Wine Clubs that Ship to Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a long history as America’s gateway to imports from around the world. Bringing people and culture through its ports for centuries, Boston is a fantastic destination for experiencing a deep gastronomical profile of the country’s East Coast. The same is true for wine, and tasting the best the world has to offer is even easier with these wine clubs that ship to Massachusetts. 

Our Favorite Wine Clubs That Ship to Massachusetts 

You’re bound to find something worth trying with these wine clubs that help shape your very own personalized wine tasting month after month. With cases available in a variety of sizes, mixes and delivery frequency to match your budget and tastes, the wine tasting possibilities are almost endless! Thankfully, we’ve reviewed a selection of wine clubs that can ship to Boston, or anywhere else in Massachusetts. 

How We Rank Our Wine Clubs

We review wine clubs based on several factors including variety of wines available, options, wine score, features, overall product satisfaction, and more.

Wine Clubs That Ship to Massachusetts 

Wine Subscription Highlights Our Score Special Offers & Links
Our Top Pick
California Wine Club
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • 5 Wine Club levels of regional, international and premier wine shipments.
  • Artisan wineries featured, bringing exclusive small batch bottles right to your door.
  • Experienced personal wine consultants assist in your selection.
Plonk Wine Club
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Offering white, red or mixed wine clubs.
  • Showcasing wines from vineyards across the globe.
  • Curated wines that are pesticide and additive-free.
Gold Medal Wine Club
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • 6 Wine Club options featuring award-winning bottles delivered to you.
  • Wide selection of wine gifting options, including corporate wine gifts, wine club and wine boxes to choose from.
  • 2-4 bottles shipped quarterly or monthly, including hard-to-find wines from boutique wineries.
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Featuring sparkling wine clubs that ship quarterly.
  • Excellent Blanc and Rosé bubbly choices for any budget and taste.
  • Grand Courtage wine clubs offer 20% savings or more off of their sparkling wines.
Wine Awesomeness Subscription
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Access to exclusive, small batch and unlisted wines.
  • Membership rewards program including special offers and deals on wine.
  • Wine Cellar digital tasting notes, pairings and reviews available with membership.

Can You Ship Wine to Massachusetts? 

You’ve probably considered the state’s alcohol laws related to shipping if you’re interested in finding a wine club that ships to Boston, Massachusetts. These clubs are a great way to experience wines ranging in origin from the Sonoma Valley, all the way over to sunny Southern French vineyards. 

Massachusetts is an easy state to ship wine to, since they have fairly open alcohol shipping laws that allow residents of the state to enjoy whatever kind of wines that strike their fancy. There are some rules, though. You can’t exceed more than 12 cases of wine per household per year, and you can only buy from wineries with a direct shipper’s permit. Thankfully, all of the wine clubs we’ve included here are able to ship to the state of Massachusetts. 

More Wine Clubs That Ship to Massachusetts

Wine Subscription Highlights Our Score Special Offers & Links
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Perfect for gifting wines, easy to order and personalize.
  • Blind box tasting kit to curate wines to your unique palate.
  • Great for those who don’t know where to start, or are new to wine tasting.
Winc Logo
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • 4 Bottles of handpicked delicious wines tailored to your preferences every month.
  • Excellent selection of gifts for sharing your love of wine with family and friends.
  • Unconventional choices you won’t find from most wine clubs.
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Straightforward and simple French wine club subscription.
  • 3 month rotating shipments of 3 or 6 bottles of premium French wines.
  • Experience wines straight from Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux and more exclusive French growing regions.
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • “No Bad Bottle” 100% satisfaction guarantee with each bottle of wine.
  • Wide selection of wine clubs and wine gifts.
  • Perfect for those looking for a variety of expertly picked wines for any occasion.
Naked Wines Logo
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Allows you to support independent winemakers directly with your purchases.
  • Up to 60% off market pricing for wines.
  • One of the best ways to buy natural wines by-the-bottle.
✔ Ships to Massachusetts 
  • Curated gift boxes including bottles of wine, accessories and more.
  • Wine subscription box shipped quarterly for a luxurious surprise you can look forward to.
  • Wine Cellar digital tasting notes, pairings and reviews available with membership.

Massachusetts may very well have a much older winemaking tradition than most people realize! Wine has been made in the region as early as the 1630’s, fast-forward and you’ll find a lively wine culture in the state of Massachusetts that combines the beautiful sights with some truly unique wines. 

Explore all that Massachusetts has to offer for wine lovers with these winery tours, wine trails and of course wine festivals! 

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