Entertaining Essentials for a Beautiful Garden Party

Hosting a garden party is the perfect way to celebrate the spring season. But an amazing garden party requires a lot of planning and a few essential items. These entertaining must-haves will take your Spring garden party to the next level, ensuring your guests have an amazing time and leave with lasting memories. As you plan your garden party, be sure you have these 10 entertaining essentials.


Set the tone of your garden party with beautiful invitations. Don’t forget to include all the information your guests will need to know, including the dress code for the event and a detailed map to the location if it’s difficult to find.


Garden parties are traditionally held outdoors, so choosing the perfect setting for your event is essential. When looking for a good place to hold your garden party, consider the number of guests and the theme of your party. More intimate gatherings can be held in a small garden, while larger events will need a bigger space. Also, think about the theme to determine where you’ll hold your garden party. A garden tea party would be perfect in a small English flower garden, while a rustic farmhouse garden party could be held in a rolling field of wildflowers.


A garden party is all about the flowers, so the next step to planning your garden party is thinking about your flower arrangements. If you plan on hiring a florist to make your flower arrangements for your event, you’ll need to place your order at least two months in advance. Be sure to keep in mind the types of flowers that are in season during the time your event will be held. Using in-season florals will help you stay in-theme in regards to the garden event, while also saving you a little money. That’s because your florist will be able to use local flowers as opposed to having them shipped from other regions, which will cost you more.

When planning your floral arrangements for your garden party, you’ll need to think beyond traditional centerpieces. Consider other ways you can incorporate flowers into your party’s décor to make a significant impact. Floral garlands, accent pieces on your food display, and floral wreaths are all ways you can add flowers to your garden party décor.


Using candles throughout the party’s décor is a perfect way to set the mood at your garden party. Candles can not only provide an additional light source for your party, but they can also add visual interest to your décor. Choose candles of different sizes and heights to decorate your garden party to create a dramatic effect throughout your party’s décor.


No matter what time your party is held, using additional lighting at your garden party can make a big impact. Strands of twinkle lights strung around the perimeter of your party is a great way to welcome guests to the event and provide a boundary for your party guests. And adding lanterns to your décor is a simple way to add depth to your party’s decorations.


Keeping your guests entertained throughout the event is essential. Providing music is a great way to keep your guests engaged at your garden party. Whether you choose to provide background music for conversations or offer music, your guests can dance to is up to you!


No party would be complete without food. And the great thing about a garden party is that you can choose from a variety of food options. Choosing seasonal options is a great way to narrow down your food choices. If you are hosting a spring garden party, choose lighter fare that incorporates fruits and vegetables grown in spring. A summer garden party can make use of items from a summer garden harvest. Alternatively, you can also use the time of day of your party as an indicator of the menu. A party hosted in the late morning is the perfect time for a brunch menu, while a party held in the midafternoon is a wonderful time for a garden tea party.


Using your menu as your inspiration is an easy way to determine the types of drinks you will offer. In addition to including a signature cocktail on your menu, it’s also a good idea to have a wine option available to your guests. And don’t forget to include a few nonalcoholic options for those who don’t drink. In addition to water, including tea or lemonade, is a great way to help your guests quench their thirst throughout your party.


Table coverings are a must-have for any party, and a garden party is no exception. Traditional white linens are a great choice when hosting a garden party. Plain linens will give your flowers a chance to shine and will allow you to add other decorative elements without taking away from the overall design of your event.


The type of food you decide to serve will dictate the type of tableware you’ll need. In addition to deciding the size and number of plates to provide your guests, you’ll also need to think about the design. While keeping your linens simple is a good idea, using decorative plates is a fun way to add a pop of color or unique design to your garden party. Pretty pastels or floral patterns are both great options when considering the tableware that will be used at your garden party.

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