The Best Wine Clubs in 2023

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Coming off of 2021, you’re probably making one or two resolutions to kick the year off right. If one of them is drinking better wine, (which it should be!), we’ve got you thoroughly covered. And after the year that was, you probably deserve it! Treat yourself to an unforgettable wine drinking experience with these must-try wine club offerings. We’ll guide you through what wine club is the best value, and break down their various features and perks.

Above all else, we love sharing every facet of wine culture and wine drinking with our readers. Bringing you closer to a good glass of wine you’ll love is a small joy that goes a long way. Sharing that joy with others is what makes wine such an incredible experience. To that end, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best wine clubs to join in 2021.

What are the Best Wine Subscription Clubs in 2021

What are the best wine clubs to join?

By now, this is probably a question that’s crossed your mind. If you’re a wine enthusiast, or beginner looking for an alternative to grocery stores and intimidating wine cellars, we’ve got you covered.

There’s more ways than ever to get the best of domestic and international wineries delivered straight to your front door, al a carte or on a subscription basis. Buying wine online has been gaining popularity as wine drinkers are looking for more options and convenience. Buy wine safely from some of the best established, and up and coming wineries in the industry.

Wondering which wine clubs to join, or how wine clubs work? 

This is your new go-to guide to find the best wine clubs. You’ll also learn how to take advantage of their world-class selections to get the most out of your experience.

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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Both wine clubs, and online wine merchants are definitely worth it if you want an easier wine drinking experience. You can expect a laid-back experience, tailored to helping you find your new favorite bottle of wine! You can buy wine online through either a wine club subscription program, or online wine store. We’ll provide you with our personal recommendations for the best wine clubs, and where to buy wine online!

Wine Club Features

  • Easy to gift
  • Blind tasting box builds personal wine profile
  • Wines matched to taste
  • 5 Wine Club levels of regional, international and premier wine shipments.

  • Artisan wineries featured, bringing exclusive small batch bottles right to your door.

  • Experienced personal wine consultants assist in your selection.

  • 'Love It' wine guarantee
Wine of the Month Club
  • Huge variety of subscriptions including champagne, sweet wines and even single bottle.

  • "No Bad Bottle" satisfaction guarantee.

  • Highly customized subscription month-to-month

  • Great mix of variety and pricing options.
  • Featuring sought-after organic and sulfate free wines as shipment options.

  • Highly customize-able wine shipment options including monthly, bi-monthly and every 3 months.

  • Benefits for California locals, with access to tasting rooms in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.
Gold Medal Wine Club
  • 6 Wine Club options featuring award-winning bottles delivered to you.

  • Wide selection of wine gifting options, including corporate wine gifts, wine club and wine boxes to choose from.

  • 2-4 bottles shipped quarterly or monthly, including hard-to-find wines from boutique wineries.

  • Trendy and fun wine by-the-glass delivered in one of a kind bottles.

  • Monthly 12-pack delivery of exclusive glass-sized Californian wines

  • Fresh wines made without the use of additives, or sugar. Small batch and limited edition, these are some must try wines!
Great Wine Delivered. Shop 90+ Cellars Wines today!
  • 90 Plus Cellars is a quarterly wine club delivering top-shelf bottles.

  • Affordable high rated wine shipments, great for beginners.

  • Hand-picked seasonal selection including exclusive wines.
Wine Awesomeness
  • Access to exclusive, small batch and unlisted wines.

  • Membership rewards program including special offers and deals on wine.

  • Wine Cellar digital tasting notes, pairings and reviews available with membership.

  • Free delivery and 20% off of the wine list for reorders.
Wired For Wine
  • Worry-free serving suggestions and tasting notes with each wine.

  • Individualized pairings based on each individual bottle.

  • All wines shipped are above the 90 rating by professional wine critics with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Incredible personalized wine gifting service with lots of customization.
Wine On Sale Logo
  • Curated hand-picked wine packs for a worry-free, enjoyable wine drinking experience.

  • Individualized pairings based on each individual bottle.

  • Region-specific wine categories, and a variety of prices available.

  • Gifting services available, as well as a selection of collectible wines.
  • Trendy monthly wine club with value pricing and a choice of varietal.

  • Choice of 4 or 6 bottles every month, flavorful and vibrant wines for a variety of tastes.

  • Excellent selection for fruity wine lovers, with California whites and reds, as well as sweet wines.
  • Personal wine concierge, providing reds, whites and assorted shipments.

  • Custom tasting notes and pairings from sommeliers included with each order.

  • Amazing selection of bottles for single, or by-the-case for purchase.

  • Loyalty rewards program for recurring customers.
  • Straightforward and simple French wine bottle subscription program.

  • Handpicked selections depending on your preferences.

  • 3 month rotating shipments of 3 or 6 bottles of premium French wines.

  • Experience wines straight from Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux and more exclusive French growing regions.

Palate Club

Palate Club is a wine club that’s changing the game when it comes to personalized wine subscription services. With a data-driven approach, Palate Club offers a wine subscription that you know you’ll love before it even reaches your front door. By signing up for a wine club like this, you don’t have to worry about paying for a bottle of wine you won’t enjoy. 

Each Palate Club subscription is a totally personalized experience you can look forward to month after month. What’s better than enjoying wines without having to figure out which ones you’ll like? Premium wines catered just for you is exactly what you can expect to find. 

Taking the qualities of different wines and analyzing them to match your taste palate is exactly what Palate Club strives to deliver. If you’ve ever wanted to experience your own catered, professional wine tasting you’re in for a treat! Based on a short quiz, their blind box wine tasting kit pairs you with the most suitable wines. Those wines are sourced from sustainable and exclusive wineries. Drink delicious and stunning wines confidently with a subscription program that stands behind what they believe in. 

Premium wines matched your taste, shipped when you want them. Easy. Palate Club


The price largely depends on what your taste selections are, so needless to say they will vary. From what we’ve seen, you can expect bottles to start around $16-$18 USD. 

How it Works:

After completing an introductory quiz, Palate club will send you a blind tasting kit of 4 red, 4 white or 4 mixed half-bottles. Since the blind tasting process is integral to removing any kind of bias, the half-bottles arrive with non distinct packaging. After you complete a blind taste test, and rate the wines on their app you’re off! Palate Club will build a Palate Profile of your tastes so you can purchase monthly plans you’re guaranteed to enjoy! 

What We Love:

Palate Club’s unique, game-changing approach to pairing you with your next favorite wine is a huge plus. This is a service that puts a lot of thought into your selection so you’ll, “Never Drink Bad Wine Again”. Taking the snobbishness and trifle out of wine culture makes it that much more enjoyable. A boutique, personalized and worry-free experience is what puts Palate Club in our most recommended wine clubs!

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The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club has been bringing members the best of handcrafted, small-batch and artisan wines since 1990. Think of this wine club as your personal passport to small, hidden gem wineries that aren’t distributed anywhere else. The promise of The California Wine Club is to only feature wines that meet their strict standards for quality. With 5 distinct wine club levels, there’s something for everyone. Each varies in price, making this an affordable wine club subscription program that’s really accessible! 

You’ll be treated to a variety of wine club benefits as well. Uncorked is California Wine Club’s premier guide to the wines you’ll receive. It includes the people, places, and especially wineries that produce the bottles in your shipment. You’ll also enjoy tasting notes to accompany your wine drinking experience. And of course, food pairing tips and background information on the wine growing region. 

Aside from that, you’ll have access to $1 ground shipping on orders. Overall, being a member of The California Wine Club can grant you up to 50% off winery prices. With an incredible value, and personally handpicked selection of premium wines, you’re in for something special with every shipment. 


Between 5 Wine Club Levels, prices range from as low as $40.95 for handcrafted wines from family wineries, to $231 for shipments of prestigious aged Napa Cabernets. Shipments can include 2, or 4 bottles and range from monthly, to bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries.  

How it Works:

The California Wine Club is a wine subscription service that gives you access to small, family owned and operated wineries and their small batch artisan wines. You can choose any of the 5 wine of the month club levels, ranging in price and offerings. These include either 2 or 4 bottles per shipment, on a custom delivery schedule. Personal wine consultants are available to get to know you and your wine preferences to tailor your experience to meet your needs.

What we Love:

The California Wine Club is committed to delivering the best in handmade artisan, and unique wines directly to you. A ‘love it or we’ll replace it!’guarantee, excellent variety in Wine Club Levels, and impeccable personalized service.

Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club wants you to treat yourself to some incredible bottles of wine! Based in Washington, you can expect a refreshing mix of local wineries and carefully sourced import bottles. Cellars does the work for you, finding the best of new, up and coming wineries as well as highly esteemed winemakers and delivering it right to your front door. 

Enjoy your new wines shipped monthly with free standard shipping, and a No Bad Bottle guarantee. This is a wine club with a commitment to a simple and easy subscription process, making it great for beginner wine lovers. Orders can be customized for you, or arranged to be gifted to your favorite connoisseur! 

There are a whopping 9 wine clubs to choose from. Each delivering a wide variety in subscription price, as well as different types of wines. Experienced wine drinkers looking for the best of the best will appreciate the 90+ point wine club. Meanwhile, there’s a West Coast Wines club that celebrates the best of the West! Browse through their selection to find the perfect fit, and customize your wine club subscription each month. 

Wine of the Month Club


Members of Cellars Wine Club can choose from 9 different clubs, with single-bottles starting at $9, and monthly wine subscriptions for $29 a month. This is easily one of the cheapest wine subscription clubs out there. That being said, their quality and customer service are top notch.    

How it Works:

The Cellars Wine Club subscription makes buying wine easy and fun. In just a few steps, you have the ability to select how many bottles, and how frequently you’d like to receive wine from any one of 9 different clubs. They also offer wine club gift subscriptions, shipments as well as single bottle rates. Backed by their No Bad Bottle guarantee, you can be sure you’ll love what you get. 

What we Love:

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to Cellars Wine Club. Their variety and price point make this a great place to buy wine online. There’s even more niche wine clubs for you to check out, like a sweet wine, and even champagne subscription.

Revel Wine Club

This is a new type of wine club, with a strong focus on sustainable and organic wines sourced from winemakers worldwide. One thing that’s interesting about Revel wine, is their selection of sulfate free wines you can buy online. For the wine lovers out there who prefer sulfate free and organic wines, this wine club is the perfect option. Create a fully customized wine club subscription experience with Revel wine. 

This is a service well known for their exceptional customer service. With a transparent and transparent ordering process, you won’t have to break a sweat! Ditch the wine caves, aisles of grocery store wines and $2 chuck. These wines are handpicked to satisfy just about anyone, new to wine drinking or experienced with their taste palate. 

Members to the Revel Wine Club will also enjoy complimentary tastings for two at their tasting rooms in San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles! That’s not to mention 15% off of al a carte wine and other merchandise on their website. 


There are 4, 6 and 12 bottle shipments options in the Revel Wine Club. Orders start as low as $36 for 4 bottles of organic wine. Combining different options will alter that starting price, but you’re in for a great value right off the bat! 

How it Works:

Revel Wine will send you shipments of either 4, 6, or a case of 12 bottles. These wine club shipments can be received on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. After indicating which type, and flavor of wine you’re looking for, you will be presented with pricing options. After only 5 selections, you’re well on your way to receiving your first shipment from the Revel Wine Club. 

What we Love:

The inclusion of organic and a few sulfate-free wines makes this wine subscription service accessible to everyone! If you’re looking for a trendy & fun wine club, Revel Wine hits the mark.

Gold Medal Wine Club

Discover one of the most popular wine clubs out there, Gold Medal Wine Club! Here you can find a variety of wine clubs centred around bringing hard to find wines straight to your door. The best of boutique wineries is put on display with their premier selection of wine clubs. This is the best wine club for those looking for a totally care-free wine buying experience. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur looking for exclusive wines online, or a beginner there’s something for everyone. 

Passionate wine lovers will appreciate the ease and satisfaction that comes with having wine delivered as often as you’d like! Gold Medal Wine Club has no minimum order or subscription obligations, so you can receive it just as often as you’d like! This makes for a simple and worry-free wine club subscription you don’t have to think twice about. Simply choose which of their 6 clubs you’d like to join, and enjoy your mix of wines all year long! 

Each club provides wines of a certain wine rating criteria. This ensures you know exactly what kind of wines to expect. You’ll only receive one-of-a kind wines, at a discount from winery prices. Gold Medal Wine Clubs want to ship you wine you’ll love, so you can reach out to them if you want to customize your wine shipments further. 

Join The Gold Medal Wine Club! Free Shipping On 6+ Bottles Of Our Premium Wine! The Best Wine Club on the Planet. Period!


Gold Medal Wine Club has something for everyone, with 6 wine clubs ranging in price from $39.98 a month for the Gold Club, up to as much as $188 for their Diamond club. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re in for an exclusive wine experience! 

How it Works: 

First, you select which tier of wine club you’d like to join. There are 6 available clubs, each one offers either wines from different regions, varietal and/or rating. You can decide whether you’d like 2, or 4 bottles shipped monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 

What we Love: 

Every bottle you receive from Gold Medal Wine Club comes from an authentic, family-owned winery. We love their commitment to exclusive wineries, and world-class bottles that each come with their own stories. Experience the handcrafted excellence of these top-rated wines for an online wine club subscription experience unlike the others.


Usual wines are available on a month-by-month ordering basis. You can order boxes of 12 glasses of each type of wine, or a mixed box for $96. Alternatively, you can sign up for a monthly box of 12 glasses for $80. If you’ve ordered wine by the glass at just about any tasting room, the value for a dozen glasses of small-batch wine is pretty self evident.

How it Works:

Usual wines takes out the complication, and brings you straight to the pure, fresh California goodness! As long as you know which type of wine you like, you’re off to the races. If that’s not the case, try ordering one of their mixed boxes for a diverse and exciting tasting experience.

What we Love:

Usual brings something fresh and exciting to the table. Each of their fun, minimalist glass bottles comes printed with the vintage and region of your wine. If fluttering through tasting notes isn’t your jam, you’re at home. Sit back, sip some wine and let your imagination run wild with the spirit and depth of the Californian wine country.

Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness is the monthly wine subscription service bringing you the best in unlisted, and small-batch wines from around the world. They put emphasis on the stories behind each bottle. Enhancing your enjoyment and appreciation of some of these truly exclusive wines. Bringing, ‘wine with stories and experiences worth discovering’ right to your doorstep is what they do best. 

A suite of digital content is tailored towards each and every wine shipment. The story behind each bottle, as well as tasting notes and even recipes to make and pair adds tremendous value to this package. This is a wine subscription club service that’s perfect for adventurous wine lovers. 

Not sure what kind of wine you want, but you want to sample some of the best? Wine Awesomeness takes a modern approach to the monthly wine subscription, offering you exclusive and curated selection. They take the guesswork out of the monthly wine subscription model. Themed and intentionally arranged cases make it to your door each month, celebrating everything wine. 


Pricing is very straightforward. A 3 bottle a month membership is $49 a box, while a 6 bottle a month membership is $79 a box. This includes free shipping, and a 20% off reorders. 

How it Works:

After selecting which size of shipment you want, all you have to do is wait for your monthly shipment to arrive! Once it does, you can access digital content that tells you the origins, people and wineries behind these incredible bottles. 

What we Love:

Laid back sometimes means letting other people take the wheel. While customizing and choosing bottles on your own can be fun, it’s also somewhat intimidating. Wine Awesomeness brings you the best, every time.

Wired for Wine

This is a specialized wine club, offering some of the best rated wines in a conveniently selected quarterly package. They’re called Wired for Wine, and their 90+ wine club brings a case of the top critically acclaimed wines right to your doorstep. If you’re looking for a premium wine subscription service, this is a great option! 

All wines delivered to you are guaranteed to have achieved a rating of 90 or higher by professional wine critics. They even back their wine selections with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Once every 3 months you’ll receive a case of 12 90+ rating wines either, red, white or mixed. 

Included in every shipment are food pairing suggestions for each wine, as well as tasting notes. If you’re looking for an easier way to buy highly rated wines online, Wired for Wine has you covered. 


A one-time purchase will cost $188.86, while a subscription for once every 3 months, will come in at 169.97. 

How it Works:

First you select either the red, white or mixed wine pack. You can proceed to choose a one-time purchase, or the discounted subscribe and save option, which gives you 10% off per case. This includes 12 wines every 3 months. 

What we Love:

Wired for Wine is another wine subscription program that removes the guesswork, and simplifies the process of buying wine online. Handpicked bottles, a dozen every 3 months, arrive neatly at your door. They take a hands-on approach to customer service and take care to give you a premium experience.

Wired For Wine

Wine on Sale

Wine on Sale combines the best of variety and quality with its premium selection, and variety of imports. Look for curated wine cases, as well as individual bottles at an exceptional price point. Wine on Sale offers value and exceptional service, making it a great way to buy wine online! 

That’s not all, their selection is great for imported and domestic wines. Curated wine packs offer another way to enjoy wine. These are the best options for getting a variety of wine delivered straight to your door. If you’re looking for somewhere for gifting wine online, this is another great place to send wine to your favorite connoisseurs. 

This is a good place for buying champagne and prosecco online, too! Wine on Sale has a huge selection of bubbly for you to choose from, if that floats your boat as well. 


With bottles as low as 8$ a piece, as well as curated wine cases and exclusive bottles, there’s a huge variety of prices on display here. 

How it Works:

Wine on Sale does not feature an official wine of the month club, or subscription service. However, it does offer a flexible and simple way to buy wine on the internet. You’ll find a wide variety of bottles from different regions. You can mix and match your own order. Or, leave it up to the experts at Wine on Sale with one of their curated kits. 

What we Love:

A huge variety of imports, a good selection of domestics and value bottles make Wine on Sale a great place for newcomers to the wine scene, as well as those who know exactly what they’re looking for. A really good selection of premium and sparkling wines is a great touch, too.

Wine On Sale 728x90 Banner

Vine Oh! Sips & Surprises

Vine Oh! Their quarterly wine subscription box celebrates everything we love about wine culture. The wine gift boxes bring excellent bottles of wine, and wine drinking accessories. These special sips and surprises arrive quarterly, so you can enjoy the surprise four times a year! 

These wine subscription boxes also make an amazing gift idea for wine lovers! If you’d love to have delicious wines delivered straight to your door, they also offer a wine club! Their monthly wine club ships 3 or 6 bottles of wine at a discount rate. 

Whether you like reds, whites, sweet wines or a mix, Vine Oh! Sips & Surprises has you covered. Their wine subscription boxes are themed each season for a fresh and delightful surprise you can look forward to! If you’re looking for a great place to gift wine online, we can highly recommend Vine Oh! For their trendy & unique options. 


A 3 bottle monthly subscription starts at $59.99 per month, while a 6 bottles start at $89.99 a month. Their wine subscription gift boxes prices are also listed on their site. 

How it Works:

Vine Oh! Works by giving you a simple selection of 4 to 6 types of wine that you can receive on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can choose from their gift subscription box plans. These include fun and value-priced theme wine gifts that arrive straight at your door! 

What we Love:

Vine Oh! Is one of the best wine subscription sites for gifting to your favorite wine lovers. If you’d like to share your love of wine, their trendy gift box subscriptions and wine selection make it easier than ever!


Want to buy French wines online? It doesn’t get much simpler than SomMailier. Their remarkable French wines are delivered straight to your door, hassle-free! This is a quarterly wine subscription box. It makes the wait more than worth it, with 3-6 bottles of premium, exclusive French wines delivered to your home. 

Each region of French wine is celebrated at SomMailier. They’ve find the best of the best, before arranging for your shipment every 3 months. Your choices can include red wines, whites or a mix of both. 

You’ll be delighted to discover the background of each of the wines you receive. Included in your shipment is each wine’s origin story, vineyard information and info on the winemakers themselves! SomMailier delivers French wines straight from select French wineries, and never mass produced bottles. 


C’est La Vie 3 bottle shipment in either red, white or mixed starts at $99.00 per shipment. The Rendez-Vous 6 bottle shipment will be $192.00 per shipment. 

How it Works:

By joining either of SomMailier’s exquisite French wine clubs, you’re guaranteed a shipment of exclusive French wines once every 3 months. What’s up to you is the mix of red and white wines, whether you’d like 3 or 6 bottles, and they take care of the rest.

What We Love:

SomMailier celebrates the finer things in life, and French wine is no exception. These bottles each come with distinct and artfully produced regional backgrounds, vineyard information as well as tasting notes and stories. This makes for a premium wine club experience, all about your love for French wine!

Why join a wine club? They’re a great way to enjoy a variety of exclusive wines, delivered straight to your door month after month. If you’re trying to figure out how to choose which wine to buy, wine clubs make it easy by bringing you closer to premium wines you can’t find anywhere else. Some of them will take the time to tailor wine shipments to your particular taste. Others bring you the best of small batch wines from family vineyards you can’t find in the wine cave. No matter which one you choose, you’re in for a treat you can look forward to customized to suit your needs. If you’ve ordered from any of these monthly wine subscription clubs, tell us about your experience! 

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