Sadly, you’re still not able to order from wine clubs if you live in Mississippi. Be careful not to confuse this regulation if you’re ordering wine, beer or spirits in-state where residents can order alcohol from retailers and bottle shops within 30 miles of their home. Order from wine clubs out-of-state however, is still prohibited. As of now. 

Wine Clubs That Ship to Mississippi: Can They?

Unfortunately they can not. Mississippi residents are not permitted to order any alcohol in any volume from out-of-state. But don’t lose hope! There’s always a chance that legislators could propose a bill to amend existing laws. Our advice? Write to your local state representative to voice your opinion on the matter. 

Mississippi Wine Culture 

When you think Mississippi, think Muscadine grapes. They’re in huge abundance here, and winemaking in the state has benefitted from the widespread cultivation of this varietal greatly. Grown primarily in the Mississippi Valley American Viticultural Area, they make up the heart and soul of the state’s winemaking history. 

Winemaking in the state of Mississippi took a long time to recover, being the last state to repeal the Volstead Act, prohibiting the consumption and sale of alcohol in 1966. Ever since then though, wine production has begun to flourish despite the harsh humid Southern climate and decades of prohibition.   

If you’re looking for a new way to experience the state’s wine culture, check out these destinations for wine lovers in Mississippi: 

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