Morticia drinking on a Halloween night. Everyone at your party is going to love this one.

Poisoned Apple Martini

Poisoned Apple Martini

Our Crafty Mom

Serve this martini in beakers, and it will be a massive hit with your friends and family. Sprite, Apple Rum, and Kissed Caramel Vodka marry together to create one of the best cocktails ever.

Zombie Cocktail

Zombie Cocktail

Bacon is Magic

Halloween will be extra entertaining when you sip on this zombie cocktail. Shake the ingredients, and you will be ready to drink this all night long.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Bloody Good Gin and Tonic

A Bloody Good Gin And Tonic

Vintage Kitty

This spooky cocktail even has an edible eyeball to add to the ambiance! It is impossible to drink this and not have a spooktacular night!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Gespenstischbowle Spooky Punch

Gespenstischbowle AKA Spooky Punch


Celebrate Halloween in style with this cocktail. Orange juice, pineapple juice, vodka, Peach Schnapp’s, and champagne are just a few of the tasty ingredients.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Vampire's Eclipse Triple Layer Shooter

The Vampire’s Eclipse

The Slow Roasted Italian

A few drinks in and you might let a Vampire suck your blood! Just kidding, but it is a spooky drink that you won’t be able to get enough of. It is so delicious and looks awesome!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Phantom Love Song Sake Cocktail

The “Phantom Love Song” Sake Cocktail

She Keeps a Lovely Home

Only 3 ingredients that need to be shaken and put in a fancy glass to complete your Halloween party. This cocktail will bring a smile to your face and a buzz to your brain!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Blood & Guts Cocktail

Blood and Guts Cocktail

Sugar and Soul

I realize the name of this drink doesn’t sound appetizing for a regular day, but for Halloween it is perfect! The great news is that there is no real blood in this drink!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Vanishing Candy Corn Cocktails

Vanishing Candy Corn Cocktails

The Baking Fairy

This cocktail gives you the feeling that you are a magician! It has cotton candy, so you know it is a real crowdpleaser!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Black Widow Venom Moonshine

Black Widow Venom Moonshine

Crayons and Cravings

This drink just sounds cool! Strawberries, Everclear, Hot Tamales, and sugar are the main ingredients in is tasty cocktail.

Fun Halloween Drinks

Vampire Blood Cocktail

Sequins in the South

This bloody cocktail is a perfect halloween drink. I mean who doesn’t want blood viles in their drink?

Fun Halloween Drinks

Boozy Halloween Pudding Cups

Tipsy Chickens

Pudding is always delicious, but its even better when its spiked. With worms, dirt, and a gravestone, you Halloween is sure to be a blast.

Fun Halloween Drinks

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Shot 

Tipsy Chickens

Shot! Nothing says party like a shot. With Black Rum and Cinnamon Cream Liquer, you have Christmas and Halloween all in one. 


Monster Smash 

Tipsy Chickens

This Monster Smash Cocktail looks best if you use the spooky glass. How else can you get a drink to stare at you perfectly like this?


Halloween Cocktails with Non-Alcoholic Halloween Mocktail Options

Specimen Jar Cocktails or Mocktails

Shrimp Salad Circus

This recipe uses agar-agar for the floating brains instead of gelatin, making it vegetarian-friendly! You can get agar-agar at an Asian grocery or on Amazon. This specimen jar cocktail uses white wine, sparkling wine, or sparkling grape juice.

Witch’s Brew Mocktail Alcohol-Free Recipe

Aspiring Winos

Murky swamp water is the perfect Halloween mocktail – green and purple are served up from the witch’s brew in her cauldron.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice Potion

Baking Beauty

Harry Potter fans will go nuts over this drink! The whipped cream takes it to the next level of awesome. Add in whatever alcohol you enjoy. I think that Malibu Rum would taste amazing in this one.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Spooky Halloween Punch

Spooky Halloween Punch

Simply Happy Foodie

The floating hands in this vodka-based punch are sure to get your guests attention! They will love every single drop. Plus, you can simply leave out the vodka if you have a kid-friendly drink table.

Dragon’s Blood Red Halloween Punch

Thrifty Recipes

This non-alcoholic Dragon’s Blood is made with Hawaiian Punch and 7-up. While it is a perfect deep blood color for Halloween, it can be a year-round party drink. 

Zombie Gore Guzzler

Squirrels of a Feather

Is it flesh? Is it brains? These Zombie Gore Guzzlers feature chunks of reddish-pink gore globbed grossly at the bottom. It’s perfect for kids.

Eerie Eyeball Fruit Punch

The Purple Pumpkin Blog

The great thing about this Eerie Eyeball Fruit Punch is you can make it non-alcoholic for the kiddos and alcoholic for the adults. Vodka, Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, Bacardi, Peach Schnapps, and barcardi all pair nicely with the non-alcoholic version. 

Melting Witch Halloween Punch

Food Meanderings 

I’m melting! I’m melting. This green non-alcoholic melting witch punch is fun for everyone. 

As you can see, there are so many spooky Halloween cocktails that you can make at your next event. I promise that these drinks will impress your friends and family and you will love the flavors too. So, break out the glasses and start drinking these creepy cocktails!

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