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When you think of wine tasting, where do you think about going? For many, it is the rolling hills of Oregon or the beautiful views of wine country in California. And, although these places have the most and best wines around, cities around the country are changing up how we do wine tasting.  Have you ever thought about wine tasting in New York City? 

Where to Go Wine Tasting in New York City

There are more than a dozen different wineries found throughout the City of New York, and they are all within city limits. This means you can enjoy the NYC experience while tasting the vineyards in the same place.


These wineries that are popping up in cities across the states, like New York City, are called Urban Wineries. These Urban wineries are taking our cities by storm, and people are loving it!

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So, jump onboard this new age movement and visit these amazing wineries in New York City!


Red Hook Winery

The goal of the Red Hook Winery is to bring New York’s viticulture to the forefront, highlighting its history as well as its future. Winemakers create expressions of the climate, geology, and agriculture through their wine making process to give you some of the finest wine in NYC.


For the true winos at heart, you will be pleased to know that the wine tasting room is open from noon to 6pm daily. Tastings are only $18 per person and you get 4 different kinds of delectable Red Hook Wines.


If you plan on going on Saturday or Sunday, you are in luck because you will get a free tour while enjoying your tasting. The tour lasts about 15-minutes.

Taste Wine Company

Are you trying to find your perfect wine taste? For those who share the love of great world wines, The Taste Wine Company offers you a modern and open space to find just the right flavor. Taste any wine before you buy it.


At Wine Tasting Company, you can have a private wine tasting class or make it a corporate event! Bring a few friends to enjoy great wine, education, and fun. Or, get to know co-workers, mingle, and enjoy a palate of delectable wines.

Staten Island Winery

Make your friends jealous when you visit Staten Island Winery. At this winery you don’t just get to taste the wine, you get to make it. The winery has all the latest wine making equipment and will teach you how to make your own wine in just four sessions, or a total of 8 hours. Wine makers assist you each step of the way. You can choose to create your own blend or you can choose from a list.


Take your wine experiences to the next level!


For those who would prefer to relax and sip on their wine, Staten Island Winery also has wine tastings every Thursday from 6-9pm. For $15, you can taste four captivating wines of your choice. You can also veg out on some homemade pizza.

Rooftop Reds

I have to say, I am not quite sure about vineyards growing on the roof, but Rooftop Reds seems like an experience you won’t get anywhere else. They literally grow their vineyards on their roof! To see the roof, you will need to make reservations. Who knew wine could be made from the roof?


Each Wednesday at 7pm, the Rooftop Reds hosts a tour of the rooftop space with wine and cheese pairings. For $25, your tour comes with:


  • An educational explanation of how the rooftop works by their experts.
  • Four wine and cheese pairings
  • Recreational space and city views.
  • Hammocks…..did I mention hammocks? Yep, they have hammocks, so moms take your sore tired bodies, get some wine, and take a nap on a rooftop hammock.


Whether you like the wine or not, this place is an experience you won’t want to miss!


Pour me another glass when it’s free! When you visit Pour, you can get FREE wine tastings everyday! What could be better?! Visit Monday through Friday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm or Saturday through Sunday from 2:30pm to 8:30pm to enjoy your free tasting.


What I like about Pour is that it’s basically the “Wine for Dummies Winery.” Instead of telling you where the wine comes from and the grapes they use, Pour puts wines into categories of flavor and food pairing.

Each wine is grouped into the following: Bubbly, Crisp, Mellow, Plush, Bright, Velvety, Bold, or Sweet depending upon how it tastes and feels in your mouth. And, each wine category has a description of the foods it pairs best with making your wine experience super easy!

Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine, or as locals like to call it, Dandy, gives you a schoolhouse atmosphere with a modern twist. With weekly wine tastings, free delivery, and a vast selection of eclectic wines, Dandy has a little something to offer everyone.


Dandy prides itself in selecting only the best wines from major wine regions of the world, and having great prices with most bottles being under $25.


This little gem of a place is definitely worth visiting. Stop by on a Thursday from 6pm-8pm to enjoy your FREE wine tasting experience!

Take a Tour

New York City also has fabulous wine tasting tours that you can go on Such as the SoHo Wine Tasting and Walking Tour or the New York Sailboat Cruise with wine and cheese Charcuterie. If you aren’t sure which winery to go to, or you are a tourist to the city, it might be a good idea to book some of NYC’s finest wine tours. They will take you to get some of the finest wine tastings and make sure you have an experience that won’t disappoint you. For other wine tours, take a look at The Top 10 New York Wine Tasting & Winery Tours.


 Share your favorite experience in the comments below! We would love to share more wineries you enjoy with our readers!

Other Places to Check Out

If you are excited to visit New York City, there are plenty of other wine tasting experiences around the states. Check out some of our favorites:

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 Where to Go Wine Tasting in New York City | Best Places to Go Wine Tasting in NYC | Wine Tasting in NYC | New York City Wine Tasting | #wine #NYC #winetasting #travel

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