Las Vegas is one of those places that you WANT to visit ASAP. It’s a fun place that adds unforgettable memories to your life. Las Vegas, Nevada is huge, so it can be tough to even know where to begin with your wine tasting fantasies.

Las Vegas is known for its strip, eloping, and the partying. Did you know that Las Vegas is so much more than that? Las Vegas has a ton of places to go wine tasting. So, if you’re asking yourself where to go wine tasting in Las Vegas, keep reading.

Can’t make it tasting? Here’s the down low about wine deliveries in Nevada.

Wine Cellar & Wine Tasting Room at the Rio

The Rio’s Wine Cellar is a coveted spot in Las Vegas. Sip, socialize, and paint allows you to try your favorite wines, while having fun. This specific opportunity will allow you to try special foods and you’ll get to taste wines! I’d say if you’re looking for something fun to do in Las Vegas, head to the Wine Cellar & Wine Tasting Room at the Rio.

Marche Bacchus

Are you looking for a fun place to visit to go wine tasting? Marche Bacchus is actually an Upscale French Bistro. If you’ve ever wanted to try wine in a fancy place, then this is where you need to go. You can even sit on the outside patio if you want. Enjoying a glass of wine has never felt so good.

Hostile Grape

Don’t worry, these grapes aren’t really hostile. This is actually a really cool place. You can give the wine all the love because there is a self-service system here. Hostile Grape allows you to have access to 160 wines. You can literally enjoy wine from a tap, so fun! Make sure you call for reservations.


When you want to have fun in Las Vegas and try some good wine, then Boteco is where you go. This is casual space dining, so you can come after work to unwind and have a little fun. Be prepared to try the good wines and taste all the good food because they have that all here.

Wine tastings are always happening here. There are limited guests here, so make sure you register to the wine tasting you want to go to. The wine tastings at Boteco are very popular, so make sure you check them out. Nothing beats wine tasting at a place like Boteco.

Valley Cheese and Wine

The great thing about wine tasting in Las Vegas is that you can have some cheese with your wine. There is an actual place called Valley Cheese and Wine. You can totally come here for a class or pairing event, or you can grab the cheese and wine and head home. Valley Cheese and Wine is a MUST have when in Las Vegas.

Aureole Las Vegas

Oh come on, I know you love trying new things. Wait until you head to Aureole Las Vegas. Noted as one of the finest restaurants in the USA, you can’t go wrong with trying this out as a new wine tasting place. Whether you opt for the lounge only, or for a full meal experience, you can take you pick from a by the glass rotating menu of fifty wines. With a by the glass selection that is so vast, wait until you see the wine list!

Vegas Valley Winery

Do you want to taste wine from the valley in Las Vegas? Vegas Valley Winery needs to be the next stop you make. Whether it’s been a long week at work or you’re ready to learn about some new wines, you need a little Vegas Valley Winery in your life.

Believe it or not, Vegas Valley Winery is the only winery in Las Vegas. So, you get to enjoy wine knowing that you can’t find another authentic winery in the Las Vegas area.

La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway

Looking for a place that you can enjoy food and wine at the same time? Welcome to La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway, where you can eat small plates of food and enjoy large glasses of food at the same time.

They have over 250 bottles on hand, plus 50 wines by the glass. You could sit there all day and try different wines. The best thing about this place is that they welcome all sorts of wine lovers. So, whether you’re new to wine or just love wine, head over here to enjoy a day full of wine and food.

Grape Vine Cafe

When I want to drink wine, I’m always looking for a place like Grape Vine Cafe. First of all, the name is amazing! When I think of wine, I think of a grape vine. Here, you will find amazing California bistro style cuisine. You’ll also see flairs of Italian and Mediterranean flairs.

Locals would say that this wine tasting venue is excellent, but it’s also been rated as a top 10 bar and restaurant. This place is also opened 7 days a week, which means you can enjoy wine tasting any time that you want. So, go ahead, and allow yourself to try some amazing wines you can’t always find anywhere else.

Sanders Family Winery

Family wineries are the best, especially when you’re in Las Vegas. This is a local winery that offers daily tastings. So,you can enjoy wine anytime of the week. Hard day at work? Wine tasting time! Want to escape the kids? Wine tasting time! In all seriousness, this winery is great for trying new wines.

Sanders Family Winery is beautiful and has Mount Charleston as a backdrop. You get to enjoy wine and do some amazing sightseeing. I’d say this is the perfect place to try wine. You just can’t go wrong with the architecture of this winery.

Las Vegas offers the perfect opportunity for wine lovers to sit back and relax. Oftentimes, the perfect backdrop of mountains and scenery are awaiting you.

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