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Romance is in the air and it is the perfect time to whip up a romantic cocktail for the one you love. Whether you are looking for something sweet and delicious or want to spice things up, try one of these Valentine’s Day Cocktails to set the mood. 

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Tips for the Perfect Valentines Day

Let’s get real, a cocktail is a great start to a romantic evening, but if you want to make it perfect, you have a little more work to do. Here are some tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day you will want to try along with your Valentine’s Day cocktail. 

Plan a Special Outing or Create a Romantic Setting

When you plan a special outing, you don’t want to just go to a random restaurant. First of all, that’s what everyone is doing and you will be waiting for 2-hours for a seat. Instead, make reservations, plan something you have both wanted to try, or go on an adventure. You could even plan a romantic wine weekend and make the romance last even longer. 

If you want to have an intimate evening at home, you have to create a romantic setting. This means cleaning! Clean up the clutter, decorate, sprinkle around some rose petals, and for the love of everything romantic, make sure dinner is ready. 

Plan and Plan Some More

The key to Valentine’s Day is not to wait until the last minute to plan something! Put some effort into it. I mean really, isn’t the person you care about worth a little more time than a 15-minute gift that was slapped together from the grocery store?

Build Up the Day

Don’t leave your Valentine in the dark. Let him or her know you have something planned and it isn’t planning to forget about that special day. Don’t let them know what you are planning, but make sure they know you are planning something. 

Write from the Heart

Instead of buying a premade Hallmark card, write a card, letter, or poem from the heart. Homemade cards are always better than store-bought. 

From Start to End Make it Special

Valentine’s Day is the whole day! It isn’t just an hour in the evening. If you want this Valentine’s Day to be perfect, you have to start the day of special and end the day of special. Start with simple gifts in the morning, send cute messages and notes throughout the day, and end with a romantic time for just you two in the evening. 

A little planning and love go a long way. If you want those Valentine’s Day cocktails to do their job, make sure you plan the perfect day in advance. 

Valentine's Day Cocktails

The Best Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Of course we love all the cocktails in this list, but we do have a favorite recipe  that we think fits in with Valentine’s Day perfectly. For something both romantic and boozy, try our Schnapps Soaked Cherry Bombs.

Valentine's Day Cocktails| Drinks for Valentine's Day| Best Valentine's Day Cocktails| Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktails| How to Have the Perfect Valentine's Day #ValentinesDay #cocktails #love #sweetestday #romanticdrinks

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