Wine Clubs That Ship to Alabama

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Now, Alabama residents who have a taste for wine have multiple options to choose from! We’ve compiled a list of wine clubs that ship to Alabama. Not only that, but we’ve specifically sourced wine clubs who are allowed to ship in from out-of-state, direct to your doorstep.

Wine loving Alabamans can now count themselves among the many states that allow for what’s known as direct-to-consumer wine shipments! State legislation passed in May of 2021 allowed consumers to order wine directly from wineries and other suppliers as early as fall of that year.

Can wine clubs ship to Alabama? As of recently, there are a few who can. Wine lovers have been waiting a while to ship their favorite wines to their home state of Alabama, but that time is finally here! Now you can enjoy a wider selection of wine curated specifically to your personal taste while getting new bottles delivered to your doorstep as often as you’d like. 

Here’s our top recommended wine clubs that deliver to Alabama residents along with some special offers that you’re going to want to consider if you’re serious about your wine tasting, or just plain enjoy a good glass of wine! 

Our Favorite Wine Clubs That Ship to Alabama:

How We Rank Our Wine Clubs

We review wine clubs based on several factors including variety of wines available, options, wine score, features, overall product satisfaction, and more.

Wine Subscription Highlights Our Score Special Offers & Links
Our Top Pick
California Wine Club
✔ Ships to Alabama
  • 5 Wine Club levels of regional, international and premier wine shipments.
  • Artisan wineries featured, bringing exclusive small batch bottles right to your door.
  • Experienced personal wine consultants assist in your selection.
Plonk Wine Club
✔ Ships to Alabama
  • Offering white, red or mixed wine clubs.
  • Showcasing wines from vineyards across the globe.
  • Curated wines that are pesticide and additive-free.
Wine Awesomeness Subscription
✔ Ships to Alabama
  • Access to exclusive, small batch and unlisted wines.
  • Membership rewards program including special offers and deals on wine.
  • Wine Cellar digital tasting notes, pairings and reviews available with membership.
Gold Medal Wine Club
✔ Ships to Alabama
  • 6 Wine Club options featuring award-winning bottles delivered to you.
  • Wide selection of wine gifting options, including corporate wine gifts, wine club and wine boxes to choose from.
  • 2-4 bottles shipped quarterly or monthly, including hard-to-find wines from boutique wineries.

What Counties in Alabama are Dry? 

Wine drinkers in Alabama enjoy fairly open alcohol sales statewide. Out of the 67 state counties in Alabama, only 26 are considered ‘moist’, or have some level of restriction on the sale of alcohol. In other words, there are municipalities in these counties that have voted individually to allow for the sale of alcohol. 

Alabama has Sunday wine sale restrictions in some areas, but not all. Wine is also available for purchase through grocery stores and state-run liquor stores. If you’re unsure about whether or not your county or municipality allows for direct wine shipments make sure you check your local laws before placing an order! 

Wine clubs are a great choice for Alabamans who are new to wine drinking, or consider themselves seasoned connoisseurs. Ordering from a wine club is the best way to experience exclusive imported wines from vineyards around the world, whether you’re gifting or tasting for yourself. 

How’s the Alabama Wine Scene? 

Live in Alabama, or visiting and looking for an excuse to get some of this state’s lively wine culture into your trip? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of these wine festivals, tours and events in Alabama.

Alabama Wine Festivals: 

Roll Tide!

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