For my money there’s nothing better in this world than a perfectly chilled bottle of wine. Be it white or red, I like them both on the cooler side. We’ve all seen those ice cube wine drinkers, (gasp!) I assure you however, I don’t want my future to look like that. To that end, I’ve decided to review the best wine bottle chillers for any bottle in your wine rack. 

Reviewing the Best Wine Bottle Chiller for Any Bottle of Wine

Chill your favorite bottle of wine quickly and evenly by using the right tool for the job! Check out these reviews for wine chillers for every type of wine bottle. There are several different types of wine chillers, ranging from a corksicle insert for inside your bottle, through to industrial multi-bottle chillers which are functionally an open-topped fridge unit.

Which Type of Wine do you Chill?

White wines that are fruity and on the dry side are great candidates for chilling. If it’s warm out your red could benefit from a quick chilling and of course most people prefer champagne thoroughly chilled. 

In many cases it’s a matter of preference, but there are a lot of us out there who strictly prefer to drink cold wine. It makes them more suitable for sipping away on a hot day. For some wines it will mute the complex flavor profile, meaning you might miss out on some of the taste. That being said, if your wine comes from a gas station with a screw top you might not be too concerned with that! 

Hey, we don’t judge. 

What’s the Best Material for a Wine Bottle Chiller? 

It honestly depends on your aesthetic preferences. That being said, you might opt for one based on how durable it is as well. Here we’ll break down some of the different materials you can expect to find these wine bottle chillers made from. 


Wine buckets made from marble don’t just look elegant on your countertop, they’re also perfect for chilling a bottle rather quickly! That being said, due to the rigid nature of marble they’re always quite a bit larger than the average 750ml bottle. 

If indirect chilling is your preference, then this style makes for a great choice! 

Stainless Steel 

It won’t break when you drop it, and it’s pretty much universal as far as kitchen decor is concerned. When shopping for stainless steel wine chiller buckets make sure you’re checking to see if they’re double-wall insulated. The last thing you want is a ring on the table from condensation after you’ve been using it to chill a bottle of wine! 


These are incredibly effective at insulating a wine bottle with their cold exterior after being kept in the freezer. They use a design that’s not far off from most insulated lunch bags. They fit most wine bottles really well, and they’re portable enough for you to fit in something like a cooler. If you’d rather stay away from a heavy, rigid wine bottle chiller these are a great option for you. 


Electric wine chillers are mini-fridges, which usually use ice cold water flowing over your bottle to rapidly drop the temperature of your wine (or other beverage). We will review the best electric wine chillers in a future article.

Check out some of our reviews for the best wine bottle chillers for any bottle below! 

Homeries Marble Wine Chiller Bucket 

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This is a marble wine chiller that’s perfect for any standard sized bottle of wine. This option is perfect for people who want something at the intersection of style and practicality. As a traditional bottle chiller, there’s a good reason lots of people turn to marble. 

It cools down quickly, about 10-15 minutes in the freezer, (or a little bit longer in the fridge), and it’s ready to go! It cools the bottle down gradually, making it the perfect temperature to get the most out of your reds and enjoy crisp and chilly white wines as well. 

It has a non-skid bottom too, which prevents it from sliding or scratching the inside of your fridge, countertop or freezer racks. 


  • Slowly and evenly cools 750ml wine bottles 
  • Non-skid bottom 


  • Obviously breakable, only recommended for home use

Enoluxe Wine Chiller Bucket

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Made from food-grade 305 stainless steel, this wine bucket is a classy and effective way of chilling your wines. It’s also ideal for use with champagne bottles thanks to its large width! 

The stainless steel doesn’t just give it a nice gleam, but also makes it perfect for cooling. The chiller will keep most bottles below room temperature for several hours at a time. It’s double-walled, too. In other words, you won’t have to worry about condensation or ‘sweat’ on the side of the chiller. 


  • Fits a champagne bottle 
  • Double-walled insulation 


  • Only keep the bottle chilled for a couple of hours. (Some have suggested placing ice cubes in the bottom to counteract this). 

Vacu Vin Active Cooler

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These unique wine bottle coolers have been making a name for themselves, and it’s a well earned reputation! The insulated foil design of this chiller can bring a bottle of wine to temperature in around 5 minutes. 

It fits standard sized 750ml bottles, (although the company also sells champagne sized ones, as well)! Thanks to the foil material design, you can easily store this chiller away when not in use, too. 

Simply keep the chiller inside of the freezer and you’re good to go whenever you’re ready to use it! This is a great option for people who want to avoid ice or larger buckets and chillers that take up a bit of space in the kitchen. It’s also great for taking on the go! 


  • Foldable for easy freezer storage 
  • Chills bottles quickly 


  • Can leave the bottle just slightly more prone to tipping 

Huski Wine Cooler

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So you want to be able to keep that bottle cool for the whole party? This little cooler keeps your favorite label chilled for up to 6 hours outside of the fridge. Oh, and it doesn’t need any ice either. 

This is an ingenious 2-part device that sits in the freezer until ready for use. Once you’re ready to go, it encases the bottle with ease. The top slides onto the neck of the bottle, and the bottom holds it much like a bucket. Both points of connection have a tight fitting silicone barrier to prevent air from warming the bottle while it’s out. 

The stainless steel exterior comes in a nice rose hue, so it won’t look out of place on the counter at your next wine and cheese shindig, either. 


  • Fits snug to the bottle, cooling it quickly 
  • Remains chilled for 6 hours 
  • Easy to pour while in use 


  • Fits most but not all champagne bottles 

VoChill Personal Wine Chiller

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So, maybe you’re the only one who wants your wine chilled. Or, you don’t want to chill a whole bottle for one or two glasses of wine! Either way, this personal wine chiller is exactly what your wine accessory collection is missing. 

The VoChill quickly chills wine while also acting as a stable and smart looking wine glass holder! It’s made from quartz, so it stays cold while you’re enjoying your glass and all you’ve got to do is pop it in the freezer. 

It fits most standard sized wine glasses, however it won’t be able to hold glasses with extra long stems, oversized bowls or flat bottoms (stemless). 


  • Easily pour the bottle without removing from the chiller 
  • Keeps it cool for up to 6 hours 


  • While it’s easy to keep on when pouring a glass of wine, it’s a little bulky to hold properly 

Conclusions: The Best Wine Bottle Chiller for Any Bottle of Wine

Each one of these wine bottle chillers offered something different in terms of style and functionality. At the end of the day they all effectively chill a bottle of wine to the desired temperature, albeit for wildly different amounts of time. There is however, one that stood out for both style and practicality to me. 

I’ve got to give it to the Huski wine cooler. Plainly, it’s a contraption that quickly cools down a bottle of wine without making it annoying to pour. Sliding it on only takes a second, it has a nice rose/copper color to it and it helps prevent the bottle from tipping. I also like the way the silicone seal in both the middle and neck of the bottle prevents sweating. 

Thanks for stopping by to see our thoughts on these wine bottle chillers! If there’s anything you have to add to the conversation, please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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