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Hosting a dinner party is a great way to bring your friends or family together over a great meal. But to host an amazing party, you’ll need a few essential items. After you have planned your menu and outlined your guest list, it’s time to purchase a few must-have items. From dinnerware to placemats, there are a handful of essential items you’ll need to throw your first dinner party. These awesome dinner party essentials will ensure your next dinner get-together is a memorable affair.

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Dinner Party Essentials

If you want to throw the best dinner party, there are a few essentials you are going to need. Here’s how to have an awesome dinner party!

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Aside from the food you serve, your dinnerware is the most important part of your dinner party. The plates you provide at your dinner party not only give your guests a place to eat their food, but they also set the mood for your event. High-end china at each place setting will indicate you are hosting a more formal affair, while a more casual place setting lets your guests know your dinner party will be a relaxed evening.


Each place setting at your dinner table will also need a set of flatware. The types of utensils you provide your guests will depend on the type of food being served. A basic set of flatware includes a drink spoon, dessert spoon, salad fork, dinner fork, and butter knife. If you plan on serving extra courses, such as soup or meat they will need to cut, you will need to include additional flatware to your guests.

Serving Dishes

After you have decided what type of dishes and flatware you’ll use at each place setting, you will also need to select your serving dishes. Consider purchasing serving dishes that complement your dinnerware to create a cohesive design for your dinner table. As you shop for serving dishes, keep your menu in mind. Each dish you plan to serve at your dinner party will need its own plate or bowl.

Serving Utensils

Just as your serving dishes should complement your dinnerware, your serving utensils should match or complement your flatware. Be sure to have the correct serving utensils for each dish. Slotted spoons work well for vegetables, while solid spoons are great for more solid side dishes, for example. Additionally, meats should be served with a meat fork, and servings of bread should include a butter spreader.

Water Glasses

No matter the types of drinks you plan to serve to your guests, each place setting should include a water glass. Water glasses are typically plain, clear glasses that rest above the plate setting. While these glasses are often called water glasses, any non-alcoholic beverage can be served in them during your dinner party.


Providing your guests with drinks will also require you to have a way to serve those drinks to your guests. A clear glass pitcher is a wonderful way to serve drinks during your dinner party because it allows you, guests, to clearly see the types of beverages available to them. Be sure to purchase a pitcher for each type of drink you plan to serve.

Wine Glasses

Wine is a popular dinner party choice, so having wine glasses ready for your guests is a good idea. To ensure you have the proper glassware for each of your guests, consider purchasing one white wine glass and one red wine glass per guest. That way, you’re sure to have enough glasses for all your guests to enjoy their favorite spirits during each course of your meal.


Using placemats on your dinner table is a great way to add visual interest to your place settings. In addition to giving you a chance to add a pop of color to your table, placemats also help protect your table linens from spills and stains. When looking for a set of placemats for your dinner party, consider purchasing ones that are beautiful, as well as durable and easy to clean. Cotton placemats are a great option because they look amazing under a beautifully arranged place setting, and they can easily be washed in the washing machine after your dinner party is over.


Napkins are an essential piece of a dinner party place setting. On top of adding another element of design to the table, napkins are also a much-needed dinner tool for your guests. It allows them to clean their hands and mouth after eating and keep their table setting clean as they eat. While disposable napkins are fine for kid’s parties and barbeques, a formal dinner will require you to have a set of nice cloth napkins.


The finishing touch of any dinner party table setting is the tablecloth. Your table cloth will help cover your dinner table and protect it from spills and stains as your guests eat. But a tablecloth serves as more than just table protection at your dinner party. A crisp white linen tablecloth is the perfect way to bring your dinner party décor together without drawing too much attention away from the food.

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Delicious Cocktails in Addition to Your Dinner Party Essentials

In addition to the 10 dinner essentials, a good way to keep your guests happy is to provide them with some unique and delicious cocktails. Here are a few to check out for your next party:

10 Dinner Party Essentials for an Amazing Party| Dinner Party Entertaining Essentials| Hosting a Dinner Party Essentials| #dinnerparty #cocktails #wine #party

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