How to Make a Cocktail Bar

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When I was younger, my grandmother had a cocktail room. I kid you not. We have a large family and my grandparents through frequent dinners, barbeques, and also hosted guests often. As I got older, I was amazed by the fact that there was an entire room in my grandparent’s home dedicated to…alcohol. 

Obviously, I never got to enjoy any of that because I was a kid, but for those of us looking to put together a well thought out cocktail bar in a smaller space, there are several steps to consider before you begin purchasing your next bottle of booze.

How to Make a Cocktail Bar

First, consider the amount of space that you would like to dedicate to your future bar. If you’re having a difficult time imagining what a cute cocktail bar would look like in your home, head over to Pinterest and Etsy to get a nice idea of some of the creative concepts that people are employing when designing their future cocktail bar. 

If you live in a small space, don’t worry, you can create a fabulous cocktail bar that is suitable for the space that you’re currently living in. 

What’s Your Cocktail Bar Theme?

Are you known for crafting signature drinks? If you are, your cocktail bar could reflect your drinking making expertise. If you love making Moscow Mules, then your bar absolutely needs to have the gorgeous copper mugs that Moscow Mules are typically served in.

Do you hate Moscow Mules, but are known for creating martinis and love to throw James Bond movie nights? Then, having a set of gorgeous martini glasses is a must. 

Once you’ve figured out what your cocktail bar theme is, it’s time to build out your actual bar.

Cocktail Cabinet vs. Cocktail Cart

A well made cocktail cabinet can double as a piece of art in a home or even as a small table depending on the height of the cabinet. What’s nice about these is the ability to keep all of your bottles, glasses, and drink making items hidden away keeping your home nice and tidy. 

Cocktail carts are nice because they are portable and nice to move around based on your needs. Many cocktail carts are quite beautiful and can be considered decor for your home. Here are some cocktail cart suggestions that may work for your home.

  • Nola Bar Cart-This cart is beautiful! It has gold detailing and glass shelving. The one downside with this cart is that it doesn’t have dedicated wine bottle holders.
  • Nathan James Sally Rolling Bar-Similar to the Nola Bar, except this cart has black detailing and is a little smaller. 
  • Francesca Bar Cart-The nice thing about this cart is that it has dedicated wine holders in addition to being cute.

Now that you’ve figured out where you’re going to house your cocktail bar, now it’s time to put together the additional components that every cocktail bar needs.

Your Essential Cocktail Bar Components

For many people, creating cocktails is an artform. And, given all of the numerous cocktail competitions out there, many people would agree with this statement. 

And, as with every art form, you need the instruments necessary to create your art. Here’s a list of the basic components for your cocktail bar.

  • Ice Bucket-Ice can become a touchy subject. It’s literally frozen water, but the way it’s frozen, the shape, and the type of water used can make or break you next drink. Or, you just need ice for the cocktails that need to be on ice. Every bar needs a nice ice bucket with tongs.
  • Glasses-Once you’ve figured out your signature drink, you have to have the right glasses for it. Whiskey glasses for those days when you just need a stiff drink or highball glasses for cocktails. 
  • Simple Syrups-Those flavors that are in your favorite drinks don’t come out of nowhere. Simple Syrups help to create layers of flavor in you drinks. Cocktail craft sets are an easy way to build up the components for your favorite drinks.

You may want to work on a budget to see what is absolutely necessary for your before you begin purchasing all of the hardware. To save on the cost of alcohol, you may want to consider creating a themed cocktail party and have your guests contribute different drink components to your bar. 

Cocktail Books

Most of us have experience drinking our favorite drinks, but we might not know the ins and outs of how to make them. No cocktail bar would be complete without cocktail cards or cocktail books sharing drink recipes ranging from Long Island Iced Teas to the tried and true Mimosa.

There’s one last thing that every well-crafted cocktail bar and host has put together.

Learn: Books to Make you an Epic Mixologist

A Safety Protocol

If you’re having guests over for drinks, it’s a good idea to have a well thought out plan for getting your guests home safely.

That could include the following:

  • Planning for your guests to spend the night in the guest room or on an inflatable bed.
  • Having designated drivers who alternate throughout the year
  • Sharing a rideshare affiliate link for guests who haven’t used a rideshare before. You earn money or credits when they use the rideshare for the first time.

Having a gorgeous cocktail is a wonderful way to invite friends and family into your home. What a wonderful thing to make sure they make it back home safely. 

There you have it, it’s incredibly easy to create a functional and beautiful cocktail bar in your home. When are you having your next party?

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