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Howdy, this is where to go wine tasting in Fort Worth! Texas has a lot to offer, and one of it’s tri-city metropolitan hotspots is no exception. Located in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area, it makes up one of the largest population centers in the entire country! What does that mean for you? All of the wine tasting rooms, bars and spots you can think of! Strap on your boots, take a gander through your cowboy hat collection and strut on down to Forth Worth for a wine trip worth remembering! Wine tasting in Fort Worth, Texas is something everyone should do.

Wine Tasting in Fort Worth

 How to Enjoy Wine Tasting in Fort Worth

If you’ve never gone wine testing before, these wineries are going to help sharpen your palate and eventually you’ll be able to recall specific wines. Wine tasting is all about the look, smell, taste, and conclude.When you first taste wine, you want to look for certain things. Here is how you can really enjoy your wine tasting experience at any winery in Fort Worth:


Looking allows you to see what the wine looks like and what color it is. Of course, you won’t find out a lot by looking at it. This step actually shouldn’t take you very long.


The next step of wine tasting is the smell. Smelling wine is actually a favorite part of most wine tasters. You’ll want to smell for fruits, husky, blue fruits, black fruits, and so on. At first, you will smell the primary aroma, move onto the secondary aroma, and last you will get the tertiary aromas.


Third, you’re going to taste the wine. Isn’t this everyone’s favorite part? Your tongue is going to go crazy when it tastes the wine. It’s going to feel sour or bitter. It might even be sweet or salty. The bottom line is that tasting the wine is going to tell you a lot about it!


Lastly, you’re going to decide what you think about the wine! This is when you ask yourself “did I like the wine?”

These are the four steps in tasting wine. Do you have what it takes to go wine tasting in Fort Worth. Keep reading to discover some of the best options! Whether you drink wine with cars or decide to sit back and relax at a wine boutique, this town has plenty of options.

Where to Go Wine Tasting in Fort Worth

Now that you know something about wine tasting, it’s time to know where to go in Fort Worth, Texas for wine tasting. Luckily, for everyone involved, there are a TON of wine tasting options in this great town.

Winslow’s Wine Cafe

Winslow's Cafe

Have you ever been to a wine cafe? If not, Winslow’s Wine Cafe is just what you need. This winery is where friendship begins, at least that’s their motto.

Some would describe this cafe as a gathering spot with a soul. This wine cafe is located at 4101 Camp Bowie Fort Worth, TX. Every wine that is offered here goes through some serious testing to even be added to the list.

You’ll want to give this wine tasting option a try, while you’re in Fort Worth.



You already know this is the perfect wine tasting venue for wine tasting in Fort Worth, Texas. You can actually take note that this is a boutique wine store in Fort Worth.

WineHaus is where you’ll find 19 wines on tap. How awesome is that? The wines served allowed patrons to taste wines that are global and local.

It’s not every day you get to taste wines from around the world and from this very beautiful city! You can find this wine boutique at 1628 Park Place Ave Fort Worth, TX 76110 and you can reach them by phone at (817) 887-9101.

Kent & Co. Wines

Kent and Co Wines

In the mood for some wine? Head on over to Kent & Co. Wines for an industrial chic bar that offers wine and seasonal beers. You just can’t go wrong with a place like this, the beer and wine is delicious!

This wine company has at least 300 wines in stock, plus weekly wine and seasonal beer. You can always head to their website to see what “they’re corking.” That phrase is just awesome.

You can always do their Torque & Spoon, which allows you to taste some amazing food. This is an upper class wine place that just rocks! Head over to 1101 West Magnolia Fort Worth, Texas 76104 to visit this fine wine establishment.

Put a Cork In It

Put a Cork in it

When you need a neighborhood wine shop, Put a Cork In It is a fabulous place to visit when you’re in the mood for some wine. Some would describe this wine establishment as a neighborhood wine boutique.

Whether you’re looking for a specific wine, they can help! You can also stop by and enjoy the weekly wine tastings. You can taste wine here by visiting 2972 Park Hill Dr Fort Worth, TX 76109.

The name is super creative, but so is their approach to wine tasting. Put a Cork in It works hard to make your wine tasting in Fort Worth super unique.

Casual Friday 

Casual Friday

  • Trendy yet Upscale 
  • Cozy Tasting Room
  • Eclectic House Wines

Trendy, modern and hip are just a few words to describe one of the foremost wine tasting rooms in Fort Worth. Casual Friday is all of those things and more! Add a dash of the eclectic and some really unique looking house wines and you’re in for a great time. This is a tasting room with an updated and casual look and feel, (hence the name!) Expect wine flights to order, a nice charcuterie selection and plenty of friendly faces! Remember: wine doesn’t have to be stuffy! Let loose and bring your travel friend or work buddy in for a much needed wine flight while you plan your weekend! 

Cowtown Winery 

Cotown Winery

  • Texan to the Bone! 
  • Winery Tours
  • Historic Stockyard Location

Part winery, part wine bar, all character! Cowtown Winery delivers a true Texan experience just the way it was meant to be served. Tuck into their long Ranchero style bar and let your true lonestar out! Relaxed and laid back, this is one place you’re definitely going to want to add to your itinerary! Winery tours will cap off your experience, for a reasonable price you and your best compadre can fulfill your winemaking fantasy and get a behind the scenes tour of your own. Including two glasses of wine during the tour, it really is a lot of bang for your buck! Drop on in and tell em’ we sent you! One more thing… They host their very own ghost tours through the historic Stockyard district teeming with that classic western feel! 

Cadillac Wines 

Cadillac Wines

  • Wine in a Car Dealership, Really! 
  • Wide Selection
  • Friendly and Highly Knowledgeable Staff

Now you can finally knock this one off of your bucket list. That’s right, at Cadillac wines you can actually taste wines in a Cadillac dealership! What they claim to be one of the most innovative moves in the wine and automotive worlds is just that. Daring yet classic, two things that describe this pairing! The wine shop is indeed open up to the general public, and you’d be floored to hear about their wide selection of wines up for grabs! From reds to roses, white wines to wine accessories you really can’t strike out here! Drop in to meet with Karla to learn a bit about what makes the wine special, even a story or two about the winery of its origin!   

Grand Cru 

Grand Cru

  • Luxury Wines 
  • Small Plates
  • Classic Tastings

Grand Cru is an exceptional wine tasting destination. With a stunning array of exclusive luxury wines waiting for you, this is a once in a lifetime type of experience. Bought by the ounce, these expertly preserved vintages will seriously take your wine tasting experience to the next level! If you’re taking friends be sure to check out their event calendar to see what’s in store. Award winning and highly professional, Grand Cru has a reputation of providing truly an exceptional wine tasting session for visitors and locals alike! Craft brews also make an appearance for you non wine loving friends, and don’t forget to check out their small plates to complete your tasting!   

Wine Thief 

Wine Theif

  • Hotel Location 
  • Luxurious Atmosphere
  • Elegant Wine Bar

Wine Thief. This boutique hotel tasting room location is definitely one you should swing by. It’s sleek and modern decor makes it a pleasant and deserved tasting room, complete with a wine bar that will inspire you to well… have another! Reliable and accessible, this wine bar has probably been privy to a lot of stories. Pull up a stool, or grab a flat top and reminisce over a glass of their truly Texan offerings. This place shines for its location and simplicity. Stop by for a quick glass when you’re coming back to your hotel room. Or join your friends over a tasting while planning your day out around Fort Worth. Either way, Wine Thief makes a wonderful showing, with top notch hotel quality service, atmosphere and selection.  

Other Places to Visit

If you liked finding places to drink wine in Fort Worth, check out some of our other posts! Wine tasting is fun no matter where you go, and we have found the best places across the U.S. for you to try.  

Fort Worth has a lot to say for its numerous tourist attractions and historic streets and monuments. A growing wine destination, this city really should find its way onto your wine travel bucket list. Wineries and tasting rooms exude character, and one can only imagine the wealth of stories you’re bound to hear, not to mention the history there to discover. Pour a glass for us, and let us know what you like the most about Fort Worth, Texas. Any wine tasting rooms, bars, gastro-pubs or wineries you think could have made it onto our guide? 


 Wine Tasting in Fort Worth

Wine tasting is something that can be fun, exciting, and also something you do often. Fort Worth has many different wines to taste and try, so take advantage of it. Which wine tasting platform in Fort Worth is your favorite?


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