Wine Clubs that Ship to Idaho

Idaho is a state that’s as ripe with natural beauty as it is with potatoes. Residents of The Gem State live in a sort of legal gray zone when it comes to out-of-state wine deliveries, but we’ll do our best to provide some insight here. Hopefully before long the state legislature can create a more equitable arrangement for Idaho residents who want access to wineries, wine retailers and of course wine of the month clubs. 

Wine Clubs That Ship to Idaho: Wine Shipping Rules and Regulations

As stated, it’s a tricky situation for those living in Idaho. When asked to provide clarification for the somewhat unclear shipping regulations related to wine, the Idaho Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) undermined what was for the longest time the ‘accepted’ interpretation of Idaho State law. 

Previously, the law was interpreted as a ‘reciprocal’ arrangement, where states that allowed for Idaho wineries to ship were allowed to do so in return. Although mildly confusing for consumers, it made some degree of sense. Now Idaho wine lovers are left a bit corked over their legal shipping eligibility. 

Do you live in Idaho? If so, share any experience you or someone you know have had with shipping wine from out-of-state. Or, help us stay up to date on our shipping regulations by leaving a comment below! 

Wine Destinations in Idaho

Flying in, or just looking to take in some of your state’s fantastic wine pedigree? Find links to Idaho wine festivals, winery tours, wine trails and more here:

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