Our Favorite Punch Bowls for Entertaining

There are few party drinks I like more than a good punch. Yeah, cocktails and mixed drinks are great (and most of our team is pretty partial to wine) but there’s just something about scooping from a punch bowl that puts you in the party spirit. So, just in time for the holidays, I thought I’d put together our favorite punch bowls for all your entertaining needs.

Strap yourself in because there are some super unique and creative punch bowls on this list. Seriously, I was shocked at how cool these have gotten over the years! I was gifted a vintage punch bowl – you know, the kind with the cups that can dangle from it – but I’m tempted to replace that with some of these cool designs. (cough the Star Wars one cough).

Cool and Unique Punch Bowls for Parties and Entertaining

Anyway, please enjoy the coolest punch bowls on the internet.

Modern Punch Bowl

Viski Footed Glass Punch Bowl

This is a modern version of the classic punch bowl style. Made of glass, it has a heavy base so you don’t need to worry about anything spilling while you serve down to the last drop. If you need a great all-around punch bowl this is probably the best option.

Affordable Plastic

S.G Premium Quality Plastic Punch Bowl with Ladle

Plastic is a practical option for punch bowls, especially if you plan to take the party outdoors. Lightweight and easy to care for, you if you want a stress-free option for serving punch at parties go with a nice plastic set like this one. It’s also great for serving non-alcoholic drinks to kids!

Thanksgiving Punch Bowl

Alchemade 5 Liter 100% Copper Punch Bowl

There aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving specific punch bowls out there but this copper punch bowl would be a great option. I think it’d be gorgeous at a Thanksgiving party or on the table to go with your fall decor. Even better, it’s classy enough to fit in at other events (like anniversaries) too.

For Star Wars Fans

Geeki Tikis Star Wars Sandcrawler Punch Bowl Set With Jawa Mini Muglet

I told you there was a cool Star Wars punch bowl on this list! I am seriously obsessed with the series and absolutely love Jawas. This would be an amazing addition to a nerd’s tiki bar or to serve punch at a geeky tiki themed party.

Large 3.5 Gallon Capacity Punch Bowl

Winco SPB-35 Stainless Steel Punch Bowl with Handles

I really wanted to include a larger capacity punch bowl on this list because there’s nothing more annoying than having to refill (or worse, running out) during a party.

Drink Dispenser

Eleganttime 1 Gallon Glass Drink Dispensers for Parties

Why does the punch bowl have to be a bowl anyway? If you want to make things really easy skip the ladle and opt for a drink dispenser instead. I like this two pack so you can make two different drinks.

Party Fountain

Nostalgia 3-Tier Party Fountain

I saw this and just had to share it with all of you. There is so much going on here! First of all, this is a real working drink fountain punch bowl for your next party. Second, it has LED lights to make it even cooler. Third, it comes with 8 cups so everyone can get in on the fun. Fourth, and the best part imo, is that you fill the cups by putting them under the spouts – no ladle needed.

Retro Santa Punch Bowl

Santa Claus Punch Bowl with Matching Ladle

This would be so cute and trendy for serving punch or a boosy hot chocolate at your next Christmas party. Love the vintage santa mug style design on this one!

You could also give this to someone as a Christmas gift or as a holiday party host thank you gift.

The Fanciest Option

Dublin Crystal Punch Bowl Set 

Put on your monocle and take a closer look at this fancy punch bowl set! Yes, it’s a bit pricer than most of the other choices here but it’s also made from 100% crystal. If you want a fancy looking punch bowl option that can be used at any event, holiday, or party theme and will last for years this is one of the best options. It even comes with matching cups and a ladle!

Cocktail Punch Bowl

Viski Admiral Punch Bowl Set

This is another cool punch bowl set that I really like because of the design and quality. The included glasses also double as regular lowball cocktail glasses making it a great all-purpose option rather than a one trick pony. That way you can serve punch or cocktails with one set!

Iridescant Punch Bowl Set

Monterey Punch Bowl

Anyone who knows me knows I just love anything iridescant, and that’s especially true for drinkwear. I happen to have a set of wine glasses that would match this set perfectly! Anyway, if you want something fun, trendy, and that will look great at holiday parties or year-round I love this set.

Tiki Punch Bowl

Winish Scorpion Tiki Punch Bowl

If you liked the tiki theme of the Star Wars bowl but didn’t want the geek factor this is your punch bowl. This cool tiki design makes a great addition to a tiki themed home bar or party!

Trendy Punch Set

Colorful 1.7 Gallon Punch Bowl 

This cheerful punch bowl set is perfectly on trend for a modern party or holiday gathering. It’s on the smaller side (only 1.7 gallons and 4 glasses) so it’s perfect for smaller events. Or get two!

Classic Christmas Porcelain Punch Bowl Set

Spode Christmas Tree 10 Piece Punch Bowl Set

If you’re more of a traditional person around the holidays then you’re going to love this porechlain punch bowl set that’s perfect for Christmas. I think it would look super cute with a traditional table setting, fit with farmhouse decor, or be a lovely addition to a vintage-inspired holiday party. Watch for sales – it sometimes goes over 50% off to make this heirloom set more budget-friendly.

Pink Flaming Punch Bowl

With Ladle

So many cute parties you could use this punch bowl at! It would be great for a summer party (or pool party), baby shower, bridal shower, etc. Or just something cute to have out anytime if you’re that kind of person.

It even comes with the matching pink ladle.

Vintage Punch Bowl Set

Federal Glass

If it aint broke, don’t fix it… Right? If you’d rather serve punch in a classic set here’s a great option. Or you can check out Etsy for all kinds of different options including some cool mid century finds.

Hopefully you found the perfect punch bowls for entertaining at your next party or get together! I absolutely love all the ones on this list – they’re practical and most can be used for multiple occassions so you don’t need to keep a bunch of serving dishes in your home.

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