20 Blackberry Alcoholic Drinks

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Though blackberries are known for being the stars of many jams, jellies, and desserts, they have their place in drinks too! Blackberries pair great with lime and add a nice tart punch to any cocktail or punch. They are also a great source of fiber and antioxidants. So drink up!

Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries offer a variety of health benefits. Although some of the health benefits are depleted when you add alcohol, blackberries are still really good for you. So, if you are going to drink alcohol anyways, you might as well add some nutrition into your body as well. Here are the health benefits you will find in blackberries:

  1. They are packed with vitamin C. One cup of blackberries has 30.2 milligrams of vitamin C which is half of your daily recommended value. 
  2. They are very high in fiber. Fiber helps you shit, and most people don’t get enough. So, if you are having a hard time going #2, a drink with blackberries is sure to help. 
  3. Blackberries give you vitamin K. Don’t worry about cutting yourself with a knife because vitamin K is what helps your blood to clot so you don’t bleed out. 
  4. Blackberries are also high in manganese. You may not hear a lot about manganese, but it is a great mineral you need for your bones. 
  5. They are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants get rid of free radicals in your body. Thus, blackberries boost brain function. 
  6. They are actually good for your oral hygiene. Because blackberries have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, they actually help kill bacteria in your mouth. You still need to brush your teeth though! Don’t get any bright ideas. 

As you can tell, drinking a cocktail with blackberries can actually do you some good! 

20 Blackberry Alcoholic Drinks | Fruity Cocktails Made with Real Fruit | Cocktails Made with Blackberries | Fruit Cocktails with Blackberries | Fruit and Alcohol | #blackberries #fruitcocktails #cocktails #recipe

20 Blackberry Alcoholic Drinks

If you like all the health benefits you get from blackberries, just don’t think about the fact they are alcohol soaked! Check out our amazing list of delicious, fruity blackberry drinks!

21 Blackberry Alcoholic Drinks

That just may be every way in the book to use blackberries in a drink. Enjoy trying them out and comment below which one is your favorite!

How Long Can You Keep Blackberries Soaked in Alcohol?

Did you know that you can actually preserve blackberries and fruit in alcohol. Obviously, if you do this, you will end up drunk if you eat too many, but its a great way to keep them from going bad. Blackberries can keep for about 3 to 4 months soaked in alcohol. Simply put your blackberries, sugar, and alcohol in a glass jar with a sealed lid and place it in the refrigerator. 

Other Fruity Drinks to Try

If you want a fruity drink, but aren’t sold on blackberries, here are some other cocktails you can try:

20 Blackberry Alcoholic Drinks | Fruity Cocktails Made with Real Fruit | Cocktails Made with Blackberries | Fruit Cocktails with Blackberries | Fruit and Alcohol | #blackberries #fruitcocktails #cocktails #recipe

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