Throwing a party for a new baby is a great excuse to make these gender reveal mocktails! Pink or blue, what will it be? I love the excitement of gender reveal parties because no one knows if the baby will be a girl or boy! Deciding if you are on team blue or pink is only half the fun. We love balloon popping and cake cutting the gender reveal mocktail is officially one of our favorite ideas. Sipping on gorgeous mocktails will keep you and your guests happy too.

As always, feel free to serve green and yellow cocktails… gender is a social construct after all.

Pink Gender Reveal Ideas

Have a look at these recipes to find some inspiration for your next gender reveal party.

Pretty In Pink Mocktail

3 Boys and a Dog

Triple sec (optional), lemon juice, pink lemonade go together to make a sweet and fun drink! Garnished with a chocolate covered strawberry and a lemon wedge. Kids and adults will go crazy for this drink.

Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink

Eating on a Dime

This drink makes me excited for any occasion! I mean it tastes like cotton candy, so how can it not be the best thing ever! It is so incredibly easy to make too!

Watermelon Slush

The Kitchen is my Playground

All you need is watermelon, sugar, lemon juice, and clear pop and you will have one of the best drinks ever! It’s a cocktail that is refreshing, cool and full of flavor!

Strawberries & Chill

Simplistically Living

I love the name of this drink! Initially, it was intended to be a cocktail, but there are directions to make it a mocktail too. It is a light pink color that invites you to indulge!

Homemade Italian Cream Soda

Cincy Shopper

You just need a few simple ingredients like Half and Half, flavored syrups, club soda, and ice. So relaxing, tasty and playful.

Pink Sherbert Punch

Mighty MRS

It’s not a gender reveal party until you break out this pink sherbert drink! I love to serve it in plastic wine glasses, so it looks fancy!

Sparkling Raspberry Limemade Mocktail

Low Carb Yum

Gorgeous pink drink that is low in sugar and high on flavor. This mocktail will add the right amount of sparkle to your gender reveal party!

Spiced Pomegranate Spritzer Mocktail

Spoons of Flavor

The perfect combination of sweetness and spice that you have to try! You can’t help but have more than one of these mocktails. Everyone at the party will love them too!


Pink Fortitude

This mocktail only needs 3 ingredients to make. Ice, strawberries, and lime essential oil. What can be easier than this? Oh, and it tastes incredible too!

Frozen Fruit Salad Daiquiri

Creative Green Living

You are going to get peach, raspberry and lime flavors in this mocktail. Adding this to your gender reveal party is sure to be a hit among guests and the parents of the new baby.

Party Punch

The Typical Mom

This is fantastic because you can make it whatever color you want. You could serve some that are pink and some that are blue. Serve them in a cocktail glass and the drink will be the star of the show.

Shirley Temple

The Kitchen is my Playground

This Shirley Temple is so good; you will forget it is non-alcoholic. It is just the right amount of sweetness and will be an ideal addition to the party.

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Family Food and Travel

This recipe is so easy, you simply use a blender and a few ingredients and it is ready to serve. You can’t go wrong with greal cocktail anything!

Pink Lemonade

Bitz and Giggles

Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a lemon slice and fresh raspberries. The crowd will love every sip of this drink. You will too because it is so simple to make.

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

Side Walk Shoes

The winning combination is strawberry and watermelon! Watermelon, strawberries, ginger and lime juice is all you need to make this spectacular non-alcoholic drink.

Blue Gender Reveal Drinks & Mocktails

Blue Cocktail Recipe | Frozen Cocktail | Frozen Themed Cocktail | Disney Cocktail | Disney Cocktail Ideas | Blue Birthday Cocktails | #cocktail #blue #Disney #frozen #elsa

Frozen Inspired Mocktail/Cocktail

Aspiring Winos

Mix things up with this impressive ‘Frozen’ themed frost blue colored cocktail to celebrate the announcement of a baby boy! Simply omit vodka and grab some blue curacao syrup!

Baby Blue Punch

Baking Beauty

What is more adorable than rubber duckies floating in a bowl of tasty mocktails? Nothing….It’s just so good! All of your guests are going to think this is fantastic!

Hawaiian Punch Recipe

The Typical Mom

Add this punch to a fancy cocktail glass, and you have a sweet drink that only takes four ingredients to make. Super fast and easy to make and will have a lasting impression.

Frosty Hawaiian Mocktail

3 Boys and a Dog

Only three ingredients and you will have a beautiful drink for your gender reveal party! Serve with some pineapple slices, and everyone will love it.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Jello Slush

Bitz & Giggles

This drink is ideal for any party, but it is even better for a gender reveal party. You will get a drink that is full of lemon, blue jello, and raspberry flavors.

Blue Christmas Mocktail

3 Boys and a Dog

Three ingredients and you will be ready to party with this mocktail! The drink is a stunning blue color, tastes sweet, and is fun!

I hope this sparked some ideas for your gender reveal and that you found the perfect drinks to serve at your gender reveal party. Mocktails are always a hit, especially among the younger crowd. Once the baby is born and the mom is able, you both deserve to go out for a real cocktail! These tasty drinks will do until then.

Planning a gender reveal party? Pick a virgin cocktail from this list of gender reveal mocktails to serve. There are tons of pink and blue drink recipes. | Team Pink and Team Blue | Fun Alcohol free and alcohol variation ideas for boys and girls. #genderreveal #recipes #mocktail

Planning a gender reveal party? Pick a virgin cocktail from this list of gender reveal mocktails to serve. There are tons of pink and blue drink recipes. | Team Pink and Team Blue | Fun Alcohol free and alcohol variation ideas for boys and girls. #genderreveal #recipes #mocktail

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