Pretty in Pink: The Best Pink Cocktail Recipes

Pink is such a beautiful color! It comes in so many amazing shades and often makes us feel romantic, loved, and pretty! If you are thinking of hosting a party, baby shower, or even a wedding and the color scheme will include pink you definitely need some delicious cocktails that will fit that theme color. We’ve gather the ultimate list of pink cocktails from pastel pink to deep fuchsia pink we have every shade of pink in cocktail form for you! Check out our list of the best pink cocktail recipes below!

Blushing Pink Cocktail Recipes

To get started on planning your cocktail menu first you need to figure out what type of alcohol you want to serve. Tequila, vodka, rum, or even wine. We found some amazing blushing pink cocktail recipes that fit into whatever type of alcohol you decide you want to serve, hey maybe you even want to offer one of every type to guests! Especially if you plan to have a wedding, it’s always important to offer a wide variety of cocktails. Cosmos, Sangrias, and martinis, there is absolutely every type of drink in a pink shade for you! Check them out below and have some fun being creative.

Pink Cocktail Recipes

More Color Themed Cocktail To Try

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